Group Show: Semi-Conscious

A group show in November at the Islington Arts Factory in London. Open to international entrants. Theme is semi-consciousness: both the representation of semi-conscious figures (sleep, death, inebriation, etc.) and the internal experience of semi-consciousness (surrealism, dream states, allegory, mystery).

Realism 2022 | International Juried Painting Competition

Open call to artists 18 years and older for Camelback Gallery's 5th annual Realism Painting Competition. We are accepting all forms of realism art in any subject matter. Photorealism, Surrealism, Hyperrealism, Magical Realism and Traditional Realism. Jurors will be looking for Originality, Quality of Work and Technical Skill.

Mediums to be considered but not limited to: Oil, acrylic, ink, pencil, charcoal, water media, pastels, wax & scratch-board. (No digital)

International Magazine Cover Design Contest

That's right! You heard right! Submit your cover design and maybe (just maybe) it'll end up as the official magazine cover for Eezy Sleez' new publication INSERT COMMERCIALLY INOFFENSIVE MAGAZINE TITLE HERE... pretty neat huh...

So here's the deal...
This is a totally free competition which is to say it will cost absolutely nothing to enter.
You can create whatever you want regardless of theme (however, preference will be made towards artworks that relate to the overall themes of "Social Commentary", "Depravity" and/or "Milk".

All artworks must be submitted in high-quality JPEG and PNG formats.
Artworks are preferred to be 1:1.414 ratio, however, all sizes and shapes are considered. 

Off Broadway NYC Art Show

the set NYC seeking NYC and New York City artists:  Off Broadway New York City art shows.  Open theme.  Connect with artists and designer, art talk ,  art and love discussions , creating new connections.  Hosted and performed by PimComedy, his work:

PimComedy is an avant garde artist and designer, looking to help the community.  Loving and helping others, he has established a New York City avant garde art program and gallery to help NYC and outside Artists.  Also , we use zoom.  

Themes explored include Abstract , Abstract realism , surrealism , fine art, performance art, and the beauty of making connections  .  I hope to hear from you!

New York City preferred.  Much love

The Cabal

the set nyc presents: The Cabal. An evil art show, helping end child trafficking.  Supporting artists and the less fortunate , zoom.  In New york City.  Art chat and talk , helping end child trafficking.  An evil is lurking in NYC.  What should we do?  No cabal, no.  I dont want to die.  I dont want to get eaten up by the Baccine Bandates.   End child trafficking, helping the youth.   Our youth is getting delivered to evil.  What should we do.  Help me, Cabal . Help me !  #endchildtrafficking , 


Zoom art show, art chat and showcasing work.  

Surrealism Art Show

the set nyc presents:  Surrealism art show,  Love, end child trafficking, supporting the youth, supporting others, in new york city .  Surrealism ,#surreal , #surrealism.  Showcase work, art show, sell art, helping end child trafficking, supporting others.  Helping others in need.  Helping the youth and children.  Hosted by pimcomedy, ,  located in New York city or zoom.  #stopchildsextrafficking.  Art chatting, art sales, showcasing, sell art, zoom, art chat, art discussions, surrealism chatting, surrealism discussions, delving into the abstract.


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