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Late Winter Writers Residency Online 2023




The Late Winter Writers Residency Online is a small cohort program that gives you a chance to learn from each other and faculty, attend exclusive talks, ask questions, and develop your practice.

What does the program offer?
This two week online residency provides broad thematic teaching from faculty members, Dani Spinosa and Kate Siklosi, Q&A sessions and workshopping. Instructors will discuss ideas, experiences, and obstacles that you may be encountering with your writing of both poetry and fiction.

One-on-one mentorship will allow you to receive direct mentorship on craft and professional development.

Who should apply?
 Writers in Fiction and Poetry are invited to apply. The online program is designed for emerging and established writers with a proven publication record. We welcome writers from all backgrounds, and all gender identities and expressions.

This Residency only accepts projects that are being written in English.

*Financial Aid of 100% of the program fee is available for this program. 

Program Dates: February 6 - 17, 2023
Application Deadline: November 23, 2022
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Prizes Details: 

*Financial Aid of 100% available.

Virtual/online residency
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Visual Arts Thematic Residency | Plastic - Online 2021





Plastic is everywhere, and is increasingly an object of environmental concern. However, it also provides the basis of our contemporary infrastructures including buildings, clothing, and communications networks. Despite the necessary campaigns for the elimination of single-use plastics, it is a material that cannot be easily dismissed. Plastic is one of the most intimate manifestations of our connections with oil, as it is used in everything from baby bottles to sex toys. It is also one of the foremost materials used in the production of contemporary art, from molds to vinyl to paints.  

This residency explores how we might reconfigure our relations to plastic, seeing it as a material of potential connection, of resilience, of queer productivity without denying its immediate and devastating environmental consequences. What might happen if we thought of plastic as incredibly valuable material, rather than as immanently expendable? We invite makers and thinkers to reimagine their relations with this now fundamental material, to explore processes of recycling and reconstituting, and to pay attention to the uneven materialities of plastic and its affordances as an artistic material.

What does the program offer?
This online program will provide a discursive forum for visual artists, curators, and other cultural producers to explore plastic in relation to their work, communities, geographic locations, and current societal conversations. Participants will form an online community of peers; share work with each other and continue work already in progress; partake in online studio visits; participate in conversations, presentations, and workshops; and engage with faculty and each other to develop ideas, insights, and connections that can be applied to the theoretical and practical development of their practice.  Please see the Itinerary section for an approximation of the program schedule. 

What length of residency is available?
This program requires a dedicated commitment over a period of 3 weeks with the understanding that absence from weekly synchronous activities will be minimal and cannot be made up. 

Who should apply?
This residency is open to visual artists, curators, and academics. Applicants should have completed formal training in visual arts or a field related to this program at the post-secondary level, and should demonstrate a history of exhibitions, publications, and projects. Collectives of no more than two people are welcome to apply.

***Financial Aid up to 100% available.

Program Dates: July 12 - 30, 2021
Program Deadline: June 16, 2021
Learn more and apply online:

Prize Summary: 
100% scholarship available
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WOC Online Artist Residency Program, Winter 2021/22


The WOC Online Artist Residency is a great opportunity during lockdown to develop a new project or continue working on a previous one, to receive feedback from fellow artists and support to experiment and stay motivated. It provokes dialogue, exchanging ideas, and critical thinking.

As a collaborative program, it is designed to give a chance to communicate across the globe with other artists, to link people from different corners of the planet and to work with them in different ways. The program builds a strong sense of community and artistic collaboration among its participants which lasts after the program ends.

More about the program:

+ Regular meetings and activities throughout the month. Approximately three sessions per week.
+ Weekly live group meetings with fellow artists, focused on your work – discussion and exchange, moderated by WOC team
+ Group critique helping you to conceptualize your art projects hosted by professional artist
+ Workshops and seminars hosted by international artists
+ Building an effective online presence as an artist. Individual advices on your social media channels and website moderated by the WOC web and graphic designer
+ Internal meetups and discussions with previous WOC artists
+ Social media PR campaigns for each artist, on channels such as Facebook and Instagram
+ Exhibit your project in our online gallery at the end of the residency program
+ Presenting you on World of Co website and blog
+ Become part of our international artist network, consisting of more than 200 artists across the globe
+ Receive an official certificate of participation

Since 2017, the team of World of Co has been hosting artist residency in Sofia, Bulgaria. Until now more than 200 artists ( took part in our programs. In a friendly and supportive atmosphere, we helped them to continue growing, experimenting and improving themselves as artists. Meanwhile, since the beginning of the pandemic, we gave birth to an online residency program in order to help the international artist community to stay connected and be creative.

Duration of residency

You can apply for one-month or two-month residency programs. In order to get a full experience of the program, we suggest you participate in the two monthly program. 

Every residency program starts on the 5th day of the month and finishes on the 30th. All of the activities are held in the conference software Zoom.Before the beginning of the program, the World of Co team will send you the monthly schedule with all of the activities and Zoom links. Every schedule is created considering the different time zones of the participants, in other the timing to be suitable for everybody.


The program is open to emerging and mid-career artists, curators, art researchers, and creatives from all around the world.

Note: World of Co will provide you with necessary documents if you are applying for scholarship or funding.


Apply for the WOC Online Artist Residency until November 25th 2021 on the following link :


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
The residency fee for a one-month program is 270 EUR, and for two months is 450 EUR.
Contact & Links: 
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