Group Show in Times Square

Be featured in the Billboards of Times Square, NYC for our Group Show in early May 2023.  

The show will happen on the digital screens of Times Square, so no need to ship any works of art.

Make sure you submit images that are horizontally oriented for best use of the screen, and that are at least 300 dpi.


Times Square, NYC

Creator of the International Street Art Show,. Curated by the iconic Street Artist Al Diaz, who was Basquiat’s friend making art together in the streets of NYC.
1) Apply to have an image of your work and your name displayed on the billboards of TIMES SQUARE this fall (December 2022)*dates subject to change. And/or

2)Apply to have an image of you work displayed in SoHo in front of the Prada store on Broadway, SoHo, NYC.

3) Apply to be added to our E-Gallery.

Feature in Times Square

Apply to have an image of your work and your name displayed on the billboards of TIMES SQUARE this summer (August 2022).

Our selection committee will select artists to be featured in the summer International Street Art Show in Times Square presented by NYC Artwalk.

Images submitted must be 300dpi, nonviolent, not sexual, non political, not hateful nor discriminatory, must not be religious and must be ok for all age groups.

Selected artists will be added to our E-Gallery on Artsy.

Call is open to artists from all corners of the world.

Deadline to apply: July 25, 2022.

Seeking Artists: THE DARKNESS

pimcomedy presents : The Darkness.  An Art show , fashion show in new york city.  Helping end child trafficking.   Helping the youth.  A deep darkness covers NYC.  No more hope and love.   Hate, no joy.  Featuring designer PimComedy, his work : , an Off Broadway show in New York City. Also, we use zoom.   Hate and demons, no more joy.  No more peace, just hate.  I don’t know where to go.  I don’t know what to do.  I am lost, I am lost.  New York City , Off Broadway , website : 

Open Call: 2022 Brendan Gill Prize

What creative works have inspired you and made you feel more connected to New York City since 2020?

MAS invites the public to submit nominations for the 32nd annual Brendan Gill Prize.

The Gill Prize is given each year to the creator of a specific work; a book, essay, musical composition, play, painting, sculpture, film, or choreographic piece, that best captures the spirit and energy of New York City. The 2022 Gill Prize will be awarded to two honorees, covering works produced between 2020 and 2021. Honorees will be presented with their Prize during an in-person award ceremony to be hosted in September 2022. Special consideration will be given to works that have creatively responded to or were disrupted by the COVID-19 public health crisis.

NYC Artwalk in SoHo

Your work's image, your name and Instagram displayed at a prime location in SoHo, NYC.
Art call ends 1/22/22.  
Display dates 02/12 & 02/13/2022 *dates are tentative depending on covid restrictions.

Additional fees apply if your work is selected * NYC Artwalk is not a nonprofit*. Fees are necessary to design, produce and display images.
No original works will be displayed.



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