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Call for environmental short film submissions





Artists Without A Cause is looking for short film and video submissions for a film screening in mid-July to bring accessible information and awareness to the issue of climate change.

Climate change is an alarming issue that is shoving negative effects on animals and the environment. As such a multifaceted problem often intertwined with money and political power, it’s hard to see how humans will be able to make the shift towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. But something needs to change. Ecosystems are constantly threatened by human impact. Not only will animals and habitats face the implications of global warming, but humans as well.

This is where you come in! We are looking for short films and video submissions that bring awareness to this crucial topic. We’re interested in short films focusing on environmentalism, climate change, and the effects of humans on the environment.

This event is being curated by me, current AWAC intern Ricky Major, with support of the rest of the team. Being a student involved in environmental studies, I want to use my remaining weeks in Berlin to arrange an event that relates to my studies, interests, and current pressing topics.


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