We are thrilled to announce the second edition of ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2023, an incredible opportunity for visual artists to show their artwork in public spaces and get in touch with a broad audience and other art professionals.

ONBOARDS BIENNALE 2023, entitled “In Touch,” is now accepting applications from artists worldwide. The Biennale will be held from June 12th to July 10th, 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium, and will feature 2 X 100 artworks, displayed on the city’s billboards. During the exhibition, the artworks will be showcased in two locations; On the first location from June 12th till June 26th and on the second location from June 26th till July 10th.

International FiKVA Award for painters 2023


The FiKVA Foundation announces its 2d international contest for representational & figurative painters. This competition aims to encourage and support artists financially and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their best work online.
Enter the paintings produced the last two years you are most proud of, and you could win up to €5000 in cash and other prizes!      

The International FiKVA Award for painters is a global online competition, open to all artists 18 years of age or older. The FiKVA Award welcomes entries in all genres: hyperrealism, photorealism, classical and modern realism, surrealism, and imaginative realism – as long as the artwork reads as representational and not stylized or abstract.


For our upcoming group exhibition, K.L.8 is looking for visual artists whose work actively reflects on the concept of ‘value’ in art. In what sense can you say that an artwork possesses worth? And does this need to be limited to monetary and material value, or can art have other kinds of value, such as social value, spiritual value, emotional value, ...?

Art on Loop in Brussels


Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for our ART ON LOOP EUROPE show. You are welcome to submit works in any medium. (painting, photography, printmaking, video art, installation, films, sculpting, mixed media, poems, illustration, etc). The theme of the exhibition is OPEN.

Any artwork that is digital by nature, such as digital illustration, digital photography or video art can simply be submitted as is.

For physical art works such as canvases, sculptures etc, we will be requiring either photo or video documentation of them.

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work.

Tenth International art exhibition 'The Enchanted Garden'

Dear professional artist,


For the TENTH time, Tone Aanderaa and Ignace Clarysse are organising the festive international art exhibition 'The Enchanted Garden' during the summer months of 2023 in a natural, water-rich landscape garden full of surprises. It is located in Belgium halfway between Brussels, Liège and Namur and on the RAVEL tourist cycle path connecting Leuven, Tienen, Hoegaarden, Jodoigne and Namur. More information about past exhibitions can be found on our website


The Enchanted Garden 10th anniversary

'The Enchanted Garden 2023' is an international art exhibition in a structured, natural landscape garden full of water and contrasts. It is located on the language border, between Jodoigne, Hoegaarden and Tienen, halfway between Brussels, Liège and Namur and on the 'RAVEL' cycle route connecting Tienen, Hoegaarden with Jodoigne and Namur.

In 2023 we're organising it for the tenth time! Many celebrations are planned.

The 2023 (work in process) theme 'Movements' express all type of (e)motions, e.g. physical as in wind, water and animated sculptures, (e)motions suggested in artworks as sculptures of moving humans, animals. Sculptures that combine different materials are highly recommended, e.g. glass combined with metal, bronze combined with ceramics, ... 


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