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SpeakAIR Web Residency Open Call 2020





SpeakArt has been promoting funded/free residency open calls since 2016. Despite having no physical space for engagement, our community organically grew in the last 3 years thanks to digital platforms.

While physical real-time interactions are still the essence of today’s social activities, digital space has become an alternative way for creative professionals like us to share ideas. Celebrating the limitless potential of this platform, SpeakArt is delighted to announce the launch of its first artist residency program – SpeakAIR.

SpeakAIR is not a traditional residency programme that encourages artists to create artworks on site. Our aim is rather to offer artists time and space to undertake artistic research. In other words, we want to support artists on the various stages in the process of artistic experimentation. As defined by Johan Pousette, process in the art context refers to “the artist’s own development of ideas and an interest in sharing this with an audience as a part of the working practice”. Keeping this notion of process in our mind, SpeakAIR seeks for creative professionals who are interested in the process of art making.

During a one-month residency, artists will be asked to use a SpeakAIR facebook page as a ground for research. This online platform will become an interactive room, not only where artists share their research but also where the public can join in discussions in real time. Artists are expected to use a live-streaming to reach out to the audience. There are no regulations on the contents – may it be performance, reading, QAs, creating artworks, coding, you name it. However, it should highlight how the notion of process is important in your art practice. The residency will culminate in a live-streaming presentation of the month research.

Please keep in mind that this online space is designed to serve multiple functions, namely a laboratory /studio/ blank canvas/ discussion room/ community space. If your practice does not encourage discussions to take place, this residency is probably not for you. We hope this virtual space will decentralize art conversation.


This open call is open to artists working in a wide range of disciplines and mediums. This opportunity is not limited to digital artists, but applicants must be comfortable using a live-streaming function on Facebook.

The artists are expected to:

-use live-streaming a minimum of 3 times during the month (not including the final presentation).
-have access to a high-speed Internet, computer (with a microphone and camera), or a mobile phone if preferred.
-be willing to engage with the online audience. This is your opportunity to share ideas and develop your project further.
-dedicate time and energy to a project and be ready for the final presentation by the end of the residency. We do not expect artists to present a finished work as it is open-ended research residency.
-provide documentation of the project to SpeakArt at the end of the residency.
-create a Facebook account or use your existing account


Prizes Details: 

What we offer:

-a stipend of 200 CAD
-a digital documentation
-publication/promotion on our website and social media
-technical assistance


Entry Fee:

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