Lola Nevado | artist | Berlin Neukölln | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin Neukölln
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: artist
Specialties: mixed media painting

- About -

Artist Lola Nevado believes it necessary to question the limits of the support and the surface of the painting in order to liberate the artwork and the artist. The essence of art tends to leave the canvas and continue along the walls, regardless of the frame or the rigidity of the geometry. For her, the challenge of the artist is not exclusively to create an artwork, but also to consider how it communicates with its surrounding space. To get out of the frames’ limits means to feel that the wall also beats within the work, like cave paintings, which had the stone as a support until someone thought about taking painting to a support that could be carried. This is why her works are dominated by the use of textures as cement, plaster, wall paper and materials of the same nature in an attempt to organically integrate the work into its environment: the wall. In the same way that walls crack, oxidize or flake, so do her artworks, trying to deconstruct the conception of painting or pictorial work, and demystifying the artistic object.