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Our Festival





Our Festival 7

a cultural meeting of solidarity artists

27th of July - 1st of August 2021

Euripidean Theater of Rematia, Chalandri, Greece

Open Call for Submissions!

Our Festival invites artists from all spectrum of arts to submit their proposals in order to participate in Our Festival 7. Our Festival will be held in the Euripidean Theater of Rematia, in Athens, Greece under the frame of “Solidarity Nights” supported by the Municipality of Chalandri. 

Multidisciplinary, inclusive and collaborative: Our Festival provides a platform for artists to present their artistic project!  

Our Festival was created by the collectivistic art group “WE”, which grew out of a lively and dynamic community of artists with aim to support other artists to present their artworks, as well as theirs.

The group’s vision is to bring together a variety of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, interact between themselves and greek audience, exchange ideas while discovering a new artistic network.

Furthermore, Our Festival cooperates with liminal organization in order to make all events accessible to everyone, and collaborates with disabled artists in order to promote inclusion, and ensure the equal participation of all in the cultural life of the community. 

Since 2015, the festival has hosted 592 artists performing in 118 events and has welcomed more than 10,000 attendees. Events have included theatre and dance performances, music concerts, children's shows, cinema and video art, circus shows and workshops for adults and children. 

Our Festival is an artist-run organisation and each year grows bigger as it tries to include artwork from voices all over the world and collaborate with artists and institutions both in Greece and abroad. 

"Two pairs of hands are always better than one

four better than two

eight better than four..."


Entry Fee:

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Walking Backwards - exhibition opportunity in Athens





Snehta (Athens in reverse)

Snehta’s mission is to actively strengthen the artistic production and revitalize the local scene by bridging Athens with international creatives that share a focused enthusiasm to research in the city. Moreover partnering artists, curators and projects undertaken by Snehta aim to creating new readings under which the city is perceived and experienced.

For the past two years Snehta has been making gradual stepts to establishing  two additional core activities – its physical / online shop and an educational program run by Athens based artists. Monies generated by those activities will fund a range of new opportunities that will be announced within the following year. Amongst those - Walking backwards is Snehta’s first funded exhibition opportunity open to emerging artists from Greece and other countries


“Walking Backwards”  was inspired by the Greek figure of the soothsayer Tiresias, appearing in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Soothsayers are fortune tellers, or people who claim to be able to predict the future. In Canto XX, Dante and Vergil encounter these souls, forced to walk with their heads for ever facing backwards.

The calls aim is to bring artists attention to past ideas and juxtapose those with our present condition. We are looking for emerging contemporary practitioners that will demonstrate a genuine interest in the social context of Athens and who can engage with it critically by challenging social norms and taboos. We are looking for creative practitioners who demonstrate elements of experimentation through their artistic practice. Applying artists should demonstrate an interest in the local community of Kypseli and maintain a gregarious approach to potential connections with local artists and organisations.The call is non medium specific.

Prize summary: 
Artist fee 500.00 euros
Prizes Details: 

What the call Walking Backwards offers to selected artists:

• 500 euro artist fee/reward

• Access to our small studio space Mariya (next to our main exhibition space at 

  I.Drosopoulou 47)

• Induction on our terms on how to use the space and a variety of tools

• Tour of Kypseli and a presentation of the organisations 9 year history in the city

• Access to the Snehta library during the opening hours

• Snehta will offer consultation during exhibition isntalls.

• The work produced by each artist will be promoted on our website and on our
  social media platforms (facebook/ Instagram) and through our newsletter.

• Shenta will provide printing costs and welcoming drinks for the opening day, 
  photographing the event and invigilation of the show during Snehta opening  
  hours (Artist’s will have to take care of their own invigilation times for opening 
  days outside Snehta’s schedule)

• Snehta can support artists with letters of recommendation for further

• Snehta reserves the right to select the artist chosen for the upcoming exhibition
   in the 2021 Snehta Kypselian Salon.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
10.00 euros
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Our Festival was created by the collective cultural group “WE”, which grew out of a lively and dynamic community of artists who have presented their work at the festival and each year organize the event.

The group’s shared vision is to bring together a variety of artists from different backgrounds and from these creative and collaborative encounters, to forge long-lasting cross-cultural relationships.

Our Festival works with liminal to make all events accessible and collaborates with disabled artists in order to promote inclusion and ensure the equal participation of all to the cultural life of the community. 

Since 2015, running for over 6 consecutive years, the festival has hosted 592 artists performing in 118 events and has welcomed more than 10,000 attendees. Events have included theatre and dance performances, music concerts, children’s shows, cinema and video art, circus shows and workshops for adults and children. 

Our Festival is now a sustainable institution and each year becomes bolder and more open to future collaborations with artists and institutions both in Greece and abroad. 


Entry Fee:

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Athens Art Fund - Siilk Residency





About the fund:

Siilk Gallery's AAF (Athens art fund) is a residency program set up by Siilk Gallery. The aim is to crowd fund the residency so artists can travel, stay and create new bodies of work in Athens, Greece.

With peer to peer crowd funding it means we can give artists full creative control over the works they do during their stay, so they can produce works that are meaningful to themselves.

The artists will have a studio apartment in the same building as the main gallery. Access to a photography studio, printing capabilities and guidance throughout their stay.

We will document the residents stay with us here at Siilk with a short film of their experiences in the city, behind the scenes, interviews, creation of their works and general day to day / in the life.

Their works will also be exhibited in the galleries upper mezzanine level.

The photographers can host work shops, talks, screenings and more. The opportunities to do what they wish are at their disposal.

The residency will be open to artists to stay for 1-3 months. As the fund grows in the future - flights, project financing and an allowance will also be a part of the residency.

Focus group:

Being a photography Gallery our main focus is Photographers however we would like to open the residency platform up to performance artists and musicians that will be able to also perform at openings at Siilk. We want innovative, contemporary, provocative, political artists. Independent, forward thinking artists who challenge the norms.

How to apply:

If applying as a photographer please send us your BIO alongside 8-12 images you feel represent yourself as an artist and a little about your self, who you are, where you come from, where you are now and what it is you are trying to capture to

As a Musician / Performance artist please add your BIO, images that capture the essence of YOU and 2/3 videos of your performances.

If you are applying to be considered for AAF residency please also support the art fund and donate via the Patreon link. Supporting the idea behind the residency is will what makes it work, grow in the future and become accessible to more people.

Prizes Details: 

Residency @ SIILK

Contact & Links: 

Open Call to Station One Artists-in-Residence 2021





Victoria Square Project (VSP) in collaboration with Counterpoints Arts and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI) at Columbia University, launches the first call of Station One AIR, a year-long residency program for emerging artists to reimagine Greek identity. The selected artists, four from Greece and four from countries with significant migrant and refugee communities in Victoria Square, will work in teams of four, for three months, under the mentorship of Columbia University faculty, collaborating artists and curators, and VSP’s team to engage in a series of “contextualizations” of Johannes Pfuhl’s sculpture in Victoria Square, Athens.


Station One 2021 Residency for emerging artists focuses on Johannes Pfuhl’s neoclassical sculpture of Hippodamia in Victoria Square. The European and nationalist ideals represented by the sculpture stand in stark contrast to the everyday realities of the neighborhood’s Greek, immigrant, and refugee inhabitants, making it a timely object through which to engage current debates about Greek history and identity. Through the residency four artists from Greece and four artists from countries with communities in the neighborhood will work in teams to engage in a series of visual, auditory, and discursive “contextualizations” of Hippodamia. These artistic interventions will foster collaboration among emerging artists, create a locus for intercultural exchange and community building, and develop a broadly applicable methodology for using contentious monuments and public art to facilitate consideration and conversation across diverse communities about history, identity, and belonging. 


Once an upper-middle-class neighborhood, Victoria Square is now one of the most diverse areas of Athens, home to long-time residents as well as immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. In 1937 a neoclassical sculpture by Johaness Pfuhl depicting the centaur Eurytion abducting Hippodamia was installed in the square. Today the scene depicted by the sculpture and the 19th century Bavarian Philhellenism behind its creation stand in stark contrast to the everyday realities of the square’s inhabitants. For many Greeks living in the area, Hippodamia (as the sculpture is known) is a painful reminder of the nation’s failure to become adequately “European” in the eyes of the West. For many immigrants and refugees, the sculpture is yet another sign of the Greek state’s and society’s reluctance to expand their understandings of national identity and to accommodate those who do not easily fit existing images of “Greekness.” Hippodamia confronts those who live around it with contentious narratives of national history and identity in much the same way that statues of historical figures in the U.S., the U.K., and South Africa have recently become charged topics of debate. How might these broader conversations about the politics of public art and commemoration be harnessed to consider Hippodamia in Victoria Square and what it means to be Greek today


Station One AIR is part of “Who is the contemporary Athenian?”, Victoria Square Project’s three-year curatorial program that seeks to identify the elements that define an inclusive Athenian society today beyond labels like “first or second generation immigrant,” “refugee,” “asylum seeker,” “Greek” etc. It draws on VSP’s long presence and activity in one of the capital city’s most diverse neighborhoods, which has been experiencing rapid change for several decades. This curatorial program explores the common ground that emerges when identities come to be viewed as ever-evolving and dynamic and seeks to strengthen community through cross-cultural exchange and artistic production. In investigating emerging local identities and creating new platforms for dialogue in a diverse Athenian neighborhood, this program inevitably poses questions about belonging, crisis, and democracy. These questions seem particularly timely as the country prepares to celebrate the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution and reflects on what it means to be Greek in 2021.


The residency program consists of two cycles. Four artists will be selected to work together for three months (two months on the ground and one month digitally), under the mentorship of artists, curators, academics, and community members. Each cycle will bring together two artists from Athens and two artists from countries with communities in the neighborhood. The artists are expected to work together on a common project and  engage the local community. 


Send us your cv and portfolio (max 10 MB) along with a motivation letter (max 500 words)  and a project proposal to implement during your stay (max 500 words), at until March 5th. The residents will be selected by a multidisciplinary committee to be announced in April. 


All residents will have access to Victoria Square Project’s infrastructure and receive support from its team throughout their project’s realization as well as an honorary fee of 1400 euros. Additionally,  residents not living in Athens will have their travel covered by the program and will be provided with independent housing. Each team will be given a budget of 1000 euros for the implementation of their project.


Each residency cycle will last three months and feature a group of four artists. At the end of each cycle, the artists-in-residence will present their contextualization of the Hippodamia sculpture as an installation in Victoria Square or as an exhibition in the premises of VSP or online as a virtual exhibition. 

Open Call Launch: February 5, 2021

Application deadline: March 5, 2021

Notification: April 16, 2021

First Cycle: end of May -  July 2021

Second Cycle: September - December 2021 

(The exact travel dates will be confirmed soon)



Station One Residency 2021 is implemented in collaboration with Columbia University Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative, Counterpoints Arts in the frame of the European Program Across Borders.


The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI) at Columbia University. SNFPHI supports projects that bring the ideas and insights of the humanities to life for the Greek public and collaborates with other Columbia programs that aim to connect the field of Hellenic Studies with a broad public audience. Mark Mazower (Director) and Dimitris Antoniou (Associate Director) are responsible for the Initiative’s overall direction and planning. Since its inception, SNFPHI has emerged as a locus for the exchange of novel ideas across academic disciplines, between non-academic and academic communities, and between Greek and American publics. Through SNFPHI activities, educators, artists, human rights activists, museum curators, and music composers in Greece are collaborating with Columbia faculty and students in a broad array of community-level projects. In addition to supporting public humanities projects in Greece, SNFPHI is organizing a rich program of public events, collaborating with other Columbia programs and initiatives to design syllabi and toolkits for public humanities, and offering grants to Columbia students and recent graduates to promote the diachronic study of Hellenism.


Counterpoints Arts is a leading British organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change. Its mission is to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognized and welcomed within British arts, history and culture. Central to the organization’s mission is the belief that arts can inspire social change and enhance inclusion and cultural integration of refugees and migrants. Counterpoints Arts work across all art forms and collaborate with a range of people and partners, including artists, arts/cultural and educational organizations and civil society activists. VSP has been collaborating with Counterpoints Arts in the context of a three year project titled “Across Borders,” which takes place in Athens (Greece), Berlin (Germany), and Kent (UK). The project consists of a series of arts and pop culture projects that challenge representations of refugees in mainstream media and complicates their depiction in arts and popular culture.


Stavros Niarchos Foundation


Outset Contemporary Art Fund,  Kulturstiftung Allianz


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

ONASSIS AIR 2021/22: The School of Infinite Rehearsals: Movements V–VIII





ONASSIS AiR invites artists, curators, designers, activists, collectives, educators, legal advocates, performance makers, economists, architects, filmmakers and other practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline to apply for the second iteration of The School of Infinite Rehearsals: Movements V–VIII, running between September 2021 and June 2022.

Conceived as a collective research program and as a continuation of the individual program strands we introduced during our first year of existence, The School of Infinite Rehearsals brings together an interdisciplinary group of participants to exchange knowledges and practices around two research topics we find urgent to address and further explore collectively. For our second year of The School of Infinite Rehearsals, we want to look inwardly and also outwardly, for the spatial and temporal structures, that affect the ways we live, the ways we act and the ways we come together. How do we relate to others and how do we organize our decisions? What modes of governance do we adhere to and how do we shape them? What economic systems do we choose to be complicit in and how much agency do we claim to implement radical alternatives? How do we institute our knowledge(s) and acknowledge our institutional complacency or complicity? 

In Fall 2021, Movement V & VI will collectively explore issues of governance, through the lens of discourse on self-organization (Movement V), and institutions (Movement VI). 

In Spring 2022, Movement VII & VIII will tackle areas of economies, by focusing on community economies (Movement VII), and philanthropy (Movement VIII). 



Movement V: Self-Organization (September 6–October 24, 2021)

Movement VI: Institutions (November 1–December 19, 2021)



Movement VII: Community Economies (February 28–April 17, 2022)

Movement VIII: Philanthropy (May 2–June 19, 2022)


The deadline for submission of all applications is Friday, February 26, 2021. All applications must be submitted no later than 12:00 pm (noon) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2).

Prizes Details: 

The following resources will be offered to each participant. The program also offers shared resources that can be used by the group upon a collective decision-making process:

— Each participant will receive an individual research fee of €2,500 (euros).

— Each participant who does not live in Athens will have their travel (airfare, train, car, etc.) covered for their return trip to/from Athens, as well as to/from the airport or train station to the shared accommodation in Athens.

— Each participant who does not live in Athens will be accommodated in a shared apartment (single room occupancy for each participant), very close to the Onassis AiR work space where the majority of group activities and research will take place.

— Each Movement Group will have at their disposal a collective research budget of up to €5,000 (euros) that can be used for materials,  invitations to other practitioners or organizations that could contribute to the research of the particular topic of Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, research trips, or other needs that the group will collectively decide upon, during their research time at Onassis AiR.

— We have established a tradition of daily lunches cooked by all the participants and team of Onassis AiR, in our cozy kitchen, that will continue in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, Monday to Friday. All the groceries for the collective lunches are covered by Onassis AiR. In parallel, we are currently designing a research program focused on food in collaboration with invited chefs-in-residence throughout the year.

— We have a basic inventory of professional video & DSLR cameras and lenses, microphones, portable LED panels for video & photo shooting, speakers, audio board, projectors, computer and large LCD screens, and mechanical tools for light construction work.

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