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Terre da Film Festival IV edition - CORPO SAPIENS (Tales from the body)


Terre da Film is a place where people meet up to live an experience through cinema, art and more. Every summer artists, filmmakers, poets, activists and artisans live for a few days in the town of Canelli (AT) to create a unique temporary community that merges with those already existing on site.

Terre da Film Festival promoter is the Cultural Association Studio Azzurro ricerca - STRIAZ.


CORPO SAPIENS - Tales from the body

The body is our primary means of expression and communication. Through the memory, every body collects its past and tells its own story. Each body narrates a tale.

"No words are so clear as the language of body expression once one has learned to read it" ALEXANDER LOWEN

Alternate Sensory Reality


Filmmakers and artists working with moving image are invited to submit short films for a screening event in Plymouth, UK.

Short experimental films and artists' moving image pieces under 20min in length will be considered for a programme that will aim to bring together perspectives exploring relationships of sensory experience with the world of moving image and sound.

Susan Sontag argued that our perception indeed makes us who we are, more than conceptual knowledge does:
'we are what we are able to see (hear, taste, smell, feel) even more profoundly than we are what furniture of ideas we have stocked in our heads’.

Altered Images v.III

Altered Images is a project for film and music experimentation. We bring together artists from various disciplines to create original and unique pieces that will be shown at different events. We are focused in New Media Arts, Sound, Performance, Inclusivity, Feminism and Queer Activism.

​Our showcase is opened to artists  whose work has an experimental and innovative character. 

​The goal of the showcase is to create events of live music, projections, performances and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed, inclusive and friendly environment.

We are looking for brave and risky filmmakers, who like to explore with the sound and the different hints another artist can give to their images.

One Minute on Happiness

SEA Foundation x The One Minutes
One Minute on Happiness
- Deadline 01.03.2022
We are looking for one-minute digital moving image submissions by artists and visual storytellers on the theme of happiness. What does happiness look like and what power does it hold? Is it something personal or rather collective? Can happiness be integrated into future politics or in sustainability for example? Can happiness make you unhappy?

This open call is for artists and filmmakers who reinvent and explore new approaches regarding the concept of Happiness.

What are you applying for?

Call for submissions for Media Arts Festival

For our next event hopefully everything will have gone back to 'normal,' and we can go back to having a live event. But we are prepared for another online event, like last time which got over ten thousand viewers. If everything is back to 'normal' we will also do a live event in Hackney, London.

Underneath the Floorboards is a media arts, experimental film festival held in London's buzzing artistic area of Hackney.

Our showcase is open to artists and filmmakers from all around the world whose work has an experimental, non-linear narrative form. We want to see variety, whether it be experimental film, video art, visual art, digital art, experimental documentary or animation.

Aggregate Animated Shorts | Fourth Annual International Short Film Festival

Fourth Annual International Short Film Festival

Submissions are DUE JUNE 28 20 / 11:59 PM PST 

ASG is pleased to announce our “Fourth Annual International Animated Short Film Festival.” In our ongoing effort to present unique and challenging art experiences to the public, Aggregate Space Gallery is proud to launch this celebration of non-commercial and experimental animation. Animation, as a subset within video art, is unique in its versatility as a communicative form and its ability to place viewers inside adjacent realities. It is a medium without rules or restrictions, and its content can address ideas as simple or as complex as the animator intends.


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