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Online Exhibit to Launch Jan. 15, 2020 through Feb.14, 2020
Showcasing and celebrating 10-15 artists.

All mediums and artists from all over the world are encouraged to apply.

To apply, visit the Submit Your Work Tab and submit your form to the Online Exhibit Tab.
*Deadline to Submit your work to the Online Exhibit is Dec. 31st, 2019

All images submitted must be available for purchase for the duration of the online exhibit.
If you choose to make the works available to purchase through At The Art Fair, artist must agree to a 20% commission fee, so pricing your works with that in mind will be necessary. If you are selected, you will be notified about this option. All shipping fees must be included in your final price. Artist must be willing to ship the works professionally and provide tracking information, waiving At The Art Fair from any liability resulting from any loss or damage to your work. At The Art Fair will never handle shipping. Artist must be willing to accept returns within 7 working days after the work has been successfully delivered to collector.



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