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Girl Power!

Ever since it made its grand entrance on the popular culture stage thanks to the US punk band Bikini Kill, the term “Girl Power” has steadfastly held its position as a significant (political) catchphrase. “Girl Power” gained more prominence in pop culture after it was embraced by the British pop band the Spice Girls in the late 90’s, transforming it into a significant and appealing slogan. The meaning of ”Girl Power” is a self-reliant attitude among people in ambition, assertiveness, and individualism. In this art show, we wish to pay homage to the voices and the stories woven by women across generations. It is a tribute to the transformations, the triumphs, and the unity that can arise when women unapologetically embrace their individuality and their stories.

Join on a Mind-Blowing 3D Holographic Exhibition at Vision Art Fair Lisbon

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently accepting applications, allowing you to take advantage of our prestigious selection process and apply for the opportunity to join our Holographic exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional in the context of the Vision Art Fair which will take place from June 7th to 10th in Lisbon. We are accepting applications for animated artworks, video art, 3d animation, interactive multimedia, etc. Video works cannot be more than 30 seconds long and will be looped throughout all days of the fair (Format MP4 or MOV. Technical note: Everything that is pure black in the image or video will be transparent in the hologram, that is, it will not appear.)

Call for videopoetry

NUDO, festival de poesía desatada opens call for V2 versos&visuals 2024, the videopoetry exhibition that is held in Barcelona as part of the festival's programme.

Since the birth of the festival, we have always been interested in how image and word marry, a union that has materialized in multiple ways for centuries. The great power of the word with the evocative force of the moving image create true works of art.

A Corpo Libero

“L'Intreccio Viola”, association based in Turin, promoting mental health, sexual well-being and the arts through cultural events and initiatives, opens a call for artists residing in Italy or abroad to the creation of a collective exhibition in spring 2024 entitled A Corpo Libero.

From pathologization to gender issues through collective perception, bodies are always public: from this reflection arises the need to investigate the practices of self-determination that allow us to reclaim our bodies and our images, in a context that encourage conformity, against the concepts of care and healing that are close to queer transfeminist movements in every part of the world.

Visual Arts - Banff Artist in Residence - Summer 2024

Pictured: Lucie Rocher, Summer BAiR (2023). Photo by Rita Taylor.

The Banff Artist in Residence program is designed for visual artists to focus on their practice in a supportive learning environment. Over five weeks, participants are encouraged to self-direct their research and time, as well as cultivate new directions in their work. The experience of artists in residence is further supported through individual studio visits with guest faculty and dialogue amongst peers.

The program encourages experimentation and risk-taking via access to shared production facilities and knowledgeable staff who are available to provide technical support and assistance.

Visual Arts Thematic Residency: Get LIT! Language, Image. Text

Image: the lowest bar, Whess Harman (2021)

Led by faculty Joi Arcand, Whess Harman, August Klintberg, and Michael Turner, Visual Arts Thematic Residency – Get LIT! Language, Image, Text invites visual artists working in all mediums to explore language, image, words, and text through self-directed studio practice and research-creation.

This five-week residency offers a structured space where visual artists come together to create work and discuss the pertinent theme, as well as time and space to delve deeply into their practice while away from the constrains of everyday life.


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