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Go BIG Or Go Home! – Large Works Show at JCO’s Art Haus

A BIG opportunity is knocking. Will you answer? 

What if we bought couches to match our artwork, instead of the other way around? 

What if a painting could redefine the way we think about our homes?  

What if bigger really is better…? 

At JCO’s Art Haus, we think we should; we think it can; and we think it is.  

Our clients are calling for BIG change, and they’re looking for bigger work than ever before. This Fall, JCO’S Art Haus is calling for room-defining art: works must be four feet long or wide, minimum. Let’s make a statement, shall we? 

Everything Good in the World | Affordable Art Show

Silicon Valley art gallery seeks artist for long walks on the beach, passionate conversation over candlelight...

Or rather, we want to show YOUR work at our cult-sensational Affordable Art Show, titled “Everything Good In The World.”

We're looking for landscapes, city scenes, pop art, indoor and outdoor sculpture, florals, abstracts, still life, and so much more. Applications will be accepted in two waves: mid-April, and late-June. Our intention is to keep the gallery feelin’ fresh all summer long. 

Selected artists will meet our curatorial team via Zoom for a “virtual studio visit”. Top-selling Art Show artists will be invited to be represented full-time by our gallery.

RISE: Empower, Change and Action!

Imagine creating positive change through art!

How do we listen, speak our minds, and collaborate across the generations, race, identity and culture? How do we build and empower our future, both locally and globally?

RISE: Empower, Change and Action! seeks to bring artists into dialogue and to bring forth what is important to self, community, our nation and the world at large through art that reflects and addresses complex socio-cultural issues and focuses on a vision for a more positive, empowering future, particularly for self-identified women and girls as well as their families. It is underpinned by the feminist principle that believes in political, economic and social equality for all.

The Very Very Rare Affordable Art Fair

Los Gatos Art Haus seeks creative types for long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and meandering conversations.... 
OR RATHER... We want to show YOUR work in our upcoming AFFORDABLE ART FAIR! 
JCO’S is seeking emerging artists for our upcoming VERY VERY RARE AFFORDABLE ART FAIR: April 26th - April 28th, 2018.

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