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Call for Entry - this human world International Human Rights Film Festival





The 14th edition of this human world is taking place in Vienna, from December 2-12, 2021.

this human world is Austria‘s first festival devoted to the subject of Human Rights and one of Vienna’s largest film festival.

The films shown at this human world are presented in an International competition programme consisting of four different sections and a number of thematic programmes, curated by the festival team, curators, experts, NGOs and partner festivals.

this human world presents outstanding documentary and fictional feature films, short films, animations and experimental films dealing with human rights issues. Films, that aim to encourage people, to scrutinise and re-examine their views and that are wary of human rights and responsibilities. Furthermore the festival programme contains thematic lectures, workshops, talks, panel discussions, performances and a nightline.

this human world ‘s annual competition programme does contain films, that raise social awareness of human rights issues outside the framework of mainstream films and that focus on socio-critical themes. Films, that fascinate and that captivate with their innovation, aesthetically and thematically. The application for the competition programme is open for films from all categories: fictional features, documentaries, animations, experimental films as well as animated and experimental short films produced after January 1st, 2019.

All films must be submitted on filmfreeway!

Prize summary: 
Win up to 2.000€ cash prizes.
Prizes Details: 

International Competition: 2.000€
Austrian Competition: 2.000€
Up&Coming Competition: 1.000€
exp:an:ded Shorts Competition: Artist-in-Residency by Q21 in Vienna


Entry Fee:

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SPE Media Fest





The SPE (Society for Photographic Education) Media Festival (originally the SPE Women's Film Festival) has featured innovative and provocative short documentaries, animation and fiction by, for and about women and minorities since 1995. Due to COVID-10, the 2021 Media Fest will be held online for five days, March 17-21, during the 2021 SPE National Conference. The SPE Media Fest will be available online to the public without charge for five days only. The theme of the conference is Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria. Narrative, documentary, animated and experimental shorts under 30 minutes, that address issues of concern to minorities, women, global or LGBTQ communities, human rights, or the conference theme are eligible. All rights must be cleared. Laurels for three awards, Best Women’s Film, Best Multicultural Film, and Best LGBTQ Film will be awarded. SPE membership is not required to enter the festival.

Prize summary: 
3 prize laurels will be awarded:
Prizes Details: 

Best Women’s Film, Best Multicultural Film, and Best LGBTQ Film laurels will be awarded.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Entry fee for submissions received by 11:59 PM, Oct. 15, 2020 is $10, fee for submissions received Oct. 16 – Nov.15 is $15. Fee for submissions received Nov. 16- Dec. 15 is $25.
Contact & Links: 

Suffrage Now: A 19th Amendment Centennial Exhibition





On August 18th 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, giving women in the US the right to vote. Since then it has become such an assumption of the body politic that it is all but unimaginable to conceive  of its absence. But it was a long and arduous campaign to reach this milestone, and it wasn’t, in fact, until  August 6th 1965, with the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, that all American‐born women were  guaranteed to share in this privilege.    

In SUFFRAGE NOW, the Elisabet Ney Museum asks contemporary American women photographers to  share photos that comment on the Centennial of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment. Photos can  be old or new, but must be taken by the submitting photographer. Given the current national health crisis,  the exhibition will be online only. The exhibition will open online on August 6 2020, and remain accessible  at least through Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.  


Entry Fee:

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Open Call for Poster Design






For this year's festival edition, we are looking for a poster that creatively approaches the diverse topics related to human rights.

The design should work both as a poster and in an adapted form as a sticker and folding flyer.

It is important to us that the poster design does not fall back on the clichéd or stereotyped images and representations which are often reproduced in the human rights context. It should not be an explicit treatise or representation of human rights, in which prejudices, dualisms or power differences are being reproduced, but rather a sensitive approach to this complex topic.

“Moving away from static and fixed points of reference towards multiple spaces of meaning. Spaces between fixed categories, between the here and there, between self-determination and foreign attribution, between longing and belonging. A kaleidoscope – a diverse, fluid space of innumerable possibilities and overlaps; a reflection on movement and change, allowing ambivalence and contrast.”

These words can serve as an impetus – yet the room for interpretation can remain wide, enabling countless possibilities for creative processes and creations. There is no static guideline or direction which the artist needs to adhere to!


Formal Requirements:

There are no technical and stylistic requirements for the poster. However, this human world reserves the right to adapt the poster design to various types of print - in consultation and agreement with the artist.

The festival logo and all relevant information (locations, homepage, logos) must be visible in the final version of the poster and can be included in the submitted version. The logo can be downloaded on the festival’s homepage.

The poster is intended to represent the festival's identity to public and will be published in the form of various printed materials and on the internet.

A jury consisting of artists, filmmakers and this human world festival directors will choose the winning design.

Since the financial situation of the festival has changed, we have decided to increase the remuneration of the competition.

1st place: 800 €

2nd place: 300 €

3rd place: 300 €


Conditions of participation and guidelines:

Technical requirements:

Resolution: min. 300dpi

Submissions are only accepted as PDF.

Prize money 1st prize: 800 Euro

Legal statement:

The following legal declaration must be enclosed with each submission;

this human world may use the poster design I submitted free of charge for festival-related (advertising) purposes, as well as on social media and on video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo in connection with this human world. There is no exclusive transfer of usage rights to this human world. Image rights have been clarified by the submitter and rest with the author of the design. Any claims for damages by third parties will be forwarded to the submitter.

With the poster’s submission, each submitter agrees to the above conditions.

Prize summary: 
Win up to 800€.
Prizes Details: 

1st place: 800 €

2nd place: 300 €

3rd place: 300 €


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

International Human Rights Art Festival





Call for Entries


at the

Wild Project Theater

195 E. 3rd Street, East Village, NY

December 7-13, 2020

New York City's International Human Rights Art Festival (IHRAF) and Wild Project Theater issue a call for proposals for the fourth annual International Human Rights Art Festival, December 7-13, 2020 at the Wild Project. 

We are looking for performance pieces in all media by NYC-based artists, which are built around a social concern.  We are especially interested in work exhibiting the values of beauty, sincerity, vulnerability and engagement; work inspired by the open-heart of the artist, and not their anger, disgust or disapproval.  We believe that words spoken from the heart enter the heart, while words spoken from the mouth or out of anger or frustration, never get past the ears. 

There is no fee to apply.

All accepted performances will receive a production stipend, full tech support, PR and marketing support and free rehearsal time, depending on availability.

Deadline is July 1, 2020. 
Final decisions will be issued by August 31.

Please note: The planned production cannot have been produced in New York in 2020.  All performance pieces must be brought to the festival completely production-ready.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 





Lys d’Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call


This exhibition is a celebration of high value of human being,

a topic really important specially in this time of history

where all rights so painstakingly conquered

seems wants to be deleted

Lys d’Or is an art web gallery born as spin-off of blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro

create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and group shows on a specific topic open to all type of art

painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video, comics, music, textile etc…

As art web gallery all exhibitions are free, without any costs for the selected artists and 0% commission on any sales,

because Lys d’Or (like the blog Il Ramo D’Oro) want to be remain loyal to the original nature of Internet:

place of free access and free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Past international group art exhibition

Global Warming & Water Wars- vision of the future

The Kingdom Of  The Rose- homage to the female figure

Homeless - deprivation of access to housing, extreme form of social exclusion, extreme form of discrimination, loss of dignity

Magna Mater -  homage to Mother Nature ​

Dreamtime - metaphysical vision of life

Past solo exhibition

Marco Mattozzi (Photography)

Michelle Holmes (Embroidered Textiles)

Dawid Planeta - Mini people (Digital)

Leonardo Nazzareno Enea (Mosaic, Sculpture, Painting)

Angelo Secondini (Music Photography)

Manfred Kielnhofer (Sculpture)

Cornelia Konrads (Land Art)

Susanne Schumacher (Photography)

Mohammad Barrangi (Printmaking)

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (Experimental filmmaker)

Eclectic Critters (Handmade Soft Toys)

Scott Listfield (Painting)

Johan Troch (Music Photography)

Karenina Fabrizzi (Painting)

Gianfranco Basso (Embroidery)

Anis Tabaraee (Drawing)

Scott McIntire (Painting)

Rey Zorro (Mixed Media)

Grey Cross (Mixed Media)

Maria Korporal (Visual Artist)

Sketchlight (Photography - Light painting)

Johanna Porter (Graphic and Visual Artist)

Jeff Drew (Illustrator - Character designer)

Lys d’Or or

Il Ramo D’Oro

Katya Sanna


all images are copyright to their respective owners

On line art expo



Abeer Adel Ali (Egypt)

Alena Kolesnikova (Czech Republic)

Alistair Ayres (UK)

Andrew Cole (UK)

Anis Tabaraee (Iran)

Barney Ogola (Kenya)

Bernhard Zilling (Germany)

Blanca Saccomano  (Argentina)

Daniel De Culla (Spain)

Daniele Virgilio (Italy)

Diana Galimzyanova (Russia)

Éda Gyenis (Hungary)

Elkemel Mabrouk (Tunisia)

Francisco Sánchez Gil (Spain)

Huijie Zhu (UK)

Igor Zusev (Russia/US)

Ingeborg Henrichs (Germany)

 Inspiring Alien Creations (Germany)

 Jesús Miguel Morales (Spain)

Jorge Fusaro (Puerto Rico)

Liliana Cortina (Cuba)

Mahboobeh Esfandiary (Iran)

Michael Marks (USA)

Michael Mendel (USA)

M Gossett (USA)

Neil Howe (Australia)

Noel Molloy (Ireland)

Oscar Salamanca (Colombia)

Poul Poclage (Danmark)

Raja Oshi (Sudan)

Riddhima Sharraf (India)

Ruggero Maggi (Italy)

Sigal Yaar (Israel)

Swarup Manna (India)

Tchello d'Barros (Brazil)

 The Wasted Angel (Belgium)

Wolfgang Guenther (Germany)

Yasmein Hassan (Egypt)

Zac Benson  (USA)

Contact & Links: 


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