Exercising Modernity Academy 2022

Exercising Modernity Academy is a project for intellectual and artistic exchange, focused on describing the Polish share in modern heritage in a new, interdisciplinary way as well as in an international context. The project aims to highlight modern ideas in a broader sense by tracing modernization practices in Europe and beyond, as well as by following the establishment of modern societies and modern states. Nevertheless, we pay special attention to culture, and more specifically to architecture, which we consider a unique field of various intersecting perspectives, ambitions, concerns and hopes relevant in the formation of the 20th century world.

When did the fairytales change

We'd like to suggest you participate in an open call on the topic of Fairytales. Most likely no matter in what culture we rose, we were all told or read stories and fairytales from early childhood. They influenced us, they shaped us from the very beginning.
We suggest you think about what place fairytales have in our lives now. Are they something kind and warm that helps us get through the ever-worsening times? Or maybe they get crueler and crueler as we get older and more hard-hearted? Or maybe this word changed its meaning completely over the years and decades?

The exhibition will run from July 15th to July 20th. The deadline for application is July 9th.

Type of art:

Surreal reality

We'd like to suggest you apply to our open call. Your artwork can be displayed in a small venue in Berlin, in the heart of a hip district Friedrichshain.

The topic states "Surreal Reality". What is it for you? Maybe it looks familiar to what we know, but some details make it weird? Or maybe it is a micro-world that is far from what we see every day? Or it is an imaginary world full of creatures beyound "normality"?

STUDIO2 Autumn Residency

From 23 October to 5 November 2022, STUDIO2 of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) will once again be hosting an artistic research residency on its premises. The residency is aimed at individual artists or collective groups of up to 5 artists from the field of dance, performing arts, and performance (also interdisciplinary). It will enable open-artistic research on a self-selected theme.

TRANSITION – International Open Call for analogue photography

Fotogalerie Friedrichshain and analogueNOW! are pleased to announce their first curatorial collaboration, and invite film photographers and artists working with analogue techniques to participate in their upcoming international group exhibition on the theme « Transition ».

"Out of Wounds: Art Uncovering Gender Violence"

Gender violence is a direct correlation to gender inequality; a social issue deriving from gender norms, and distinctions or assumptions made on biology. Gender violence includes sexual assault, rape, partner violence, sexual harassment, stalking, sex trafficking, and prostitution. Many people around the world experience a form of gender violence, with the majority being women.

 “Out of Wounds: Art Uncovering Gender Violence,” is a platform to allow those who have, or have known someone who has experienced gender violence, to artistically express themselves and their views.  We encourage you to join us on this journey to gender equality, which aims to use art to uncover the multiple forms the patriarchal system uses to oppress women.


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