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Art and Color 365 Magazine Oils Art Competition

It’s part of Art and Color 365’s mission to celebrate artists for the unique perspectives, amazing skills, beautiful imagery, and creativity they contribute to the world. We do this through regular feature stories in our magazine about significant artists and with monthly art competitions that showcase artists to bring them greater attention and offer broader outreach for their work.

Digital Alchemy: Transforming Pixels Into Emotions

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is seeking entries for Digital Alchemy: Transforming Pixels into Emotions, a virtual group exhibition open to women and non-binary artists. Entries are curated by Willea Zwey. Artists may submit up to three works plus an artist statement related to the exhibition theme. ALL accepted works with statements will be viewable online.

EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION: This exhibition focuses on the emotional impact of digital art. Artists experiment with digital tools to evoke feelings, sensations, and narratives. The show can feature multimedia installations, audiovisual experiences, and emotionally immersive digital artworks.

Royal Institute of Oil Painters | OPEN CALL 2023

Artists are invited to submit work for exhibition alongside members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the ROI Annual Exhibition 2023.

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Call for Entries closes early October! The ROI theme for this year's Annual Exhibition is 'Urban Life', which can be interpreted widely. (N.B. The theme is optional, one aspect of a larger exhibition, to which oil paintings of all subjects, in any style, are welcome for consideration).

Deadline: Friday 6 October, 12 noon.

Eligibility to win prizes and awards, worth over £7,000, including the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Awards! Including the ROI themed painting prize, for the best interpretation of the theme 'Urban Life'.

Madeke Art Prize

Yorland republic is launching its call for entries for madeke art prize, giving artists worldwide the opportunity to…

  • Show their work to a prestigious panel of selectors,
  • Win prize

Artworks can be entered until 10th January 2024, 11pm. To enter, visit: 

Storytelling: A Visual Narrative

Storytelling: A Visual Narrative invites artists to tell their most important stories through their individual style and interpretation. Your storytelling may be personal or objective, representational or abstract, and may be derived from a novel or poem. Provide us with a window into your lived or imagined experience.

Narrative art is art that tells a story, either as a moment in an ongoing story or as a sequence of events unfolding over time. Narratives in contemporary art range from highly straightforward and factual to magical and fairytale-like. This exhibition will showcase diverse perspectives and unique thinking.

Nude Geographies

NUDE GEOGRAPHIES (an international juried photo exhibition) The nude form has been portrayed in art throughout history, from the classical era to the enlightenment and the modern era. The nude figure in western art–specifically in photography–has expressed ideals of female and male beauty along with other human qualities including life, energy, and an array of complicated human emotions.


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