Milan Residency Fellowship Summer/Fall 2024

PigPrints, a printmaking studio based in Milan, invites printmakers working in intaglio and relief techniques to submit their work for its Summer/Fall 2024 Residency Fellowship

The purpose of this fellowship is to give an artist the possibility of spending a 2-week residency period in Milan to produce work in our printshop, while also having the opportunity to take time to enjoy the city’s rich culture. 

The selected artist will be awarded a full-funded two-week fellowship for a residency to take place between June and December 2024. The dates will be determined by the artist and PigPrints upon the studio availability.

Milan Fashion Week : Call for Artists

Seeking artists, Fine artists: milan Fashion Week.  Helping end child trafficking.   Virtual and online, in person show.   Milan , New York , London , Shanghai , high fashion and art. Seeking exhibitors:   helping a good cause.  helping the kids.  Showcasing work, connecting with new people and artists, new connections, helping others.   Exhibiting work online and in person .  Located in all the big cities.   Exhibit work, sales , promotions, PR , galleries , end child trafficking , helping others, connecting with others, getting the work out there,  showcasing work, feedback, new sales and connections, helping others:

Milan Art Show , seeking Artists

the set presents: Milan Art Show. The event helps end child trafficking.  Showcasing art work, showing work to new people.  Connecting with galleries, new people, new connections, helping the kids.   Show work to new people, 50,000+ viewers plus social media.   Showing work to producers in Milan and Paris.  Helping end child trafficking. We are helping serve 40,000 meals to kids and families to help the community.  Showcase work in New York City : art sales, networking, helping others, connecting with new people, artists, designers, galleries, receive new contacts. 

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