Tim Jago Morris | Maker, Artist | London and Newcastle | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London and Newcastle
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Maker, Artist
Specialties: Glass Casting, ceramics, 10 plus years of drawing and painting; printmaking

- About -

Tim Jago Morris is a contemporary artist with a painterly approach to casting unique glass objects. He selects the highest quality for materials to suit the purpose of expertly making the narrative behind each individual piece. Tim makes his work to inspire your creativity within. "I am creating glass birds, Swifts, to express the playfulness of children’s learning." Art Collector Leila Hussain said, "Tim's work sits in a place where imagination meets joy." Course Director Dr Jessamy Kelly PhD, at The Edinburgh College of Art said, "his approach is always unique and surprising." Tim lives and works in County Durham, England He was born in California 1983