Vestige Concept Gallery Presents their winter contemporary exhibition NOËL NOIR.  This show aims to showcase works of art only in black and white from the latest emerging artists.  Works can be from any medium, and should have sales appeal for the holiday season.  The artwork does not have to be representative of any holiday or religion, although it may feature winter imagery, "noir" imagery (ala noir film/photography/mystery/deep contrasts) and/or contain minimalist aspects. If the work has a very small touch of a third or alternate color, this is also acceptable and these works should not be discouraged from applying.

Primal III: The Sacred Triangle

Primal Disposition returns as “Primal III: The Sacred Triangle”.  This show aims to highlight the mystical relationship between numbers and patterns within works of art.  In the laws of form, a third line is necessary to create the first interconnected shape beyond the circle.  Works do not have to exclusively involve triangles but could be invocative of the principles and powers of 3.  This could include religious motifs, ancient relics, sacred geometry, and symbology, the Trinity, dark arts, works that are triptychs, and exploration of three-dimensional work that may challenge the perspective of audiences.

Under The Big Top

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!  Step right up for the grand delight of the summer art season!  Sure to please the eyes and wow the hearts and minds, this wonderous spectacle of the greatest proportions large and small invites the child within us all to enjoy the illusory, the mind bending, the odds and ends of every fringe, and the angel and devil who sits on every shoulder…  Exotic creatures, exotic attractions, and strange curiosities from faraway lands-  the parade of artistic invention and attractions is calling artists to lend their vision to an “Americana carnivale” of high-flying imagination!

Hereafter - Regional Juried Exhibition | Contemporary Craft

Hereafter - Open Call

Craft objects have long been a vehicle for processing and understanding emotions, celebrating life, and invoking memory. For this exhibition, Contemporary Craft invites artists working with craft media, (including but not limited to wood, metal, fiber, glass, ceramic, found object, and paper) to respond to themes of grief, loss, joy, healing, and mourning. Artists may call upon personal experience, investigate cultural and spiritual traditions, or approach the themes from a conceptual perspective.

The (De)evolution of Karen

The De(evolution) of Karen seeks to examine the fundamental question who is Karen? Loved, feared, and misunderstood in the public context, the ubiquitous Karen can be any woman, and every woman. How did Karen get here and what forces led her to a place of special privilege? (Or not?) Taking life (and the manager) by the balls, is Karen really a feminist icon in disguise, or, is she just a self entitled "bitch" that society heaps their spite on?  Are we all just as entitled to her as she feels entitled to take the special attention that she feels she deserves? 

3rd Annual New Appalachia Exhibition w/ Guest Curator

It's that time of the year again!  The 3rd Annual New Appalachia Exhibition seeks to capture the modern, contemporary, and innovative artistic experiences surrounding the Appalachia region and beyond.  This year, the show will be curated by Jeffrey Smith, a benefactor of the arts in the Pittsburgh region for over 20 years, and owner of Jeffrey Smith Salon!


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