Jeff Pluth | General Manager of Venue Operations, General Manager | Colorado Springs | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Colorado Springs
Professional Title: General Manager of Venue Operations, General Manager
Specialties: Operations Management, Executive Leadership, Team Building

- About -

Over the course of my career, I have leveraged my creativity, business acumen, and leadership strengths to inspire greatness in both people and organizations. I am energized by opportunities to help businesses define a vision and build a path to meet strategic goals. I am drawn to turnaround situations where I can push a company beyond “business as usual” to uncover what they want to accomplish and then put the systems, culture, and processes in place to get there. I have had the opportunity to work on some truly exciting projects—including launching new Cirque du Soleil productions—and I am known for: • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Skilled in cutting through the clutter, I excel in envisioning alternative scenarios, anticipating obstacles, and visualizing the way forward. • DRIVING TOWARD EXCELLENCE: Never satisfied with the status quo, I have seen what teams can do when they dismiss “average” or “good enough” as a possibility. I uncover organizational strengths and then nurture, refine, and stretch them to excellence. To me 'average' is a recycled failure. I get fulfillment out of seeing others discover and enhance their strengths. • BUILDING STRONG TEAMS: During my career in entertainment, I worked with respected performers around the world, but I also managed union and nonunion teams representing a variety of career fields and functions. One of my top strengths lies in bringing together large groups of people and coordinating operations around a common goal. I enjoy networking with leaders in the entertainment, arts, hospitality, services, and nonprofit industries, and I am happy to connect at 702-738-7300 or AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Operations Management, Executive Leadership, Team Building, Mentoring and Coaching, Organizational Transformation, Performance Improvement, Process Standardization, Culture Improvement, Cost Reductions, P&L Management