ARTeCHO' - Art, Economy & Technology

15 artists and designer will be selected to join a 7 months program during which they will partecipate in online meetings, training, mentorship, inspirational sessions and 2-week physical residency. Their works will be presented to the public at the end of the trajectory. 

International Salon of Artists MocADnft 2023

The International Salon of Artists MocADnft 2023 is an exciting event for digital visual artists from around the world. Organized by the Metacenter of Contemporary Art and Design MocADnft.

This exhibition will showcase the works of some of the most talented and innovative digital artists of our time. The event will take place in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, in November 2023. It is not necessary for artists to be present in person. By simply submitting a digital representation of their work, artists can still participate and have their artwork displayed in the exhibition. The organizers of the event understand the difficulties of traveling, and therefore, attendance at the event is entirely optional.



A fantastic opportunity to show your work with @noonssup be part of the Metaverse exhibition in 2023 and win $1,000.


NOONSSUP is a platform founded by artists, curates digital exhibitions and advises collectors in the NFT and digital fine art space. We provide cutting-edge digital artwork for sale or loan, facilitating perpetually evolving spaces and showcase some of the finest and most up-to-date work in the digital art world.


Visit for details and to apply.


Application closes 29 October 2022.


The Scarab Experiment's Last Call for Entries

Artwork is STILL being accepted for one of the longest running crypto art projects (Began 2014) which will conclude with the creation of the first SCARAB official artwork.  The work is created from a combination of every artist's submission. Every artist that submits will also receive a SCARAB token.

Voice x Women Rise NFT Residency

We’re building a residency program to change the ratio — dedicated to supporting women from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Here’s what we know:

Top 18 museums in the US have collections that are 87% male & 85% white (

Art by women sells for 50% less than men’s (SSRN paper).

Women make up 16% of the NFT art market and 5% of NFT sales.

#Doingud17SDG - Gender Equality (United Nations)

Open Call  

#Doingud17SDG - Gender Equality 

Exhibition by Women Of Crypto art (WOCA) for DoinGud 

#DoinGud17SDG Project

Exhibition and drop on the DoinGud NFT platform by 17 selected brands, galleries, curators, and collectives (Internationally) in support of one of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. WOCA is one of the participating communities, and the UN development goal that informs the theme of the WOCA exhibition is gender equality. 



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