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Drawing the Soul Towards Truth: Hindu and Muslim Sacred Geometry





Drawing the Soul toward Truth explores Islamic and Hindu geometric design in their particularities and as a tool of interfaith dialog to facilitate new thoughts, ideas, and relationships, creating opportunities for inquiry and learning for the benefit of students, spiritual communities, and others. This exhibition will feature geometric design as an expression of faith and as it is used in the theology, art, and history of Islam and Hinduism. This includes geometry as a tool of representation of divinity, divine communion, or unlocking the language of creation.

Artists may submit as many pieces as they like. Chosen artists will be notified by the end of June, 2020. This exhibition is virtual, and so will give artists worldwide exposure and include public programming such as an artist panel that focuses on their engagement with the artwork of the other.

Because this is a project about sacred geometry and art as it relates to interreligious dialogue between Hindus and Muslims, artists must belong to one of these traditions. Art inspired by these traditions but by artists that do not belong to one of them will not be considered, as such individuals are not capable of participating in an interreligious dialogue focused on the experiences and perspectives of Hindus and Muslims.


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