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Open Call: Superfine! Art Fair | NYCx3: Magick





Call for Artists: Superfine! Art Fair NYCx3: Magick (May 7-10, 2020) 


Join us at the first full-scale art fair entirely dedicated to all-LGBTQ+ artists. Level up your career. Learn how to build sales and a collector list from our marketing experts. Curate to sell with our friendly guidelines, and meet your next collector. 


Location: 408 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Fair dates: May 7-10, 2020

Application Deadline: March 23, 2020. Booths are selling quickly, so we recommend applying early! 


Learn more about exhibiting at Superfine! NYCx3: Magick.


A whole year of exhibitions in one weekend.

  • 4-6,000 motivated, art-hungry visitors during the four days of the fair.
  • 25% of our visitors make a significant ($100-$2,500+) art purchase.
  • More than 50% of our exhibiting artists receive major media coverage.

Make art. Sell art. We do the rest.

  • Meet your next collectors in a friendly, welcoming space: the ideal environment to discover, collect, and sell art.
  • Innovative cost-saving and cost-spreading financing options that work with every artist's budget to make exhibiting and selling a reality.
  • Serious opportunities for features in Superfine!'s earned (press + PR), owned (website, blog, and social), and paid (advertising) media.

Note: Superfine! takes no commission on any artwork sold either in person at the fair or via our online E-Fair.


You’re the art-making expert. We’re the art-marketing experts.

  • The smartest and most sophisticated marketing engine in the industry: we get the eyes you want in front of your work. Our audience is 26-45, affluent ($120k+/year), and buying art now.
  • We're top drawer: a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable team of experts guiding you every step of the way. Exhibit and sell your work, and gain champions of your career.
  • Lead-up webinars and curatorial guidelines geared towards success. Take what you learn with you and make it work for you year-round.


Get to Know Us


Founded by art collectors Alex Mitow and James Miille, Superfine! started out in 2015 as an alternative to boring, stuffy art shows and complicated art world politics. From the start, we caught flack from the art establishment when we broke down barriers and opened the gates to everyone from serious long-time art collectors to people who just love art and never thought they’d collect. 


As it turned out, nobody cared about the art world and their politics. Our open and transparent approach worked: imaginations have been sparked and countless new collections have been jump-started at Superfine! fairs as we continue to spread our message of a more inclusive art market across the country. Since 2015, we’ve had one goal: produce badass, expertly curated art shows where über-talented, diverse global artists meet their new fans in iconic locations across the US and beyond.


Learn more about exhibiting.


Entry Fee:

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SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2020





SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2020

SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2020 is the residency program at Barcelona's Sant Andreu Contemporani, in collaboration with Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació and Institut Ramon Llull, available to international curators. As part of the program, we are announcing an open call for proposals to choose an international curator who will be part of the Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Arts’ jury in 2020, and will later develop a curatorial project with a selection of catalan artists chosen from applicants to the prize. The project must be presented at the country of residence of the curator or in another international venue that she/he decides. The residency covers the expenses of jurying the prize and for the curatorial proposal (1,700 € subject to applicable taxes), for the production of the exhibition (2,000 € subject to applicable taxes), accommodation and travel.

The purpose of the open call is to offer the curator personal knowledge of the art context through involvement in the jury of the Miquel Casablancas Prize, and to foster, in the context of young art talent, future international collaborations between local and foreign cultural actors.


- The selected curator will be a member of the 2020 Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Art’s jury. She or he will take also part in the decision process and will develop a curatorial project with a selection of four Catalan artists or linked to the Catalan context, applicants to the prize. An honorary of 1,700 € (subject to applicable taxes) is reserved for this purpose.
- The curator will be provided with a working space at Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació the month of April, 2020. Access hours are: Monday to Fridays from 9:00am to 10:00pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The curator can extend her/his stay another month. She/he can continue using the assigned space but will not receive more remuneration than agreed.
- The working space is situated on the first floor of Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació and a Wi-Fi connection is fully available.
- The curator will have a budget of 1,000 € (subject to applicable taxes) for her/his accommodation expenses for the month of April. In no case, the expenses of public transport (taxi, bus ...) and diets are covered.
- The curatorial project must be included in the exhibition program of Sant Andreu Contemporani. For this purpose, the curator will have at her/his disposition a production fund of 2,000 € (subject to applicable taxes).
- The curatorial project must be presented in the country of residence of the selected curator or in another country with which she/he has links. To fulfil this requirement is essential that the curator submits documentation about the venue, center or gallery where the works will be later presented, and the agreements reached with the head in charge of the institution. The project must be developed during a month between 06.15.2020 and 12.10.2020.
- The production fund will be available only at the starting of the exhibition.
- The curator must be available to attend, in her/his work space, those meetings with artists, curators, critics and other relevant figures of the contemporary visual arts that are programed by SAC’s managing team.
- Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació shall not be held responsible for any loss of personal property nor be liable to third party damages as consequence of the development of the residency.
- It is essential that the curator knows Spanish or Catalan.
The winner must be aware of the fulfillment of the tax obligations and with the Social Security imposed by the current provisions and not have any debt with the Barcelona City Council.


All interested applicants must fill the submission form available at the website above with the following information:
- Contact information
- Cove letter
- Statement of intent (describing the curator’s interests)
- Curriculum vitae and portfolio of previous curatorial projects
- Documentation related to the applicant’s chosen exhibition venue at her or his country of residence
- Agreements reached with the head in charge of the chosen institution at the applicant’s country of residence, including the dates of the exhibition.

The Selection Committee:

A selection committee comprised of Eva Sòria Puig (Institut Ramon Llull), Oriol Gual (ICUB) and the full managing team of Sant Andreu Contemporani (Jordi Pino, director; and Zaida Trallero and Pablo G. Polite, curators) will choose a curator among all the applicants. If any member of the committee can not attend the deliberation, she/he must delegate the vote to someone else who represents her/him.

Evaluation criteria:

- Innovation and originality both in the conceptual approach and in the formalization of the project.
- Quality and creativity of the project.
- Professional career of the curator.
- Project viability.
- Relevance of the exhibition venue receiving the project (art center, hall, gallery, museum …).

The commission may declare the open call void if considers that none of the projects presented has the characteristics or sufficient means to enjoy the residence and make the exhibition.

Application Deadline:

The registration period to send the application is going to be from July 1st, 2019, to January 10th, 2020. The submission form will be available at the website until midnight, January 10th. No applications will be accepted after this time. In case of incidents with the online registration, the required documents should then be sent by mail before midnight, January 10th, 2020.

The selected applicant will be announced on the website ( on February 10th, 2020.

Submitting the application implies the acceptance of these requirements.

Contact & Links: 

FRESH! 2018 "Order and Chaos: the world of the Enlightened? ".




The group show will take place between 19th July - 11th August at JanKossen Contemporary, Chelsea, New York.

Artists have always played a role in voicing how the world is seen; they are critics disecting the concepts aesthetics, ideals of beauty, rationalism, tolerance and liberty. How do our artists see the world today? And what can we learn from their viewpoints ?

This years FRESH! Summer show, invites artist working to explore and present their world; to re-.interpret what is considered truth (or not). and reinterpret the realities around us.Artists working in any genre (abstract, surrealism, realism etc), medium and media are welcome to apply.


Please read carefully the guidelines before applying


There are two rounds of submission deadlines. Artists are invited to apply to either date (15th May and 9th June)

​Applicants will be notified via email by: June 15th, 2018


Cost of submission is $40 for up to 3 entries and $5 per every entry thereafter.

Accepted applicants: a hanging fee of a minimum USD 185- to max-USD 500 dependend on wall allocation is applicable upon acceptance.







OPEN CALL Portuguese Emerging Art Book 2018




From November 17th, 2017 until January 15th, 2018 take place an Open Call for Portuguese emerging artists, with 23 years old or more for the Portuguese Emerging Art Book 2018.

Artists can submit their works individually, duo or collectively with one (or more) artwork(s), series and projects developed in 2017. The categories are digital art / new media art, artistic ceramics, drawing, e, photography, installation art, performance art, painting, sculpture, sound art and video art. The specialized Jury is constituted by Ana Cristina Cachola, curator, and researcher for the Catholic University of Lisbon; Nuno Centeno, founder, and gallerist at Múrias Centeno Contemporary Art Gallery; Paulo Bernardino Bastos, a Professor at Aveiro University and an ID+ member since 2007.

It is the second edition of an annual publication, an EMERGE — Cultural Association initiative. The objective of this project is to promote emerging art created by Portuguese emerging artists, living in Portugal and aboard. 

This original publication in Portugal wants to show current, and creative artworks. With this editorial object is intended to contribute to the gaze renovation into the Portuguese contemporary art production, promoting it internationally, throughout partnerships which amplify its reach strategically and efficiently in other art markets.   

One of the selected artists in this EMERGE's project will be awarded an "Umbigo Prize," to have an article about his/her artwork and be the cover of the digital version of this art magazine. 

The first edition, designated as Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue 2017, or PEAC2017, had more than 80 art submissions. This edition includes 56 selected works and was launch at ARCO Lisboa in May 2017. The Jury was Cláudia Camacho, Jorge Reis, Luísa Santos, Mário Caeiro, Rudolfo Quintas and Simeon Nelson.

EMERGE — Cultural Association is a non-profit organization which has the objective to promote emerging artists. It develops projects in partnership with public and private institutions, artists, curators, among others, to disclose emerging artist's artwork inside and outside of Portugal.

Fee Detail: 

Open call for Portuguese artists for PEAC2017 - Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue


PEAC2017 — Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue is a catalogue where the Portuguese emerging art is in the spotlight!

Digital art, generative art, artistic ceramic, draw, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, paint, sound art, video art and web art.

For Portuguese artists with more than 21 years old, based in Portugal or abroad.

EMERGE – Contemporary Art Agency mission is to promote contemporary art, emerging artists in particular. We assume the responsibility to help those artists to draw a path that leads them to a national and international recognition.

PEAC2017 — Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue meets this mission. Is a project that promotes all the artistic praxis in the Portuguese fine arts field, spreading the best of Portuguese emerging artists work in and outdoors.

Written in English, this catalogue is targeted to very wide audience. From academics to arts professionals, even to the those who want to buy contemporary art artworks. PEAC2017 will be at private and public collectors hands. It will be a physical and online catalogue registered at the National Library of Portugal with ISBN number, and it will be commercialised in more than 65000 bookshops online! 

All applications that meet the requirements will be evaluated by a jury composed of curators and artists:  Cláudia Camacho (Professor at FBAUL - Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Mentor of Art Alibi, CEO of Antiframe and Independent Curator); Jorge Reis (Vice-president of EMERGE, Fine Artist and Independent Curator); Luísa Santos (Gulbenkian Professor, FCH-UCP, CECC and Independent Curator); Mário Caeiro (Professor at ESAD.CR and Independent Curator ); Rudolfo Quintas (Digital Artist); Simeon Nelson (Sculpture Professor at University of Hertfordshire and Fine Artist).

Every artist, collectives and projects with Portuguese nationality, are invited to apply their artworks at to be part of PEAC2017.

Fee Detail: 
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