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Call for Project Proposals –PlySpace // Eclipse

Call for Project Proposals –PlySpace // Eclipse

PlySpace, the artist-in-residence program of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council (Munciearts.org), is seeking regional artists with project proposals that can be completed during a short-term residency (two to four weeks) between February 15th and April 9th. Project proposals must center around or be complimentary to the upcoming solar eclipse, which will occur on April 8th, 2024, in Muncie, Indiana. Muncie is a primary viewing location for the eclipse and expects to have over 100,000 visitors during the Eclipse Muncie weekend celebration, from April 5th and April 9th.

Textile Arts Center's Artists-in-Residence Cycle 16 - Call for Applications

Textile Arts Center's Artist in Residence (TAC AIR) combines studio access with a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, regular critical dialogue and mentorship, providing residents an opportunity to learn and explore the textile medium, and an alternative to traditional higher education programs. The residency culminates in a group exhibition produced and hosted by TAC. Since 2010, TAC AIR has graduated over 100 artists and designers whose work continues to further textile art within the fashion, fine arts, design and art education fields.


TAC AIR Cycle 16 will run from October 2024 to June 2025, artists will exhibit in September, 2025.


TAC AIR Program Provides:

PKX Festival

Unleash your creativity at the 2024 PKX Festival, formerly known as Reel Exposure! This vibrant festival invites youth-produced short films in narrative, animation, experimental, and documentary genres, crafted by talented artists aged 13-19 from around the world. Embrace the opportunity to submit films of all genres, under 10 minutes, suitable for a PG13 audience. But that's not all – we're also calling for 2D and 3D art, as well as photography, with no submission fees!

Mount Auburn Cemetery Artist-in-Residence

In 2014, Mount Auburn became the first cemetery in the United States to establish an artist residency program. Each year, the chosen artists are charged with creating an original, site-specific work inspired by an in-depth experience at the Cemetery that conveys a fresh and innovative perspective of Mount Auburn. 

The grant must result in a deliverable product, program, or event that is unique to Mount Auburn Cemetery. All projects will be presented to the public (how and when projects are presented is to be determined by the artist and the AiR Program manager).

Down There

Approximately half of Earth's population has vulvar anatomy. The vulva includes, but is not limited to, the vaginal opening, labia majora, labia minora, urethral opening, mon pubis, and external clitoris. Historically relegated as shameful, dirty, or impure across cultures, bodies with vulvas and/or vaginas have been both misunderstood and insufficiently studied by scientists and doctors for centuries. Down There seeks to lift back imposed veils of stigma and mystery, bringing to the forefront conversations around vulvar anatomy, vocabulary, diversity, emotionality, etc. Visual arts media as well as writing, poetry, performance, and video submissions will all be considered.


Contracommon announces a local call for artists engaging with printmaking in their practices. The exhibition will run from January 19th to February 15th, as part of the citywide festival Print Austin. Contracommon members will curate an exhibition based on collected submissions.

- Please submit all materials via the entry form linked on our Open Calls page: https://www.contracommon.org/open-calls 
- Save images with your first name, last name, and image number as it appears on your corresponding image list (Example: JohnDoe01.jpg), as JPEG files, 72dpi, no larger than 2MB.
- Artists should only submit works that are available for the duration of the exhibition.
- Application fee: $10



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