ALEXANDROS KAKLAMANOS | Visual Artist | Athens | Art Jobs
Country: Greece
City: Athens
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist

- About -

In recent years, I have been experimenting mainly with sculptures, installations and works of moving image, in which the viewer is often an important part being dragged into an intimate connection with the work. Memory, as a moment and as a monument, seems to connect conceptually my most recent practice. The most important part in the production of the works is the process - it is necessary to include unpredictable elements, keeping the process interesting and open. I often visit the site of my forthcoming action to observe permanent or recurrent happenings. In this way I set the conditions to capture and include the accidental. Most importantly, however, is the time I am giving that to happen. In works of moving image, I often use passers-by, as actors who interpret unwittingly the notions addressed. I tend to see the process of filming as inhaling images and the process of editing as exhaling my thoughts and interpretations. In sculptural installations, with regard to the experience of the visitor, who is entering, touching and sometimes shapes the work, I'm aiming at narrowing the distance between the viewer and the work. The artistic product is (re)formed and presented depending on the occasional space of exhibiting.