Wendy Davidson | Manager, Theatrical Costuming | Riverview | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Riverview
Industry: Entertainment
Professional Title: Manager, Theatrical Costuming
Specialties: Problem solving, listening

- About -

I have worked in the theater industry for 35 years; as a performer, dresser, stitcher, Wardrobe Supervisor and now, Manager of the Costume Dept for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. I enjoy starting new projects: organizing spaces, preparing work areas for production, setting up schedules, recruiting, training and managing over long term. For example, I build dressing rooms and work spaces onboard ships, hire all of the onboard and contracted workers to create and orchestrate the costume and cosmetology aspects of opening a Production show. I train the team on how best to work efficiently and professionally in a shipboard environment. Once the show is running, I manage the team over the length of their 6 month contract. I love traveling for work and problem solving in the most interesting environments.