Artist Open Call | Embrace a surreal adventure in the heart of Rome

Embrace a surreal adventure with Rome Art Experience’s Open Call, where reality and the surreal come together. You have until May 10th to be a part of this extraordinary journey. We will stick our augmented reality stickers in the places you prefer, any place in Rome can be picked up. Everyone can scan the QRcode and see your artwork. 

What will you get? 
You will get the pdf of the sticker with working Qr code so you can print it.

Workshop Online: Everything you need to know about curating and organising an exhibition or a pavilion at the (Venice) Biennale.

What is necessary to know about permissions, promotion, funding and more…to make a successful event.

01.07 – 24.07.2024

Deadline: 15 June 2024

The Venice Biennale is a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition. In early May, thousands of art-world denizens descend in the city for the opening of a new edition of the Biennale, the closely watched pageant of contemporary art that has been running—with a few interruptions—since 1895. The Biennale is arguably the most prestigious exhibition in the world, filled with history and also cloaked in myth.

Villa Filanda Antonini Open Call 2024

Villa Filanda Antonini (VFA) Announces VFA Open Call 2024 for Artist Residency Supported by Culture Moves Europe.

Villorba, Italy - April 2, 2024 - Villa Filanda Antonini is excited to announce the VFA Open Call 2024, offering a unique opportunity for European artists to immerse themselves in a multidisciplinary artist residency experience at the striking setting of the Former Spinning Mill of Lancenigo. This initiative is supported by the not-for-profit Arper Feltrin Foundation and funded entirely by the Culture Moves Europe program, an initiative promoted by the European Union and implemented by the Goethe-Institut.


Aperte le iscrizioni alla 3^ edizione del CeSDAS. Quattro settimane e una masterclass, organizzate in collaborazione con docenti e performer internazionali.
Richiesta buona padronanza della lingua inglese per la partecipazione ai primi tre workshop.
Scopri il calendario e iscriviti a uno o a più eventi, inviando il tuo CV e una lettera motivazionale utilizzando il contact form presente nel nostro portale all'indirizzo

Cinematics Pictures


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. December 2024


The works collected thanks to this call will put into evidence the most intrinsic meaning of the photographic medium within the cinematic narrative/visual scene.

Fragments and extrapolations of contexts, settings, characters, details etc. which highlight the aesthetic value of a narration or place emphasis on the salient features of a story.


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