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OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS / July - September 2019






PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig / Germany

July – September 2019


"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Europe's boomtown Leipzig, Germany. The independent project is organized by artists with a transdisciplinary background between art, theory & diverse sciences with the aim to support and boost artistic experience.


The project invites within the “International Residency Program” selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m² communally used, fully remodeled space for a period of three months, with 24h studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend. We maintain engagements with several partners, and by introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies and embraces a trans-disciplinary ethos, aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around eleven international artists working in the space and two local participants participating on our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital in fostering an independent position in one's work while binding the individuals temporarily within the group, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over.


Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters.We’re looking for artists to participate on our program in the 40th round during from July – September 2019 until 30.09.18.


Term: July – September 2019

Application Deadline: 30.09.18


Round July – Sept.: 2019: 30.09.18
Round Oct. – Dec. 2019: 31.12.18

Round Jan. – March 2020: 30.03.19

Round April – June 2020: 30.06.19



Our “International Residence Program” fuses the use of studio space with internal and external program activities. The Studio space consists of:


one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.) + usage of the workshop equipment

approximately eleven artists per month working in the space

furnished shared used tea kitchen

costs / participation fee: 450,00 EUR* / month, per artist with an additional

basic fee (to deposit): 450,00 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program, not refundable, refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts)

the fee covers the studio & the participation cost

travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional


*The fee includes the partial-stipend of 350,00 EUR from “PILOTENKUECHE”, with directly subsidizes the full program fee of 800,00 EUR.


Living accomodation is additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. The Program activities consists of studio visits, museum tours, scheduled art critiques, an art talk by our residents, as well as one preview show and one final group exhibition.



Participating artists are expected to participate with the program objectives, to contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to work with others. In exchange for the partial stipend, artists are expected to leave a donation of one or two art works.




Who can apply?

Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, videoart, sculpture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, net art etc.) are invited to send us an application.


How to apply?

Please send us an E-mail which should include:

a short CV with full official adress

an artist statement

representative number of examples of your work and (if existing) a link to your website

Application Form

Please visit our website before you apply to download the forms and for more information.



Project Proposal




You fabulous artists and talented curators can apply to see your work exhibited in European Countries...

Open the independent artists and curators from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and media !

Catch up this opportunity for showing your talent ! 
Proud partner of Artness Contemporary artsmagazine is ready to publish and support your exhibition programs for service to all around.

Please send your proposal and cv directly to and share application fee : 15USD for completing your application !

PayPal :

Fee Detail: 

Artness System Online Exhibition




Artness Group gives opportunity to independent artists more visible and sharing to global art market networking. Artists are welcome to submit their 10 images of works in all mediums to catch up this opportunity !


How to Apply?

Please fill the application form :

Send your proposal for selecting by jury ( 10-20 images of works ) directly to

Enjoy the sharing your talent worldwide ! 

Contact Information: 

Diana Fernandez

Art Manager


Artness Group Online Exhibition Program




Artness Group gives opportunity to independent artists more visible and sharing to global art market networking. Artists are welcome to submit their 10 images of works in all mediums to catch up this opportunity !


How to Apply?

Please fill the application form :

Send your proposal for selecting by jury ( 10-20 images of works ) directly to

Enjoy the sharing your talent worldwide ! 

Fee Detail: 
75 euros per week

Artness Contemporary Cover Contest




ARTNESS CONTEMPORARY is pleased to announced an open call for the next issue !

Eligibility : Artists are welcome to submit in any medium from all over for promoting their work on cover of Artness Contemporary.
Deadline : August 15.
Application fee : Non- refundable 7USD via Paypal directly to
Application : In the email subject of ‘’COVER CONTEST’’ directly to with 1-3 images of work/works.

Artness Contemporary Magazine by Artness Group is an independent international print and online publication dedicated to showcasing and promoting experimental and progressive art. Also includes many opportunity for art studios, galleries, fundraiser, artists, designers and fashion brands and more.

Fee Detail: 

Open Call for LGBTQ* FilmMakers for Cinema Conversación




Basic Information:

Deadline: August 10, 2018 (23:59)

Application fee: None

Cinema Conversación aims to bring the audience in direct dialogue with artists and filmmakers, thus creating a platform where thoughts and experiences can be shared freely and where the usual separation between spectator and artist is lifted. Thus, the format of the programme is constituted by a presentation of the given work that is followed by an open discussion between the artist(s) and the audience. Moreover, Cinema Conversación is deliberately focusing on LGBTQ* experiences or aesthetics and would like to facilitate an ongoing discussion about feelings, desires, issues, goals, and social, political, and artistic positions of LGBTQI* individuals and communities. 

Eligibility: artists working in any medium based in moving images (film, video, virtual reality, internet art, media art, expanded cinema, film performance, live cinema, multi-channel projection, video/film installation etc.) and dealing with themes of LGBTQ* lives and experiences.

Timeframe: monthly, starting from September 2018.
For work to be presented in 2018 you must submit it to us by August 10, 2018. 

Language: the format of Cinema Conversación includes the presentation of the given work(s) and a discussion of the work with the audience. For reasons of inclusivity and due to the international profile of the program the presentations and discussions will be in English, therefore it is important that in case your work is in another language (if it uses language at all) also add/include English subtitles. Applications should be in English as well.

The Call:

For the Cinema Conversación event-series the SomoS curatorial team is calling for submissions for LGBTQ* moving image-based projects.

Besides the thematic focus, Cinema Conversación is also a platform to challenge and question the rigid boundaries of film and cinema, to expand on the idea of what the cinematic arts could mean, and to experiment with the wide range of genres and artistic practices involved in moving image-based productions. Cinema Conversación would particularly like to be an open platform for young and emerging talent who could bring unique and fresh perspectives to our discussion.

Cinema Conversación will be a monthly program of moving image-based arts, starting in September 2018.

We are happy to welcome artists and filmmakers from around the globe, but please be aware that for the presentation of your work you need to be available in Berlin, Germany, and currently SomoS Art House is not able to cover your traveling costs. We can only consider finished projects, however, for the application, an excerpt(s) can be sufficient. An artist portfolio (including information about previous works and projects with visual support) and a short motivation is also a key component of your application.

Selected artists/filmmakers/performers will be invited to present their work(s) based on their availability as part of the Cinema Conversación programme in SomoS Art House, Berlin.


Fee Detail: 


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