Onassis AiR invites artists, curators, designers, theater makers, activists, writers, choreographers, performers, architects, creative coders, filmmakers, and other practitioners from any discipline, from anywhere in the world to apply for their selected strand that will take place in Athens, Greece, between September 2024 to July 2025.

Onassis AiR is dedicated to fostering artistic process by providing space and time to arts professionals from diverse backgrounds to delve deeper into their practice without the pressure of presenting a final work. It is a meeting point for cross-disciplinary thinking and exchange, bringing forward themes that concern us today, always in dialogue with the city we live in and the world around us.

20th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Human, AI, or Hybrid?

Submit your proposals for ADAF 2024: Techno(s)cene, the 20th-anniversary edition of Athens Digital Arts Festival, until January 20

The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) invites you to its 20th anniversary edition, which will take place both physically and digitally in the spring and autumn of 2024, respectively, under the title Techno(s)cene. In the spirit of embracing the global artistic community and ensuring that every human, AI, or hybrid creator has the opportunity to participate in this celebration of digital culture, the call for entries will remain open until January 20, 2024, at


Showcase your art on a cinema screen in Athens, Greece!

Imagine showcasing your work in an intimate 100 seat cinema space right in the capital of Greece, Athens!

With our innovative approach, we can help you exhibit your art on a cinema screen in Athens, Greece!

What do we do?


Take your art career to new heights and boost your visibility by showcasing your artwork in Athens!

What we offer:

Your artwork is displayed on a loop on a cinema screen in Athens!

From £25


5 January 2024


The exact date of the installations will be announced to the successful applicants in late January.

Open Call for Artists - Escape Plan: 1984/2024

                                                      ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P.

                                                                                           Open Call: Escape Plan: 1984/2024 

ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER - PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. welcomes submissions from emerging and established printmakers, visual artists and groups, from all over the world for its upcoming exhibition with the topic Escape Plan: 1984/2024 which will take place in winter 2024 at ETCH INK art space, in Athens (Greece).

Onassis AiR Open Call 2023/24

ONASSIS AiR, the international artistic research and residency program invites artists, curators, designers, dancers, chefs, gardeners, activists, writers, educators, legal advocates, performers, economists, architects, filmmakers and other practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline, from anywhere in the world, to apply for a Tailor-made Residency running between September 2023 and July 2024 in Athens, Greece.

Life After Dark


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