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<p>Artweblist, is dedicated to present most recent news about art, be a voice for artists, release articles and interviews about them. Making art reachable for anyone, anywhere. We are a fresh, independently-run Website and for the creative artists and who see the world around them and want to make it better and more beautiful for everyone.&nbsp;Artweblist hopes to offer the artists a space for their authentic perspectives to be collected&nbsp;and shared worldwide with contributors and readers are from all over the world.</p>

<p>Do you want your art to reach out to people around the world, share your work and imagination? Do you have your own paintings, sculptures, modern art pieces, creative or meaningful pictures, illustrations or essays and poems about anything arty? Now is your chance to display your artwork or get your voice heard by sharing your stuff on art websites.&nbsp;Apart from getting exposure, you could meet new business contacts or clients. A chance to publish your work to a wide audience interested in your art.</p>

<p>Whether you simply love art, or a casual art collector, or an avid art investor, you’ll enjoy educational facts about art culture and artists, insightful interviews and more in our website.</p>

<p>After your work is selected, you will be;</p>

<p>Published&nbsp;in Artweblist. Your showcase includes&nbsp;your website/social media links&nbsp;and your biography, interview.</p>

<p>Presented&nbsp;as one of the selected artists/writers in the Artweblist newsletter.</p>

<p>Showcased on the&nbsp;Artweblist website including your your website/social media links.</p>

<p>Listed&nbsp;by name online on the&nbsp;Artweblist website artist/writer listing directory.</p>

<p>Promoted&nbsp;on the Artweblist social media pages.&nbsp;</p>

<p>We're looking for writing and artwork of any format or medium that is shaped by your imagination. We believe experience-based perspectives, reflections, observations and personal stories deserve to be heard in any shape of art!</p>

<p>If you want your work to be presented, we need your works before going live and presenting any of your article, statement, interview and/or artworks (5 or 6 pieces) to be sent to us between&nbsp; 01.10.2022&nbsp;and 30.11.2022.</p>

<p>You are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, film (only jpg + link to video) etc. All visual art mediums are welcome.</p>

<p>Visual Art Guidelines :</p>

<p>We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.</p>

<p>Written Guidelines :</p>

<p>We accept submissions in DOC, DOCX, and RTF formats.</p>

<p>along with your chosen name/pseudonym, your age, location and any other personal information you would like us to include (website, statement of intent for artwork, social media accounts, biography, etc.).</p>


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MVIBE Magazine is a magazine created by artists for artists solely for the purpose of advertising worldwide.We give creative people the opportunity to be published and to show the world their images and their works. Impressive images, of high standards from world emerging talents.MVIBE Magazine is printed in USA and distributed worldwide. It can only be purchased online, either in print or electronically, through the publishing company's website. It publishes three issues a month. One with wedding photographers, one with portrait photographers and one with Fine Art artists.MVIBE Magazine aims to spread creativity around the world and gives the opportunity to those who want to exhibit their work or their works to the world.

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