Gallery Ring "WORLD" Online Art Contest

Gallery Ring wants to travel the world by announcing a contest and exhibition which celebrates and brings together diverse geographical destinations. Artworks that depict locations around the globe - from humble and rural areas to famous cities and popular tourist attractions are suitable. The deadline to submit work is Wednesday, February 21st, 2024.  The fee is $20 US for 1-3 artworks.

"World" Online International Juried Exhibition

Gallery Ring is excited to go on a trip around the world!

Artists are invited to submit and share works of places that they hold dear because of personal significance or that simply made a lasting impression and captured their hearts forever, such as their homeland, favourite travel spot, beloved park or restaurant, cherished street or creek, grandmother's house, treasured church, etc.

Each artwork must be titled with its respective location: (title) specific place_town/city_country.

For example: "my wedding_Paris_France", "Beverly Creek_Toronto_Canada", "our backyard_London_England", "honeymoon_Venice_Italy", "first trip together_Athens_Greece", summer hangout...favourite beach ice cream place, etc.

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