Mountain Writers Intensive 2024


The Mountain Writers Intensive is a three-week residency for nine writers working in any genre (fiction, nonfiction, journalism, or poetry), on mountain narratives, environmental journalism, stories of adventure, or projects with a theme of the human relationship to landscape. In the niche genre of Mountain Literature, the journey of self-exploration and the psychology of extreme endeavours are as much a focus as the physical accomplishments involved, and there is a strong emphasis on literary quality and development of narrative. 

Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2024


The Adventure Filmmakers Workshop is an exceptional chance for independent and emerging filmmakers to advance their skills under the guidance of two of the world’s premier and proven adventure filmmakers. During a jam-packed 10 days in the fall, participants will hone their craft, strengthen their skills, and network and mingle with fellow filmmakers, industry insiders, and decision-makers. 

This all takes place within the core of the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, where epic stories are told through the eyes of adventurers, authors, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe. 

Write Over Here: Indigenous Screenwriting Residency 2025


Write Over Here is a screenwriting residency where dedicated Indigenous writers are invited to engage with faculty to support the development of their scripts for feature or short films, series and narratives. Participants will meet with the faculty team for both group gatherings and one-on-one sessions; online in Week 1 and in-person for Weeks 2 - 4.

Banff Artist in Residence: Early Career 2025

Banff Artist in Residence (BAiR): Early Career 2025 is an immersive program of studio practice, creative exploration, critical feedback and mentorship, for visual artists of all ages, in the early stages of their careers.

Open to visual artists working across mediums, Early Career BAiR 2025 combines the artistic freedom of a self-directed residency with the supportive benefits of an organized program. As well as having the space to create, research, and experiment, participants are part of a community of emerging artists committed to developing and expanding their practice.

Banff Musicians in Residence Winter 2025

This program provides space and focused time for musicians of all genres to concentrate on artistic development while working on projects that can be either individually or group/ensemble based. You may be working in your established genre(s), or exploring a new one.

Along with the freedom to structure your time around the needs of your project, you will receive artistic inspiration and career advice from well-established faculty. You will have access to a range of artistic influences across the three weeks with the opportunity for interaction and collaboration to produce outstanding, creative results.

Visual Arts Thematic Residency - The System and Other Universes

We invite artists to retreat to Banff and spend time quietly working alone, looking inward, connecting with the natural world, and engaging with others away from professional stress and pressure.

With a focus on studio practice, artists will be encouraged to reflect on “why” they are making art, for “whom”, and to “what” end? In what ways do market influences and institutional expectations consciously or unconsciously impact our work? How does making art heal or help the world? Visual Arts Thematic Residency – The System and Other Universes welcomes participants to consider new, unique, or radical paradigms for being an artist in shifting, uncertain times.


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