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Open call: Saari Residence 2022





The Saari Residence, maintained by Helsinki-based Kone Foundation, is an international residence located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. It offers an excellent opportunity for professional artists of all disciplines and nationalities to focus undisturbed on creative work in the scenic surroundings of a rural manor house, as well the chance to interact with other residents.

Ecological sustainability, which includes social and mental sustainability, is an essential aspect of the thinking and the activities of the residence. An ecological approach is not a criterion in the artists’ selection process: the ecological focus is on residence activities.

The Saari Residence has been able to be operate despite the coronavirus pandemic. Some residencies have taken place remotely, but if the coronavirus situation allows, the Saari Residence will provide its usual residencies in Mynämäki, Finland in 2022.

The Saari Residence hosts approximately 35–50 residents or workgroups each year. Since the residency opened in 2008, nearly 600 artists from 50 different countries have participated in the program.


A grant. An individual residency spanning two months includes accommodation, a workroom and a monthly grant, the sum of which is determined by the applicant’s experience (€2,500/€3,000/€3,600 per month). The purpose of the grant is to cover the costs of living, travel and other expenses. Groups can apply for grant and support for travel expenses for a work period of two to four weeks.

Support for slow travel. “Slow travel” refers to travel that avoids flying in favour of more ecologically unsustainable means of transportation. You can apply for slow travel support if you are arriving at the Saari Residence from outside of Finland and travelling out of Finland upon departure. If the journey takes more than a week in total, you may also apply for a work grant such travel.

Accommodation. The Saari Residence apartments have a kitchen or kitchenette with basic amenities, and one of the buildings has a shared kitchen. Each resident has an apartment to themselves, including an en suite shower and toilet. Groups stay in more compact accommodations and often share apartments.

Working space. The Barn at the Saari Residence has been renovated as a diverse workspace for various artistic practices. The building contains a dance studio, two studios for visual artists, a sewing machine and a woodworking shop. The rooms for literary work are located in the apartments.
The residence does not have a darkroom, media room or equipment for printing, pottery, graphics or textile work. Artists may also apply for a residency for the planning stage of their work.
Groups working at the residence during summer months may also work in the unheated outbuildings. Residents will not have to share workspaces with others.

A peaceful working environment. The Saari Residence is located in a tranquil rural setting surrounded by nature, situated on the shore of Mynälahti, 30 km north of Turku. The diverse workspaces and peaceful countryside surroundings provide a productive setting for focusing on one’s work. The Saari Residence is not intended for networking within the field of art or for hosting exhibitions or performances. No exhibition or performance is required at the end of the residency period.

The opportunity to meet other artists. The Saari Residence is also a meeting place for artists and researchers. The two-month individual residency periods, which typically host seven artists from different fields and a researcher working under a Kone Foundation grant, provide plenty of opportunities for interaction that crosses the boundaries between both different art forms and the arts and sciences. At the same time, the Saari Residence offers a peaceful and unique setting where residents can focus on their work. The Saari Residence’s Community Artist works at the residence throughout the year.

Mentoring programme. We offer every artist at the Saari Residence two mentoring sessions carried out through a remote connection during their two-month residency. Our mentors are key professionals in their fields of art who live in Finland. They have a career spanning at least a couple decades and are skilled listeners and conversationalists. Each one also has a personal relationship with the Saari Residence. The mentoring sessions will be carried out in connection with the two-month periods of individual residencies – that is, from the beginning of September to the end of April. No mentoring sessions will take place in the summer.


Entry Fee:

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Nature – Call for Art



Call for artists: Online exhibition. No entry fee!

Submission deadline March 15th, midnight UTC time.


A virtual 3D exhibition curated by members of the International Online Art Collective. Our natural world is full of amazing things, we want you to submit your interpretations of the theme ‘Nature’.

The online exhibition will coincide with International Earth Day, April 22nd. 2021 and your work should ensure you explore the theme of our earth and “nature”.

Exhibition runs from April 22nd to May 31st. Online only.

Details of the virtual opening receptions to be announced at a later day.


Nature Exhibition is open to all living artists wherever you are in the world, ages 18 and older.

One submission per artist

2D media only

No size restrictions

No date restrictions

No entry fee

Selection Process:

Up to 50 finalists will be selected to be shown in the exhibition. There will be an opening event with the announcement of the top three winners being made. All selections are final.

Art Sales:

Art sales inquiries will be directed to the artist. We will not handle sales of any art during or after the exhibition. All art included in the online show will be directly linked to the artist’s website or Instagram page.

Participations Rules:

By submitting your art to us, you grant the International Online Art Collective permission to publish your work online and social media for exhibition and marketing purposes. All artwork will be attributed to the artist. We will not collect or handle any physical work of art. By participating, you certify that you are the rightful owner of the art and that it does not infringe in any copyright violations.

Prizes Details: 

All finalists will be exhibited in the online gallery.

Show will be promoted on website and all social media of the International Online Art Collective.

Winner will be promoted on website and all social media of the International Online Art Collective and all its members

There will be a link to each artist’s website or Instagram page for inquiries and sales.


Entry Fee:

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FOTOLIMO 2021 open call




FotoLimo (landlimo means border in Esperanto) is a cross-border festival of photography and visual arts whose main driving force is the concept of borders, understood in its broadest sense. With a background of five consecutive editions, the objective of the festival continues to be to promote artistic creation, education, and research around the multiple manifestations of the border, approached from fields as diverse as migration, gender, body, social fractures or landscape, always from a creative and transformative perspective. In this context, FotoLimo presents itself with the particularity of being the only European-wide cross-border photography and visual arts festival to be held simultaneously at both sides of the French-Catalan border.

In order to create a diverse and high-quality program, FotoLimo launches this open call with the objective of selecting five photography that will be exhibited within the official section of the festival. The theme for this 2021 edition is "Internal Borders". The selected projects will be added to the Fotolimo 2021 Festival program, which will take place from September 17th to September 26th, 2021, and will be exhibited in the cities of Cerbère, Portbou, and Colera.

In addition to the 5 proposals chosen to be exhibited, we offer the possibility of a screening during the opening weekend to certain projects. The screened projects will not receive any endowment.

Prize summary: 
500 €
Prizes Details: 

The festival is open to any photographer regardless of age, nationality, or condition. Collective projects are accepted. Only one file per person/group will be accepted. Each of the five chosen artists or groups of artists will receive an amount of 500 euros as royalties. All other expenses derived from the exhibition such as assembly, disassembly, and communication and dissemination actions of the exhibition will be taken on by the organization of the FotoLimo festival.

The selected works will be exhibited at the former customs office on the French-Catalan border, exhibition halls, or in the public space of Cerbère, Portbou and Colera, within the framework of the FotoLimo 2021 festival. The works will be exhibited throughout the festival period.

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OPEN CALL: Artist in Residence at Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague




Our resident Soyoung Bae during her performance ~ I missed you last night and the old lady at the window, AiR Petrohradská kolektiv 2019

Artist In Residence 2021 

Petrohradská kolektiv announces an open call for artists to participate in an international program Artist in Residence for the year 2021.

The residential program is intended for active artists, creators, and theoreticians, who desire independence and want space and technical support for working on their projects. That’s what the Petrohradská kolektiv AiR program offers in the heart of a multi-genre cultural center in Prague. The goal of the program is creating an open platform for international artistic dialogue, interconnection of different cultures, and support for emerging artists working with diverse media.

Residence is an opportunity for independent professional development, artistic exchange, networking, and experiments. Since accommodation and a studio are included, we prefer applicants from outside of Prague.

The resulting outputs of the residences will be showcased in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery at Petrohradská kolektiv complex. The main theme of the exhibition program of the gallery for 2021 is Chaos, therefore we ask the applicants to take this into account when applying with their projects.

Who are we looking for?

Residence is intended for creators with an interest in creative sharing and participation in the field of Prague contemporary art scene.

Prospective residents should introduce us concrete projects that would be realized within their stay in Prague. The final result of the residence is traditionally showcased in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, which is part of the Petrohradská kolektiv complex. Anyway, the form of the output can be adapted according to each project’s nature.

What do we offer?

  • Accommodation and a studio in the Petrohradská kolektiv complex
  • Covering the travel and material costs (up to 200€)
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Exhibition in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery (or an alternative)
  • Free entrance to all the events organized by Petrohradská kolektiv

The original idea behind Petrohradská kolektiv was to make a community space for creativity and art practice, where there’s a place for both efficient working and pleasant relaxing, where you can focus on your own projects and then take a break without the necessity of leaving the building. 

Within the AiR we provide technical support, promotion, and curatorial assistance. Travel and material costs are covered up to a maximum of 200€.

We know that a convenient working environment is fundamental, therefore within the residence we provide a shared studio with a workshop with basic equipment with an area of 60 square meters, a photo/video studio, and a recording studio. Each project requires different technical equipment, therefore the technology needed is consulted with each resident individually.

Each resident gets a private room in a 3-room apartment with a common area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The apartment is situated on the ground floor of the Petrohradská kolektiv building.

Petrohradská kolektiv organizes many cultural events within its complex. All of the selected residents get to attend these events for free.

Within the residential program, which works in parallel with these events, there’s an opportunity of collaboration with other artists and mentors from different cultural backgrounds. Thanks to that, residents can actively participate in various programs of Petrohradská kolektiv.

Residence conditions

Participation in the residential program requires communication skills in English or in Czech.

Each resident is obligated to prepare a final report of their stay including a photo documentation.

Residents of the AiR program of Petrohradská kolektiv are required to spend at least 75% of the duration of their stay in the place of the residence.

The stays include an author’s presentation (or its online equivalent) and an exhibition output or else

The residence must be completed within the specified period and it is not possible to interrupt it.

Because of the current situation, the stay is conditioned by submitting a confirmation of a negative test result for COVID-19. The cost of the test is not covered by Petrohradská kolektiv, but the resident themself.

Residence duration

AiR 2021 will take place between May 1 - November 30 2021.

When applying, please let us know about your preferred dates.

There are two types of residence:

1. Fully covered residence:

The fully covered residence doesn’t require any fee paid by the resident. All costs of accommodation and equipment described above will be covered by Petrohradská kolektiv.

The duration of the fully covered residence is 4-6 weeks, when the resident must finish their project and prepare it for the presentation in a form of exhibition. 

In the first round of the selection procedure, a maximum of 6 residents will be selected for the fully covered residence.

2. Residence covered by the resident:

For applicants who are not selected in the first round, there will be a possibility of joining the second round of selection procedure.

Applicants, who are selected in the second round, will be offered the same type of residence of a duration of 1-2 months for a 700€ fee per month, which will cover the costs of their stay. The projects within this type of residence won’t be showcased as a part of the program of Jedna Dva Tři Gallery.

There will be up to 12 residents chosen for the paid residence in the second round.

Petrohradská kolektiv can provide confirmations in forms of acceptance letters to prospective residents applying for external financial funding of their residence.

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Open Call: Hello, can You Hear Me?” / “We’ll meet again!





Kintai Arts is announcing an Open Call for a month-long residency “Hello, Can You Hear Me? / We will meet again!”. This international multidisciplinary residency invites artists and curators to look for new methods of representation and communication during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shuttered the doors of museums, galleries, festivals and art fairs; but it also provided an opportunity for the artists and curators to think about the alternative methods of showcasing work and representation, by using such technologies as VR and AR, getting involved with the IT sector, and thus enabling larger audiences to access art. From virtual exhibitions and online viewing rooms to broadcasting, artists are invited to rethink the role of institutions in their practice, to perhaps expand their audiences, and to reimagine their methods of representation and communication by using online tools. 

In this process oriented residency, artists are invited to freely interpret the gallery space and to transform it into a “scene”, a platform, an open studio or a playground, and to share the creative processes with their virtual audiences. Therefore, we are inviting artists, curators and researchers willing to develop open and live discussions, artistic scenarios, creative workshops and creative presentations. 

Applicants, willing to apply for this Open Call, are invited to submit their Bio or CV, a portfolio with work samples, and a motivational letter that includes a project proposal, by March 15, 2021, by filling out the online registration form on our website. Selected candidates will be informed shortly after the application deadline, and no later than March 26. 

The duration of the residency is one month: April 1 – May 1, 2021. 

Contact & Links: 

Stoa Collective - ALL FORMS WELCOME






Artist Open Call - all art forms welcome!

Stoa Collective is an online platform for emerging artists of all disciplines. On February 1st, we opened submissions for our second digital exhibition Catalyst. Submissions are open until February 28th and are for all genres of work.

You can visit our website and submit here.
Learn more about Catalyst here.

Our first exhibition, Out of Body, featured 40 multidisciplinary artists from all over the world, and can be visited here.
Follow us on Instagram @stoacollective and on Twitter @stoacollective_ 


Entry Fee:

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