Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2023


The Adventure Filmmakers Workshop is an exceptional chance for independent and emerging filmmakers to advance their skills under the guidance of two of the world’s premier and proven adventure filmmakers. During a jam-packed 10 days in the fall, participants will hone their craft, strengthen their skills, whilst networking with fellow filmmakers, industry insiders, and decision-makers. 

This all takes place within the core of the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, where epic stories are told through the eyes of adventurers, authors, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe.

What does the program offer?

Opera in the 21st Century 2023

Opera at Banff Centre is a performance-based, collaborative training experience for emerging opera professionals that truly challenges the conventions of opera performance, production, and design. The focus is to develop early career opera professionals with the skills and experience to take them to the next level of their careers in an evolving industry.

In 2023, Banff Centre is excited to announce multi-disciplinary programs, one of them taking place at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa for Module 1 and all culminating in an additional 3 weeks of programming at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity for Module 2.

Opera in the 21st Century: Don Giovanni Singers, Director, & Repetiteur

Visual Arts: Banff Artist in Residence - Summer 2023

The Banff Artist in Residence program is designed for visual artists to focus on their practice in a supportive learning environment. Participants are encouraged to self-direct their research and time, as well as cultivate new directions in their work. The experience of artists in residence is further supported through individual studio visits with guest faculty and dialogue amongst peers.

The program encourages experimentation and risk-taking via access to shared production facilities and knowledgeable staff who are available to provide technical support and assistance.

Evolution: Chamber - Quartets, Piano Trios + Composers


Evolution: Chamber - Quartets, Piano Trios + Composers offers early-career quartets, piano trios, and composers the opportunity to explore the lineage of the string quartet and piano trio, both as historical genres and as new and invigorated practices in the early 21st century - from Haydn, to new music created by the program’s faculty and participant composers. This highly specialized program provides you with the opportunity to enrich your approaches to interpretation, performance practice, and composition. Working with internationally celebrated faculty in a unique educational environment, ensembles are able to hone their craft, identify gaps, and reconsider priorities as you work towards cultivating artistic attributes that define your ensemble. 

Evolution: Classical 2023


Evolution: Classical is a program for classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists interested in artistic development.  You will discover and cultivate new and authentic approaches to program curation, and hone the skills required to build an impactful and engaging artistic practice. The program provides a supportive, inclusive and inspiring environment for those working in both traditional ensembles and non-traditional collaborative entities.

Emerging Writers Residency: Poetry 2023

This two-week writing program supports new writers in poetry at varying levels of accomplishment, from not-yet-published writers to those with one published book. In this workshop-based residency, you will work closely with our faculty, Suzanne Zelazo, Sharanpal Ruprai, and professional guest Helen Hajnoczky, to expand your practice and focus on improving writing skills.


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