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"What happens when an artist with a penchant for drugged-out, bad-trip paintings attends one too many Ween concerts? She develops the notion of the Ween coloring book. After super-fanning it up and following the band on its La Cucaracha tour for one too many cities, Seattle artist Thea Wolfe had the, uh, pipe dream of immortalizing Dean and Gene in a coloring book. It was more than a bad chemical reaction, and, after putting pen to paper, Wolfe actually achieved something that's even weirder than Ween's music. The $20 coloring book walks you through the altered states of Ween fandom with 21 illustrations, including Ween members gleefully yanking their own viscera out onto a plate, or disguised as centaurs inexplicably cavorting in a field littered in castoff bras, or as majestic rock deities in quasi-Eastern metaphysical settings. Huffable markers sold separately." - The A.V. Club

Thea Wolfe

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