Briell Giancola | artist | Rochester | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Rochester
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: artist
Specialties: installation art, Textiles, Abstract painting

- About -

Originally from Rochester, NY, Briell Giancola received her BFA as an Art and Design major and Dance minor at Alfred University. Briell creates work that involves a process of material collection, curation, and creation from mostly upcycled materials. Her work suggests a dialogue between experience and material association. Her pieces are never planned. Each piece is a product of an intuitive response, leaving behind documentation of a personal history, a material history, and a threshold of new perspective. Briell is currently making art in her hometown of Rochester, NY. She thrives in creative thinking and collaborative opportunities and is looking to be a part of a team where creativity, social consciousness, and sustainable design are at the center of the process.