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New Artist 2020 (1 artist – 2 months)






New Artist 2020

1 artist – 2 months – 1 work exhibited – 3 works in deposit

The red03 Art Gallery invites artists to present 4 works for possible inclusion in the next exhibition:

The gallery offers artists an opportunity to submit individually, on the basis of partnership, and shared responsibility.

The collective exhibition Colectiva 2020  be held in Barcelona from February 22 to  April 19, 2020.


Conditions for participation

The call is open to all visual artists, (2D).

Each author may participate by sending e-mail up to four works of visual art for exhibition at the gallery. (One exhibit and three in deposit, to be hung at any time)

Of all the works presented, the gallery will select the artist and their pieces to be exhibited in the gallery red03, located at c / Cremat Gran 9, 08003 Barcelona (next to the Picasso Museum).

About the works:

The size of works for exhibition at the gallery will be up to 50cm in the horizontal. The works should be produced. Notified after their selection, the artist will be responsible for sending the work to the gallery address and its subsequent collection.

To be considerer, works to be sent by e-mail until February 7, 2020 with the subject: Open call new artist, to:

In an attached document shall be entered the author’s full name, identity, nationality, address, phone, email, title of work, technique, selling price (We ask 50% commission from the sold works).

The author of selected works by the gallery allows their works to be exhibited, published and / or used as part of cultural and promote activities, specifying in each case the title and author name.

Deadline for work submission by email: until February 7, 2020
Deadline for registration February7.
The selected works will be exhibited from February 22 to  April 19, in red03 Gallery of Barcelona, c / Cremat Gran 9, 08003 Barcelona.
Return of unsold artwork: to be picked up from the gallery before April 30, date from which, will be considered available to the gallery.

Application fee: 20 € for 4 work

Payment: via PayPal 

Exhibition on-line:
Work for the virtual exhibition will be images in jpg files, weighing not more than 200Kb, and a maximum size of 1000 pixels on its longest side, 72 dpi.
the image shall be sent:

The author of the works sent to the gallery, with the act of sending authorize that they be displayed on-line and claim to be the holder of the relevant copyright.

We will do an extensive promotion of the exhibition on our web site, social media, offering the works to a huge global audience and will still be selling your art on our site until 3 months after your exhibition is over (negotiable).

We will make a catalogue of the exhibition. The catalogue will outlive the exhibition.

Any other issue not covered in the Basis of Participation will be determined by the organizers.


– up to 4 works, 2D
– registration form
– payment

The competition will be tough, since we will only choose one artist!



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Artistic Residency Program - OPEN CALL 2020





AADK Spain invites to participate in its Artistic Residency Program, aimed at artists and researchers of all disciplines that wish to work on the notions of body, territory and / or spatiality.

For this call, priority will be given to proposals that focus on thinking about the territory from an ecological perspective. Projects of ephemeral or permanent interventions that address the concepts of landscape memory and terrain anthropology will be of special interest.

For those intending to work with the Blanca community, please bear in mind that projects of less than two months will not be accepted. The ability of artists to establish respectful relationships with the inhabitants and to be willing to trial and error will be fundamental.

Also, research projects with a theoretical approach are welcome to apply for this call, as long as they are based on specific cases or objects of study.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

red03 Art Gallery





In Barcelona, ​​in the El Born neighborhood, in front of the Picasso Museum, there is a different cultural space in the area.
Since its inauguration in September 2006, red03 is not just a gallery, but an alternative space for dissemination and exhibition, where art becomes part of everyday life.

We promote a new perspective of art, within conscious consumption.
Each work has been designed and created by human beings, artists who work to add value to the world we inhabit.

We propose the possibility of showing, buying and selling art in an ethical way and consistent with our social commitment.
We seek decent work conditions.
We offer pieces made in the most responsible way possible, because we work taking care of and improving our environment.

Created and directed by the artist Marcela Jardón, the red03 arose as a result of the meeting of different artists and artisans. The name is as much for a network of creators as for the red of the passion they put into their works.

We currently offer a selection of objects from national and international artists, with strong ties to Barcelona, ​​the city where they have lived or currently live.

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Auditions Open for the Professional Development Program in Contemporary Dance at 360GRADOS Danza.






Auditions Now Open for the Professional Development Program in Contemporary Dance for the Academic Year 2019-2020 at 360GRAdOS Danza.

Where: 360GRADOS Danza Centre de Formació, Carrer de l’Oblit 56, Barcelona, Spain.

When: At any time previous arrangement of an appointment or by email

360GRADOS Dance offers a Professional Dance Development Program in Contemporary Dance. The Centre of Formació promotes personal artistic growth through the reinforcement and the required preparation for the whole development of a dancer. The study program and methodology strengthen the technical base of Contemporary dance, supported on the Classical dance technique, Physical Conditioning for Dancers (ACB) and other complementary subjects as essential tools in the FULL training of contemporary dancers. In addition, it enhances the interpretative essence and forges a creative character, thus achieving the formation of high-level dancers, versatile and prepared to face the professional field, recognizing the diversity of contemporary dance today.
We are committed to the learning construction process that emphasizes the discipline, constancy and effort required by this artistic field reinforced by the motivation and love to this vocation. Our educational-artistic project focuses on developing the maximum potential of each student, with a program of intensive work, particular and exclusive to the needs of each member, thus forming dancers with high artistic potential.


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