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Applications period: March 5th to April 5th , 2020

Residency periods: July/August 2020


Centre fro Creative Solutions (C4CS) is a project run by Culture and Education Association in Rasoja, Lika county, Croatia with its 550 meters elevation, off-the-grid premises surrounded by mountains and forests. C4CS aims to establish the platform and space for exchange, practice and innovation in the fields of relations of Human to Other Than Human.



Practices and methodology that residency supports rely largely on open source, organic, permacultural, sustainable, environmental and ecological approaches to create transdisciplinary strategies. Aim of the residencies is to give artists time and space to get to know her/himself trough relating to Other Than Human by living in rural area with realisation of most basic approaches to establish best possible relation to immediate environment. Media used by artist has to be in accordance to the environmental, ecological and sustainable practices.

Artists in search for peace, seclusion and isolation that can be offered by camping in the woods, by having own space for thinking and reflecting will enjoy this residence. We are dedicated to fostering socio-ecological consciousness within the creative practice through deep, meaningful engagement with the earth and others.


2 residency periods are open for application concerned with:


1. Notion of the Un-civilized thinking and practices,

2. Biophilia, Ecocentrism and Deep Ecology,

3. Self sustainability and permaculture.



1st residency theme is Un-civil Energy and Utility

2nd residency theme is Other Than Human


Residency benefits


30 days residency,

500 € subsidy,

travel costs paid up to 250 €.

Application Criteria

Applications are welcome from international contemporary artists working in a wide range of disciplines including DIY and theory.


Applicants should consider the unique circumstances under which C4CS carries out its program, keeping in mind that this residency takes place on a remote rural setting with limited amenities. Residency space and surrounding has to be left better than it was found prior to the residence, recycling, upcycling and composting and using biodegradable and organic products is required.


Successful candidates will be responsible for acquiring the necessary visa and medical insurance if coming from a foreign country.


Please Note

C4CS is not able to provide feedback on individual applications.


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The biennale HUBS IMMERSIVE festival is multidisciplinary event that offers an immersive experience of modern dance performances, cross-disciplinary theater, interactive installations and workshops.
The festival aim to push the boundaries of audience participation and set up a frame where each visitor feels challenged at his own level, yet accepted in his potential entrenchments.
The team is looking for works with multiple level approaches that enable and encourage the visitor to feel sufficiently at ease to step from a “classic” spectatorship to a co-author of the art work or/or even becoming the art work itself” “During his/her experience, the visitor shall self- consciously decide on the ‘role’ he/she wants to play in this immersive context and how actively he/she wants to interact with an installation, with the performers and/or with other visitors.”

Under the theme “[voluntary] EXILE and HOSPITALITY”, a total artistic immersive experience, the festival team is looking for artists, performers and other creators which will propose existing works, adapted version, or work in progress.

“Recognizing exile as an internal experience as much as a physical displacement, exile has been a focal point for reflections about individual and cultural identity and problems of nationalism, racism, and war. We are looking for works that are addressing and questioning the topics of exile and hospitality separately or combined together, works that engender new associations of ideas affiliated to the word exile”.

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