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BBA Artist Prize 2021





Kicking open doors for artists - one Artist Prize at a time

BBA Gallery is proud to provide a stage for emerging artists and hidden talents with the BBA Artist Prize 2021. For the 5th consecutive year, we put all our passion and expertise into scouting promising talents and giving them and their work access to a broad public. Why? Because we believe that all artists deserve the opportunity to be seen and recognised (and some even awarded) for their artistry - No matter what their discipline, where they are from or who they know.

To ensure a high standard and an unbiased evaluation, a jury of experts will determine which applicants get featured as part of the longlist, whose works will be on show at the group exhibition of the shortlist during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2021 and which artists ultimately get awarded with 1 of the 3 prizes.

Application phase 1 ‘Early bird’

17 January 2021 (midnight CET)

Out of all applications we receive during phase 1, we will select 10 artists for the longlist. Apply early and secure one of the first positions on the longlist! You will be notified until January 30th and we will already start promoting you in February 2021.

Application phase 2

18 January - 15 March 2021 (midnight CET)

Out of all applications we receive during Phase 2 we will select 20 artists for the longlist. You will be notified until March 30th and promoted throughout April 2021

Shortlist exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin

Kühlhaus Berlin is one of the city’s most favoured venues for cultural events. The successful blend of industrial architecture and modern influences make the heritage building in the heart of Berlin the ideal location for an art exhibition.

The BBA Artist Prize 2021 exhibition is showing on the 5th floor of the building, which offers the following:

  • Exhibiting space of over 600 m2
  • Lift entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • WC facilities

The vast space allows for the presentation of about a dozen artists and a variety of media – from video art, installed projections, time-based media through to sculptural works. Brick walls alternate with a classic white cube style – so that paintings, photography and print works each find a perfect spot.

Prizes Details: 

1st Prize
Solo show at BBA Gallery in 2022
Cash prize 1000 €
Artsy profile

2nd Prize
Artsy profile + online solo show
Cash prize 500 €

3rd Prize
Artsy profile + online solo show
Cash prize 300 €


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Call for Ideas - Forecast





The call for ideas for Forecast’s sixth edition is now open!

Artistic practitioners and cultural producers working in all creative fields, anywhere in the world, are encouraged to apply with projects that could benefit from the expertise of one of this edition’s mentors and their unique approach to material and knowledge production.

For each edition, Forecast selects six different mentors, all accomplished in their respective fields. The mentors in Forecast’s 2021–22 edition engage with practices which question fixed notions and challenge the status quo. In the current climate, Forecast seeks to define audacious paths forward rather than focus on mere survival or resilience.

Apply to work with one of the following mentors: architect Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico); digital policy expert Francesca Bria (Italy); experimental singer and composer Sofia Jernberg (Sweden); cartoonist Ulli Lust (Austria); choreographer Mathilde Monnier (France); and artist Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria). Find out more about each mentor’s field of expertise and what they are looking for in a potential mentee on our website.

The deadline for applications is 11:59pm CET on Sunday, February 28. The selection process is two-tiered. First, the mentors carefully review all proposals and invite three candidates each to workshop with the mentor and present their ideas at the Forecast Forum in Berlin, taking place in July 2021. Nominees receive an artist fee to present at the Forum. Following the Forum, nominees will get several weeks to fine-tune their proposals based on the exchanges with their respective mentor, and submit the revised version by August 27, 2021. On September 1, each mentor will select one mentee.

All six mentees will receive a production budget and a licensing and artist fee, and will have several months to produce their projects with the mentor’s support. In addition to ongoing exchanges, this period also includes a one-on-one work-stay with the mentor at an international partner institution.

The final productions will be presented to the public at the Forecast Festival in April 2022. The Forum and the Festival both take place at radialsystem, Berlin.

Forecast can only accept applications submitted in English via the online application form. Please consult the FAQ and Guidelines sections on our website for more details before applying. 


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Beuys for Future





International Exhibition

26.3.2021 – 4.6.2021

The German artist Joseph Beuys, important today for sustainable art, would have celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2021. Our project “Group Global 3000” is an embodiment his concept of the “social sculpture”. With the art we exhibit, its worldwide appeal, our togetherness and our ecological and economic practice, we want to stimulate the discourse for a sustainable world.

For Documenta 7, Joseph Beuys planted a total of 7,000 oak trees in Kassel, Germany, between 1982 and 1987. Commenting on his ecological artwork “Art-Nature-Culture” planned for Hamburg during this time, Beuys said, “The destruction is there, it has already progressed so far that it seems to many scientists to be irreparable.” Today, the Fridays For Future movement urges us to take scientists seriously.

We see his phrase “Everyone is an artist” as empowering people to create their future in a sustainable way. The power of Beuys can help us today to solve our global, existential climate crisis: We are inspired by his credibility, his interest in ecology, and his political society-changing action art.

We call on artists to join his perspective and submit works that address the climate crisis and the Sustainable Goals of the UN in the spirit of Joseph Beuys and address a sustainable future.

Open Call

Application deadline 14.2.2021

In an open call, we invite artists world-wide to submit contributions to the theme described above for a group exhibition in our exhibition space.

Disciplines: Object, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, video, sound is also possible. A performative contribution such as performance, VJ or similar for the vernissage, artist talk or finissage is desired.

Since the Corona crisis still requires restrictions, we will adjust the exhibition organization and program accordingly. We are planning analog and digitally, with a commented video tour, an online gallery, open video events.

Artists whose works do not conceptually address the announced theme will not be considered.

International works: We gladly accept letters and videos. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept packages from abroad. The processing effort, shipping costs, transit times and the difficulty of timely delivery in Berlin are simply too great.

We offer: Exhibition space with equipment, bar, advertising by e-mail, various websites and social media as well as web and print flyers, presentation of work texts, the lecture, and documentation.

We do not take any fee for application, exhibition, etc. We are an independent, self-organized artist-run space and work on a voluntary basis. For artworks sent by post, we ask that senders include the return postage. Unfortunately, there is no budget for production, further technical equipment, transport or insurance (the room is lockable). We look forward to a good working relationship and agreement to the rules (gg3 rules regeln 2020) of cooperation.

Individual artists or artist groups can apply online.

Presence: The presence of regional artists is desired for the vernissage and the artist talk as is hosting the gallery during opening hours on one day during the exhibition. (Due to COVID-restrictions, this is currently not applicable.)

Click here for the online application form

Q and A Calls for applications GG3

Q: Is there a way to review my submission to confirm that it was submitted correctly?
A: This is not necessary if the submission was accepted and you received a confirmation email.

Q: Would you recommend submitting only new artwork applications, and if so, will this affect my application?
A: No, it doesn’t matter. What matters is a strong connection to the announced theme and artistic quality.

Q: I am unable to upload the CV and exhibition list.
A: Only pdf and doc formats are accepted, max 10 MB. No docx or odt!

Q: I made a mistake, can I correct my application?
A: No problem, we will make correction for all works accepted.

Q: How do I submit multiple works?
A: Close the first application and reopen the form.

Q: Is it still possible to send you an application by e-mail?
A: It is no longer possible to send an application by e-mail due to the workload of the jury.

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick


Vernissage. 26.3.2021

Artist talk 9.4.

Lecture ca. 23.4.

Workshop 11.5. for artists “Living sustainability in work, material and everyday life” How far do we want and manage to live sustainability?

Finissage 4.6.


53rd exhibition , Curator Tom Albrecht.


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Connections - Take part in a photography exhibition in Berlin!




The selected artists will take part in a collective exhibition at the gallery « KlanGalerie » in Berlin in April 2021.




For this new exhibition, we invite artists to show how their photographic practice can express the notion of ‘Connection‘ - by definition, a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else. This concept is omnipresent in our lives, as connections between people, places, times, objects, ideas or energies can be found at so many different levels.

The idea of connectedness can be associated with globalization, the boom of digitalization or the development of technologies and means of transportation, or it can be seen as the result of successful networking and cooperation. ‘Connection‘ is also a fundamental pillar of one’s well-being and spiritual life. The relationship with others and the world contributes to shaping our identities and plays an important role in our sense of belonging to a place or a community. This feeling can lead to a deep understanding and awareness of the interconnectedness of everything. Environmentally, socially, economically – any way you look at it, we all are individual parts of a greater whole.

How do you define ‘Connection’ and what does it mean to you? Is this feeling of being connected to yourself and to others the key to a meaningful life? How does photography relate to this concept? Does the photographic medium, which by definition creates a connection with a different time and space, have the power to take you to another dimension?

All approaches to the subject are welcome, we look forward to discovering how your work can open up new perspectives on this topic!


Application deadline: 5th of February, 2021.


© image by Cian Burke, from the series "Rectangular Universe".

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Artist in Residence Program





The application period for SomoS Berlin Residence Program 2021 is now open. Inquiries for specific periods are welcome and residents will be accepted on a rolling basis. Visiting Researchers/Academics/Writers slots are minimally 1 month; artists slots minimally 3 months. 

SomoS Art House Berlin offers three types of Residency Programs for Artists, Curators, and Researchers

– Artist in Residence Program (rolling applications, minimum three month duration)

– Curatorial Residency (rolling applications, minimum three month duration)

– Visiting Researcher Program (rolling applications, minimum one month duration)

– Virtual Residency (rolling applications, minimum three month duration)

SomoS’ mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation. SomoS closely works with artists, organizers, and curators to realize their projects. Agility, urgency, flexibility, and high frequency are inherent features of SomoS' vision and practice.

SomoS’ Artist in Residence Program offers cultivated, supportive, and stimulating surroundings to international visiting artists, curators and researchers wishing to realize a specific project in Berlin. The residency is focused on production, experience, critical discourse, networking, and local participation. 

Participants will become part of a thriving artistic community with an active exhibition and event program during their stay at SomoS, and will easily and swiftly become well-acquainted with the creative, networked city that is Berlin.

Residents will meet regularly with SomoS curators to discuss and review their progress towards completing their project, and will benefit from peer-to-peer feedback.

Deadline: applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis

Interested artists/curators/researchers are advised to seek funding well in advance from sponsors/subsidizing organizations. If selected for a residency, we will provide you with an official letter of intent to meet the requirements of grant or funding applications.

Application fee: none.

To help artists in these difficult times, we now offer new discounts. Please visit our website or contact SomoS for further information.

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Exercising Modernity Academy 2021 - We were/are the Future







We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming third edition of the Exercising Modernity Academy, Polish-German-Israeli cooperation that aims at a critical reflection on the legacy of modernity and offers young artists and humanities scholars the opportunity to exchange views on the culture and history of the 20th century. Participants must be citizens of or reside in respective countries.

The Academy is organised by the Pilecki Institute Berlin, in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and the Liebling Haus – White City Center in Tel Aviv. Usually the Academy takes place in all three countries, but this year, due to the pandemic, we decided to divide it into two parts – the first part is going to take place online in January and February 2021 and will focus on the theoretical introduction to the topic; the second part (if the pandemic allows) is going to take place in spring/summer 2021 and will include travel and study visits. Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

The theme of the next edition of the Academy is "We were/are the Future". The online programme is divided into three thematic sections: New Ideas and Visions, New Art for a New Life, New State and Society. The sections aim to look at different levels of the idea of the future and the "new", in relation to classical modernism and the present day: the historical-cultural level, the level of arts and architecture, and the social-institutional level.

Further information on the academy and the application procedure can be found on our website.

The extended application deadline is 31.12.2020. Participation in the programme is free of charge.

We are looking forward to your applications.


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