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Artrooms Fair Roma 2019. CALL DEADLINE EXTENDED!





Artrooms Fair Roma 2019. CALL DEADLINE EXTENDED!


Don’t miss the chance of free exhibiting space and incredible International exposure.


Artrooms Fair Roma 2019 is calling for independent artists from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and media. 


You can apply for one or more of the following sections: 


Room Art Application Euro 25: Artists exhibit and stay in the hotel rooms for free


Video Art Application Euro 25: selected videos on screen at the Auditorium Cinema Bachelet (550 seats and Dolby Surround 7.1) 


Sculpture Park Application Euro 50:  selected sculptures will be on show for 3 months


Single Work Application Euro 50:  a great opportunity for all artists who can't travel to Italy!  



Artrooms Fair Roma 2019 will take place on 22 - 24 March 2019 at The Church Palace Hotel (Via Aurelia, 481, 00165 Roma RM, Italia).



Deadline is 16th January 2019 at 12:00 pm UK time. 



Benefits when you apply:

Your artworks evaluated by a prestigious Selection Committee made of experts in the art world which changes every edition

Building a following across our social network

Entry into People Choice Award to win a room to exhibit during the Fair

Exposure towards our International Affiliated Galleries

Personal Profile on our online platform

11 HellHeaven Art Gallery Prize consisting in a solo exhibition in Roma


Benefits if Selected:

Free exhibiting space

Free accomodation during the Fair

Selling online platform

Dedicated page on the Fair's Catalogue

Worldwide promotion

One to one meetings with private collectors, galleries and curators

Complimentary tickets for the Private View and Public Openings 

Artrooms Award 


Contact & Links: 

Bellanda Suite IV






For the experimental dance festival Bellanda Suite IV, Bellanda Company in collaboration with Ce.ri.da., A. Artisti Associati di  Gorizia and e.r.t. has decided to issue an open call to select short coreographic pieces by Italian and European performers who want to compete and show their own perspective during a night of dance where several “suites” will take place. Bellanda Suite Festival IV is part of the Friuli Venezia Giulia dance circuit and the night, scheduled for Saturday 25 May 2019, will be held in the Cormons theatre.

The call requires the selection of minimum 2/maximum 5 performances (solos/duos/groups). The chosen performances will be added to the list of performers for the evening, and will perform on the same stage as Petrillo and Bertoni/Abbondanza.

Duration required: minimum 5, maximum 30 minutes.

The Festival, aiming at contamination and experimentation with a Hip Hop dance matrix, seeks performances as much experimental but with the fundamental characteristic of being physical,active and vigorous.

Selections will be made via video submission and you must send the following documents:

1) A brief description of the coreographic piece to be performed.

2) A video link of the performance

The winners will be asked to send the technical sheet and promotion material in a second time.


The required documents must be sent to the following email address by the 31/03/2019.

The results of the selections, made by A.Artisti Associati with Belland Company, will be communicated exclusively to the winners via email by the 10/04/2019 and will be published on the Bellanda and A.Artisti Associati Facebook page. Photos and videos submitted will not be returned to applicants and will only be used for the marketing and promotion of the event itself. 

Entering the selections is free and the winners will receive board and lodging.

Travel expenses will not be covered.

To benefit and support the selected projects, a series of actions will be carried out in order to promote the choreographies and the artists

1. Creation of both paper and electronic advertising material

2. Popularization through the press office of the company

3. Social network communication

4. Video material to spread via YouTube. 

Contact & Links: 

Ibrida Festival delle Arti Intermediali








Ibrida, festival of intermedia arts is launching an open call for the 2019 edition.
Ibrida Festival will be held in April 2019 in Forlì (Italy). The festival is particularly focused on videoart, experimental cinema and live performances that have video as an important part of the exhibition. ( Ibrida is about artistic contaminations and works that mix different kinds of mediums. The festival is curated by Vertov Project, art directors Francesca Leoni and Davide Mastrangelo.
- Participating is free of charge.
- Deadline: 10 February 2019
- Each artist may submit up to 3 works, also in different media.
- For submitting, please cut and paste the entry form below attached as a word document wit three screenshots. Please rename the images, by using – your name / title of work / 1,2,3…

- The festival doesn’t pay any fees for the projection of the video.
- For the live performances the festival offers: food and accommodation during festival, travel and expenses support.  Invitation letter, under request.

What we are looking for:


  • Video Art - Experimental Film
  • Performance live ( min25- max 40 minutes)

Video art - Experimental film:  video (duration: min. 1 minute, max. 10 minutes, preferred HD, .mp4 or .mov (H264 codec) – we are looking for videos using the audio-visual medium in an innovative way and that mix different kinds of media.
interactive image – online/offline multimedia – Virtual Reality (resolution up to 1920 X 1080p, preview online)
Live Performance: Performances that interact with videos
Entry form
(please use for each submission a separate form)

Home address:
web site:

medium : video- live performance

Link for preview:
VIMEO or YouTube



Additional information - projects, drawings, links, anything that can support you work - in case of live performance you can send us a list of technical needs.

The submitter declares and confirms that he/she is holding all author’s rights and gives permission to include the submitted work during Ibrida Festival and use images (screenshots, etc) for non-commercial purposes free of charge.

Signed by (submitter)



Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

CRIPTA747 Studio Programme 2019





Deadline January, 7th 2019


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the third edition of Cripta747 Studio Programme’s open call.

From 2017 we have ran a Studio Programme to promote the international mobility, the stay in the town of artists from all over the world and the growth of the city’s cultural fabric.

Again this year, we make available 3 studios to artists, curators and researchers in any field of contemporary culture who want to spend one or two months of work and production in Turin from March to July 2019.

Cripta747 Studio Programme offers a place to work, to experiment, a space where they can take the time to make mistakes and let ideas and intuitions settle down and nourish the artistic practice even without being formalized in a finished work. It brings back the focus on the production process free from the rigid dynamics of the exhibition making.

To apply, visit our website, read the info pdf and fill the application form!

Contact & Links: 

Residency Programme for Fiction Writers and Poets | April-June 2019





A call to challenge cultural and racial stereotypes for authors with links to Africa.

Description of residency program

"Dentro la Terra" will be hosting up to two published fiction writers or poets in April-June 2019 as part of its first residency programme.

The residency will take place in the village of Arielli (+/- 1,100 inhabitants) in the Central-Italian region of Abruzzo, about 15 kilometers from both the Adriatic Sea and the foothills of the Majella mountain. Accomodation and work-spaces are located in a palazzo, which was long owned by wealthy Arielli landowners, with some parts dating back hundreds of years. Stretching out over three floors, it is surrounded by a large garden overlooking a forested valley, offering a lot of privacy and inspiration, while being in the village center. It underwent an extensive renovation in 2018 and is now ready to welcome guests. It is called "Dentro la Terra" in honor of the colloquial expression used by the locals to refer to the historic center.

Duration of residency
The residency is offered for a period of one month, but length can be adapted to the creative needs of the project proposed.  

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency programme is open to authors from any country.

As part of this first open call, preference will be given to projects challenging cultural and racial stereotypes and to authors with personal or artistic links with the African continent. Projects can be realized in any language. Ability to speak Italian is considered an asset. The residency is self-run and will not follow a set programme.

Accommodation and studio/ workspace
Resident(s) will be provided with accomodation and a work space. 

Fees and support
Residence is provided at no fee for the author(s) selected. Living costs and travel expenses are not covered by the grant, but support can be provided to residents' applications for scholarships or other forms of financial support.

Expectations towards the artist
Expectations from residents is to complete the project proposed in their application. Based on relevance for the project proposed, the author(s) can be requested to talk part in a talk or public event.

Application information
In their application, prospective residents will include their resume, a list of published works, a description of their project and the intended duration of their stay. Applicants will explain how the proposed project will impact their own artistic growth, as well as the local host community.

​Based on relevance for the project(s) selected, additional visibility will be provided to the author(s), as well as opportunities to interact with other cultural initiatives. .

​Applications will be received via email in English, French, Italian or German, before 30 January 2019. Selected applicants will receive confirmation of their acceptance by 28 February 2019. 

Contact & Links: 

13. Arte Laguna Prize NEW DEADLINE TO APPLY > 19.12.2018





You still have time to apply to the 13th Arte Laguna Prize! The deadline has been POSTPONED TO DECEMBER 19th, 2018 for all the ten categories.

Arte Laguna Prize is the international contemporary art competition that counts every year thousands of submissions from artists from all over the world. In addition to the cash prizes for the winners of the different sections, the stakes for the finalists are high: the selected works will be exhibited in March in the evocative spaces of the Arsenale of Venice.

The Prize has obtained a medal from the President of the Italian Republic and the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Cultural Heritagel, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the European Institute of Design. This year it counts ten categories: design, painting, sculpture and installation, virtual art, photographic art, digital graphics, video art and short films, performance, urban art, land art.

The other sections of the competition will be evaluated by international art experts selected on the basis of their curriculum and their expertise: Flavio Arensi - director of the museums of Legnano; Filippo Andreatta - Theatre-maker and co-curator of Centrale Fies; Alfonso Femia, architect and founder of AF517; Mattias Givell - co-director of Wanås Konst in Sweden; Eva González-Sancho - co-curator of the first Oslo Biennial in 2019; Simone Pallotta - curator of public and urban art; Richard Noyce - writer, scholar and art critic; Danilo Premoli, architect and designer, member of the Scientific Committee for the final selection of ADI Design Index 2018 and 2019 and for the Compasso d'Oro 2020; Enrico Stefanelli - artistic director of Photolux Festival, Lucca; Alessandra Tiddia - chief curator at Mart Museum of Trento and Rovereto; Vasili Tsereteli - director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Artt; Maxa Zoller – film curator at Art Basel and artistic director of the International Women's Film Festival of Dortmund.

The jury, chaired by the curator Igor Zanti, will select the works of 120 finalist artists from the different categories, which will be exhibited from March 16th to April 7th 2019 at the Arsenale Nord of Venice. Among the works on display the jury will identify six absolute winners who will be awarded with the cash prizes for a total prize money of 42.000€.


Sustainability and Art Prize

Since 2015 Arte Laguna Prize, Corepla (National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages) and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice carry on a prize dedicated to Sustainability and Art, promoting a sensitization of the artistic gesture, of creativity, of design and in general of the visual and performing arts towards the Reuse Recycle Reduce strategies. The Sustainability and Art Prize, worth 3,000 euros, the moral patronage of the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea and for this year is focused on plastic and on plastic packagings, with the support of Corepla.

Artist in Residence Prizes

A program of art residences in Italy and abroad to allow an artistic experience of growth in contact with a new environment or a new culture, to create new works and to participate in new activities in a multicultural environment. The residencies are assigned to nine artists and are: GLO’ART in Belgium; Basu Foundation for the Arts in Kolkata; Espronceda in Barcelona; Farm Cultural Park in Favara, Sicily; Maradiva Cultural Residency, in Mauritius. From this year also Lanificio Paoletti in Treviso, Open Dream again in Treviso, Centrale Fies in Trento and Nuart Festival in Norway have been involved.

Business for Art Prizes

Collaborations with companies meant to connect creativity with the production sector. This year artists will have the chance to use the precious fabrics of Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua of Venice to create a new artwork; win 2.000€ by presenting an artistic proposal designed for the enhancement of the spaces of 47 Anno Domini winery; be awarded with 2.000€ by submitting works or graphic proposals to be applied to the packaging of the confectionery products by Fraccaro Spumadoro or win 2.000€ by presenting to Maglificio Giordano's artworks linked to the fashion world.

Artist in Gallery Prizes

Organization of 4 exhibitions in international Art Galleries, including setting up, vernis-sage and catalogue. The venues are: Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister in Germany; Várfok Galéria in Budapest; Anise Gallery in Londra; Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, United States.

Partecipation in Festivals and Group exhibitions

Selection of 13 artists for participation in collective events in Slovenia at Art Stays Festival, in Beijing with the events organized by Art Nova 100, in Venice with the exhibitionTraVellArt organized by Arte Communication and in Lucca with the participation in Photolux Festival.
Art Platforms and Supporters Prizes

Collaborations with foundations and institutions whose main mission is to promote art and support artists and their careers: the Canadian platform Biafarin, the foundation for the promotion of paste art The Art Spirit Foundation in Connecticut, United States

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