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Eduardo Dalazen

Pintura óleo sobre tela 100 x 74 cm 

Pintura óleo sobre tela 100 x 74 cm 

You're Fired! I Quit!
Assemblage made of found and recycled objects and clean trash

Inspired by the Washington Post’s slide show ‘You’re Fired’: A Timeline of Team Trump Departures, this series of portraits outlines the chaos, inconsistency, and lack of understanding of who is qualified to assist the president in running the country.The images are ruptured portraits, made from of detritus.

They investigate the fractious nature of the United States and turmoil surrounding the White House.

The portraits are made of found and recycled objects and everyday trash that is cut and torn into small pieces. I begin by finding a photograph of my subject. I digitally manipulate this image using Image Tricks Lite app for the Mac. Sometimes I change the color using CMYK Halftone. The image is then shattered using Crystalize. Either drawn I draw an outline onto paper or a found photo canvas print. In some newer works, the image is transferred to fabric using a photo transfer technique. The manipulated image is a general guideline of how to place the scraps. All colors come from the original items; no paint or other coloring agent is used. 

Each portrait will be accompanied by a description that includes the person’s job title, a brief job description, and the person’s qualifications for the position or why the person is no longer at the white house. The portraits of those who have left the administration, will be ordered by departure date. For those still employed by the white house at the time of exhibition, these portraits will be displayed as a (dis)organization chart.

The portraits range in size from eight to 30 inches wide with the median being 15 inches. Each piece requires at least six feet of floor space in front of the work so that the viewer can step back to see the portrait clearly. When observed up close, the image is not discernable similar to how it’s difficult to understand the impact of political actions when viewed closely. From a distance, the image come into view. Similarly, the removal of environmental protection regulations, up close, look like they are a great boon to America; the economy appears to be healthy. Take a step back and actions resulting in short-term gains is having a negative impact on the planet’s health: more toxins are being discharged into the air, the oceans are struggling to support life which is vital to the planet’s wellbeing, and pig slop is being washed into our waterways.