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Open Call for 2022 / Artist Residency Program AADK Spain




Dear friends,

In the midst of a global scenario that is still looking for balance, we are filled with enthusiasm for the possibility of releasing this new Open Call. At AADK Spain, we continue working to facilitate spaces for creation and bring our resources closer to those who need time for reflection and experimentation within their artistic practice.
Today, our doors remain open, and we feel strangely and strongly equipped with the experience gained during these odd times.

We believe that all we have experienced during the periods of confinement and social distancing has deeply impacted our idea of ​​what is essential and what is relevant. Without a doubt, these times have also affected our sensory perception: in a matter of a few months, we became aware of the relevance of some of our most forgotten senses. The loss of smell became an indicator of our state of health, the need for bodily contact reminded us about the fragility of our emotional ties.

Touching is essential to our lives — it is estimated that within a day we touch around 150 objects and surfaces. Our contact with other human bodies is significantly less frequent than that, but nevertheless essential for our well-being.
Today, touching is a gesture that invites us to redefine: how do we touch our planet?, how do we connect with other living beings and with our peers?
We invite you to think about touch in all its complexity, reflecting, for example, on what we call textures – in image or sound – as a type of information that comes from a tactile experience.
We consider that, already immersed in this “new normality”, it is essential to reflect on the limitations that have been imposed on touch as well as on our continuous turn towards a virtual world.
Re-discovering our tactile relationship with the world and reactivating our haptic perception – that set of non-visual sensations that an individual experiences to receive information – are the proposals of this call.

We look forward to your applications!
The AADK Spain team


AADK Spain invites all artists and researchers who wish to work on the topics of body, territory and spatiality to participate in its Artistic Residency Program. For this call, priority (not exclusive) will be given proposals that work with the topic of the haptic/tactile through any creative discipline (dance, performance, visual arts, work with new media or any other duly justified approach). Both individual and collective proposals are eligible.

AADK Spain understands residency programs as contextualized spaces where location models the practices and modifies both its participants and the local communities. Thus, our Artistic Residency is an interdisciplinary and socially committed program that offers its attendants a space for analysis and production. It aims to facilitate research in rural environments, highlighting the value of local knowledge as a means to re-think how these locations can position themselves in an era of massive urbanization through a social, historical and geographical perspective.

Throughout their stay, participants create a temporary community that shares experiences and processes, fostering debate and a transversal perspective of their projects. AADK Spain provides tutelage and curatorial follow-up as well as assistance in production and management of projects and Open Studios night on the last Saturday of each month. Additionally, participants are encouraged to keep in touch with us after their residency ends, so that we can promote their work in forthcoming exhibitions curated by our platform as well as in papers, conferences and/or publications.

The amount of participants varies every month, but reaches a maximum of six projects (including individual proposals or duos/collectives).

- Duration: 1-6 months with 2 months being the recommended minimum for the full development of a project. The residency period starts on the first day of the first month and ends on the 30th day of the last month.

- The artists will have access to: accommodation, work space, access to common areas and outdoor space, basic technical equipment, support in production, mentoring and curatorial support, visibility of the artist in the communication channels of AADK Spain.

- Accommodation: private room in a shared house or individual apartment.

- Studio/Workspace:
Centro Negra is the main building of AADK Spain. It serves both as working area and exhibition space. It is located on the slope of a mountain, being reachable only by foot, and stands at the foot of a Moorish castle from the twelfth century.Its architecture is an assembly of small poultry yards and ancient houses that fell into disuse at the beginning of the twentieth century. It still retains many stone walls and mountain ledges.
The current structure is made up of 6 different and interconnected spaces. Each of them is unique in its size and morphology, constituting a set of great versatility and capable of adapting to multiple purposes. Given the morphology of the building, closedworkspaces are not possible. We invite you to take on this challenge as an opportunity to be in touch with the creative processes of other participants.

Prize summary: 
Selected artists can participate in our Artist Residency Program for a period of 1-6 months.
Prizes Details: 

Paid residency opportunity. Please find out about fees in our Terms & Conditions on our website.

Contact & Links: 

Artistic call-out for residency June-November, 2021 in the south of Spain






For our first call-out, we are looking for artists, craftspeople, thinkers and creatives from all different fields to explore the theme: RE:imagine – anything to do with recycling, repurposing, redoing, restarting, etc.

We are purposefully keeping the theme as broad as possible, and encourage you to think as tangentially as possible. We are not looking for the same ol’ works, but instead want to encourage all our visiting creatives to challenge themselves into doing new things and exploring new forms.

We are particularly interested in people who wish to work with found objects and repurpose them, as we have a lot of objects in our junk yard, but we are open to all forms of creations: visual, performative, audible, theoretical, written, etc.

The application is free of charge and should be completed in English.

For more details, please visit

Isla de Crear is a creative centre, combining a range of different disciplines, to explore creating and crafting in a new method, away from commercial constraints or industry guidelines, based on the principles of the Fantasism manifesto. We are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and only ask that you have a keen interest in pro-actively seeking the strange and unique connections, through interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

The centre is located in Úbeda, in the Jaén region of Andalusia, the sunny south of Spain, where the sun is out 300 days of the year, in the middle of the Sea of Olives with no neighbours for miles, but we are by a main road (so it can get quite noisy sometimes), just outside Úbeda, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to a buzzing community of artisan craftspeople and a lot of cultural events, which we are keen for our creatives to connect with.

Contact & Links: 






In the framework of the European project Who Cares? Centro Huarte offers an international residency program for two or more artists that will take place from September 1 to October 24, 2021.

Who Cares? is a program supported by Creative Europe focusing on care practices, seeking to permeate through the participating organisations' infrastructure and programmes. We ask ourselves about who we are caring for, in order to build in interdependence with the communities with which we develop our activity as art production centres.

Prize summary: 
1.200€ for the production of the project 4.000€ in fees (to be divided equally among the participating artists) *
Prizes Details: 
  • 1.200€ for the production of the project
  • 4.000€ in fees (to be divided equally among the participating artists) *
  • Travel and accommodation for two people*
  • Work space at the Centro Huarte, including existing technical and technological resources
  • Accompaniment in the development of the project by the Centro Huarte and Mapamundistas team
  • Specialized mentoring during 4 working sessions
  • Approach to local artistic agents

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 






esp_________eng below______________

Glandulas Syntax, pulsando con MATERIC.ORG invocan vuestros metabolismos de emergencia a crear un experimento gráfico y sónico para Saliva Zine SONOGRÁFICA #2

TEMAS a metabolizar
__INTERCONECCIONES TRANS-ESPECIE Y HIBRIDIZACIONES. Alianzas entre animales, geologia, bacterias, plantas y agua

FÓRMULA METABÓLICA = [Gráfica + Sonora]
GRÁFICA: cualquier experimentación plástica-gráfica- visual traducida en JPG
SONORA: Cualquier experimentación plástica sonora traducida en WAV
max 10 MINTS- max 280MB por tema
LINK/BIO o pensamientos hechos alimentos

fecha límte
1 de Junio 2021
enviar propuesta gráfica + sonora al correo con el asunto Glandulas_Syntax

DIT/DIWO/DIY simbiótico
Saliva es un experimento DIT/DIWO/DIY auto-descentralizada. Cada creador/a/e o colectivx podrá auto-editar-publicar-grabar y compartir Saliva como necesite a partir de un archivo “ready-to-copy-rec.” Retroalimentando de forma autogestionada y simbióticamente nuestras hambres.



Glandulas Syntax, pulsing with MATERIC.ORG evoque your emergency metabolisms to create a graphic and sonic experiment for Saliva Sonographic Zine #2

TÓPICS to be metabolized

__Dark Ecology

__Transpecies relationality and Hybridity. From animal, to bacteria, to geology, to plants and water alliances

__Flesh and cannibalism as radical approaches to human and non-human Body-Politics

__Magic, alchemy, curanderxs and curanderes, eco-rituals absolutely vital

METABOLIC FORMULA = [Graphic + Sound]

GRAPHIC: any visual experiment translated into .JPG
WHITE / BLACK_A5 max 300DPI.
SOUND: Any sound experiment translated into .WAV
max. 10 mints _ 280 MB by theme


1st June 2021

send graphic and sound proposal to the email with the subject Glandulas_Syntax


Saliva is a self-descentralized DIT/DIWO/DIY experiment. Each creatxr or colective can self-edit-publish-record and exchange Saliva as needed, thru a ready-to-copy-rec. Retro-feeding each others hungers thru self-manageability and symbiotically.



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

OPEN CALL! Tangent Projects Residency





Tangent Projects studios are now accepting applications for the second round of their studio residency programme for 2021.

Residency to be between September 20th - December 19th 2021

Deadline - June 13th

As a not-for-profit cultural association Tangent Projects is artist-driven and focused. We provide fair-priced, comfortable studio spaces for artists to work in a creative and dynamic environment whilst also connecting and engaging with others working in the arts, both locally and globally.

Adjoined to Tangent Projects gallery, the studios are an integral part of a growing and active network of art workers.

We welcome applications from national and international artists, however, any visa requirements must be organised by the successful candidates.

We encourage applications from artists/creatives working in all different media, we do not limit the type of work submitted and are open to interesting ideas and suggestions, within the realm of our capabilities.

All applicants must be adults, over the age of 18.

Deadline (Residency to be between September 20th - December 19th 2021) - June 13th, 2021.

All applicants will be contacted and informed of the outcome approximately two weeks later.

PLEASE READ - The cost of the studio residency is €120 per month.

Travel, visa, accommodation and living expenses must be organised by the successful applicants. We can supply acceptance letters for funding applications (in English or Spanish) and can offer suggestions for accommodation.

Contact studio coordinator:

Contact & Links: 

Open Call 'AR art in Instagram filters'





MMMAD Madrid’s Urban Digital Art Festival together with Goethe-Institut Madrid and LABA School of Art, Design & New Media launch the I Open Call for artistic projects in AR through Instagram filters.
“Our way of perceiving the digital world has changed radically in the last year. Telecommuting, online classes, streaming platforms, shopping or social networks make us spend more and more hours in front of our screens. Devices are already an indispensable part of us, both our bodies and the space around us are altered from the digital constructing new dimensions of the sensitive field. The physical and digital worlds are getting closer and closer.

From the urban to the domestic space, we are looking for WorldAR artistic proposals in Instagram filter format that raise new possible places and times from the creation of digital objects or environments.

Within the context of WorldAR, possibilities are opened from which to transform the world in which we live: distortions, glitches, translations, defects, dissolutions, parodies, and effects with objects that alter reality in any of its possible variations. Original works that work from an artistic and contemporary perspective."

Aaron Jablonski (@exitsimulation)
Adrian Steckeweh (@omega.c)
Lucía Tahan (@luciatahan)
+ 1 representative vote from the three organizing institutions.

Prize summary: 
The jury will award three ‘LABA Valencia Awards’ of 500€
Prizes Details: 

The jury will select the 20 best proposals received, which will be part of an exhibition at the Goethe-Institut in Madrid from May 11th to 31st and at LABA Valencia from October 28th to November 28th.

In addition, the jury will award three ‘LABA Valencia Awards’ of 500€ (taxes and deductions not included) to the three best works received, sponsored by LABA School of Art, Design & New Media.



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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