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$550.00 Innovate Grants — Call for Artists + Photographers



Now Accepting Submissions to the Fall 2020 Cycle

Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2020 Cycle. Innovate Grant awards (2) $550.00 grants each quarter, to one Visual Artist and one Photographer. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists. For more information and to apply visit

Innovate Grant supports artists and photographers through quarterly grants. We've simplified the grant process, so that artists and photographers can focus on making their innovative work. The work should speak for itself and our application reflects that.

How to Apply: Visual Artists and Photographers 18 years and older, from all around the world, are eligible to apply. All media and genres are accepted. All applicants retain the right to the work they submit. Apply today at

Innovate Grant Winners  

Bianca Barandun
Summer Grant Recipient – Art

Torrance Hall
Summer Grant Recipient – Photography

Kylie Lockwood
Spring Grant Recipient – Art

Lindsey Kennedy
Spring Grant Recipient – Photography

Lynnea Holland Weiss
Winter Grant Recipient – Art

Dylan Hausthor
Winter Grant Recipient – Photography

Christine Atkinson
Fall Grant Recipient – Art

Brendon Kahn
Fall Grant Recipient – Photography

Joe Hedges
Summer Grant Recipient – Art

Leafy Yeh
Summer Grant Recipient – Photography

Margaret Jacobs
Spring Grant Recipient – Art

Ceaphas Stubbs
Spring Grant Recipient – Photography

Taylor O. Thomas
Winter Grant Recipient – Art

Shane Lavalette
Winter Grant Recipient – Photography

Category: Multiple disciplines and genres accepted
Deadline: December 10, 2020
Region: US & International
Awards: $550.00 Grants


Prize summary: 
Awards (2) $550.00 Grants per quarter, 4 times a year.

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
25 USD
Contact & Links: 

Call for Artists: 2020 GAMMA Young Artist Competition




1. Host

Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

2. Partners

Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

University of Vienna

Fashion Art Research Center of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Sungshin Women’s University, Campus Town Team

3. Sponsor

Korea Economy and Management Development Institute

LOD: Life on DNA

4. Theme

Bridging Art & Lifestyle

5. Competition Schedule

Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2020

Announcement of the 1st Screening: October 10th, 2020

Announcement of the Final Screening: October 20th, 2020

6. Areas

Painting & Sculpture

Contemporary Media Art

Fashion & Design

7. Steering Committee

Committee Chair: Jooeun Sung, Associate Professor, Yonsei University

Art Director: Juhyun Kim, Sungshin Women’s University


8. Committee Members

Florence Leclerc-Dickler, Parsons Paris School, France
Benjamin Voyer, ESCP Europe, UK 
Raffaele Donvito, University of Florence, Italy

Maria Kniazeva, University of San Diego, USA
Eun Joo Kim, Terra Design Studio, USA
Aluna-Yue Lyu, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Jaehee Chung, Hongik University, Republic of Korea
Sang-Hoon Kim, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Dokshin Lim, Hongik University, Republic of Korea
Chikyu Kwon, Sungshin Women's University, Republic of Korea
Nungsaeng Park, Changwon National University, Republic of Korea

9. Award Benefits

1) The 1st screening (25 runners)

_ Included in the Exhibition Book by ACCESS which is an official magazine of ‘Global Alliance of Marketing & Management’(

_ Included in the online group exhibition “Invited International Exhibition”

_ Award certificate

2) The Final Screening (Final 5 runners)

_ Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )

_ Award plaque

10. Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2020

1)    You can submit up to 3 works.

2)    Original size of the work: The original size of the submitted works should be bigger than 300mm by 300mm.

3)    Please download and complete '2020 GAMMA Young Artist Competition Application Form' from 'How to Apply' in the 2020 GYAC homepage. (Under construction)

4)    Images of Works

-At maximum, 5 digital images per work should be included in your application form.

- Each image should not exceed more than 3MB,

5)    Labeling your application

-Please include your name, country and area which you wish to apply in the name of your application file.

6)    Working language: English, Korean, Chinese

Submitted items should not have been submitted to other art competitions.

Prize summary: 
Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )
Prizes Details: 

1) The 1st screening (25 runners)

_ Included in the Exhibition Book by ACCESS which is an official magazine of ‘Global Alliance of Marketing & Management’(

_ Included in the online group exhibition “Invited International Exhibition”

_ Award certificate

2) The Final Screening (Final 5 runners)

_ Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )

_ Award plaque


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Zeitgeist 2020






Zeit·geist/'tsit?gist,'zit?gist/ Noun: The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. "The story captured the zeitgeist of the year 2020." 2020 has been a year of great change and upheaval. We are looking for works that give us a glimpse into the events of 2020, whether they are reactions to events from a global, national, regional, or even individual scale. Please share with us your artistic reflections on this significant year thus far as this show will visually capture the defining spirit and mood of 2020. This will be a juried show that will run from 2 Oct - Dec 18 and will have a best in show prize of $500!

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists from any country are welcome to apply with works in any medium: painting, sculpture, video, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, mixed media, installation and more. A university degree is not required to participate in our open call. 

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 1-5 images of individual artworks, a short bio, CV, and artist statement, website or social media link, and your contact information. Please see our application form for further details. 

SUBMISSION FEE: $25 for 1-5 images of individual artworks (non-refundable*) 

Awards- $500 cash prize and an award certificate will be given for Best in Show.

All accepted works will be displayed with the artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, and a link back to their website, or email address if they do not have a website.

Judging Criteria- Originality, interpretation of theme, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium

Jurors- Matthew Pring,

  Emily Strong,

Important Dates:

Deadline to submit work- 11:59pm ET September 27th, 2020 

Accepted artists will be notified- October 1st, 2020

Show opens - October 2nd, 2020

Show closes and is archived - December 18th, 2020


Please read the format requirements carefully to avoid errors with the form.

Send any questions or concerns you may have via email to


Artwork images, bio, CV, and statement must be uploaded directly to the form 

Artwork does not have to be available for purchase. 

Image Requirements- 

Artists must ensure high quality of images, we recommend 300 dpi jpeg or png

Image should not exceed 5MB.

Image should not contain any frame, mat, or watermark.

Image should be clear and in focus, this represents your work and it will be displayed and judged the same way it is received. 

After completing the entry form, you will be directed to the payment page. The entry fee must be paid in full for your works to be entered.

Sales- All sales are conducted solely between the artist and the buyer. Manifold Global does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission.

Usage Rights

By submitting your work, you, the artist, agree to allow Manifold Global to use your image for the following purposes. Manifold Global may use your image for the art exhibition it is submitted to as well as any future show for marketing, promotional, and display purposes. You, the artist, also agree to allow Manifold Global to archive your image as part of a show. This will be available for public viewing on our website. ( Your image will include your name, title of your work, and your website, if applicable.

The artist shall maintain all copyrights of any image that they submit to Manifold Global. Images will not be resold, exchanged, copied, or downloaded from this website.

Prize summary: 
$500 cash Best in Show prize
Prizes Details: 

$500 and a certificate will be awarded for Best in Show


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

The 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists







If you are a visual artist and want to explore AI art, please check this out! You can show off your talent in Asia (South Korea)

AI Art Gallery 'AIA' is holing 'the 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists' to discover new and talented artists. 
AI is a thing these days and we questioned ourselves if AI art can enhance the human creativity. Based on this idea, we decided to open this call.
You don't need to be a professional artist or experienced AI artist. If you love art and you'd like to AI tools to create your own art, then you can apply for this competition. 

1. How to apply?

You submit your cover letter and portfolio of your existing artworks. -> 

(please find the application format on our website. Scroll all the way down!)

2. Is there an entry fee?

Yes, it's 50 USD but, you can get paid back your entry fee if you apply early! Don't miss the early-submission (by June 07)

3. When is the deadline for the submission?

Sep. 30th! * Eary-submission by June 07 (Sun)     Regular-submission by Sep.30 (Wed) 24:00 (KST)

4. What's the next step after the submission?

AIA team will get in touch with you after carefully revising all applications. Then, you will get informed of the theme of the competition and you will have time till the end of September to create and submit your artwork with AI tools. * The earlier you apply for it, the more time you will have to work on your artwork with the theme of the competition.

5. I don't know anything about AI tools! Do you provide any AI tools?

We encourage artists to use the AI open source tools such as :


-Google's Deep Dream Generator

-RunwayML -Ostagram




-Deep Angel



-AI Painter

-Quick, Draw!


-RNN Demos

- Cartoonify etc.

If you have your own AI tools, you can use them also! Some of them are free and some require a monthly subscription. You can explore them and find the right one for your artworks! We're planning of posting tutorials of some of them on our slack community.

Feel free to join our  

6. What if I have more questions? 

We have an open group chat where you can freely ask questions in real-time. (Slack) (Telegram)

7. I'd like to get to know about the prize and perks for the winners! You can check our website where you can find more details!

(AIA's website)

#visualarts #finearts #international #competition #artificialintelligence

Prize summary: 
Win up to 1000,000 KRW
Prizes Details: 

- Award for Excellence: 5 people, total 5,000,000 KRW worth of compensation

  (The 1st place 1000,000 *KRW*, 2nd place 600,000, 3rd place 400,000, 4th place 300,000, 5th place 200,000)

- Support for exhibition spaces (Group or individual exhibitions / AIA Gallery designated spaces provided)

- Opening Ceremony/ catering service at the opening

- Financial support for the production of leaflets and promotional materials

- Support for the production of merchandise related to their artworks for best-selected artists


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
50 USD
Contact & Links: 

Siilk Gallery Solo Show Art Prize





SIILK GALLERY are pleased to announce the first edition of our photography award, with a cash prize, online feature / artist interview, culminating with a 2 week solo show at our gallery in Athens, Greece. The SIILK Gallery Photography Award is available to photographers and photo based artists around the world working in all methods, genres, and styles. We are looking to support photographers whose work is quality, progressive, and contemporary. We promote originality, free expression, and are against banality and the commercialization of human creativity.


Prizes Details: 


1st place: Solo Exhibition at Siilk Gallery, Cash Prize towards flights and printing costs, Online Feature/ Interview

Runner up: Inclusion in a group show at our gallery in Athens & Online Feature / Interview

Finalists 3-5: Finalists will be offered an online feature / interview

A jury of industry professionals from various backgrounds will select and vote on the prize winners.

Info about the gallery:

SIILK is situated in the Exarchia / Neapoli area of Athens, Greece. The center of art and culture in Athens, it has a thriving arts scene and community. Exarchia has an edgy alternative vibe, its streets decorated with politically charged murals and lined with anarchist bookshops and stores selling rare vinyl and vintage antiques. Bars and clubs host live music, including rembetika, jazz and punk acts. For night life and the arts, entertainment and contemporary culture it is the place to be in Athens, Greece. Neapoli is the more affluent, hipster and young professionals place of choice in the city, and our gallery is located right between these two areas.

Exhibition includes:

Solo exhibition at our gallery space in Athens, Greece in December 2020

Private view, press viewings and other publicity organised by SIILK

Design and printing of invitations, mail out and social media invites

Photography of work for catalogue, website, press and online store

Featured work & artist information on and social media


The competition is open to all living artists, with no limitations on age, location or experience.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee is €15 for up to 3 images. Submission fees are nonrefundable and go towards the administrative costs of allocating the awards.


Entry Deadline: Sep 30th, 2020

Artists Notified: Oct 10th, 2020


Artists must maintain all copyrights to submitted work. SIILK declines any responsibility to copyright infringement.


Daniel Peace: Daniel Peace is a photographer, curator, and the founder of SIILK gallery from Newcastle, UK.

His debut exhibitions took place at Hoxton Gallery (UK) and the Royal academy of Art (UK). Since 2015, he has exhibited in and curated throughout North America and Europe.

He has photographed designers at Berlin, Paris, and Mexico City Fashion Week, as well as shooting editorials and lookbooks for designers around the globe. His work has been featured in Féroce, Notion, Noctis, Dazed, i-D, Kaltblut, Autré, Vice, Spindle, Crom, Vogue Britain, and many more.

After living in London, Berlin, and Mexico City, he moved to Athens, Greece in 2019 to open SIILK gallery, with the aim of promoting visual artists who are under-represented within the traditional system.

Giselle Fryatt: Born in the United States, Giselle Fryatt is an award winning creative producer, curator, and art advisor at SIILK Gallery.

Having curated exhibitions and art fairs in the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Luxembourg, she has collaborated with artists, independent, galleries, and cultural institutions across Europe and the United States.

With a focus on collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches, her work has been featured at festivals, galleries, and pop-up spaces around the world. She seeks to support creative practitioners whose work contributes to a critical cultural and societal discourse.

She currently lives between the USA and UK.

Prize summary: 
Solo show at Siilk Gallery, Online feature
Prizes Details: 


1st place: Solo Exhibition at Siilk Gallery, Cash Prize towards flights and printing costs, Online Feature/ Interview

Runner up: Inclusion in a group show at our gallery in Athens & Online Feature / Interview

Finalists 3-5: Finalists will be offered an online feature / interview

A jury of industry professionals from various backgrounds will select and vote on the prize winners.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€15 entry fee, submission of 3 images and bio
Contact & Links: 

$1,000 Grants - All Media Eligible



The Hopper Prize is now accepting entries for our Fall 2020 artist grants. We are offering 5 grants in the amount of $1,000 USD awarded through an open call art competition juried by leading contemporary curators.

The Hopper Prize was established in order to increase the recognition of artwork created by artists and photographers. Our aim is to advance artists' careers by providing them with unrestricted financial support that is coupled with a platform for increased visibility. We accept submissions twice a year via an open call.

We are currently accepting submissions for the Fall 2020 grant cycle.

Program Highlights
Total Awards: $5,000.00 USD for visual artists
5 artists will each receive $1,000.00 USD in unrestricted grant awards
30 artists will have their work archived at
A selection from the submissions will be featured on our Instagram feed @hopperprize
Additional exposure will be available to winners through our Journal: Insights into Contemporary Art

Connect with Curators
We collaborate with contemporary curators holding prominent positions at major institutions in order to select our grant winners. Our open call provides you with a direct path to get your work in front of these forward thinking exhibition makers. Jurors for the Fall 2020 awards are:

Christine Koppes, Curator & Director of Public Programs
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art


Jade Powers, Assistant Curator
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Our jurors will be selecting 5 artists from our open call who will each receive $1,000. The jurors will also select a shortlist of 30 artists who will have their work archived at

Grant awards are unrestricted and may be used any way the recipients choose.

When submitting your work, you will have the option to opt-in to be considered for possible Instagram features on our feed @hopperprize, where we currently reach an audience of over 46K. Our editors will be featuring select submissions on a rolling basis prior to the application deadline.

In addition to grant awards, our shortlist, and Instagram reach, we will be providing an additional platform for exposure via our online Journal Insights Into Contemporary Art. We launched this digital publication to give artists a new channel to amplify their voice while providing an in-depth look at their work, practice, and background. Grant recipients and shortlisted artists will all receive the opportunity to publish an interview to include any work of their choosing as a means of providing continued support beyond the open call.

The Hopper Prize is open to all artists age 18 and older working in any media. There are no restrictions on genre, subject matter, or media. We welcome entries in all media.

We are committed to supporting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds at all stages of their professional careers. All artists are encouraged to apply.

Recent Winners
We support artists working in all media, from diverse backgrounds, in wide-ranging geographic locations. Recent grant winners include:

  • Andrea Ferrero, Mexico City
  • Christopher Desanges, Boston
  • Dominic Hawgood, London
  • Kira Dominguez Hultgren, San Francisco
  • Vikesh Kapoor, Sunset Pines
  • Adrian Coleman, London, United Kingdom
  • Trish Tillman, New York, New York
  • Nicholas Moenich, Brooklyn, New York
  • Elena Bajo, Los Angeles, California
  • Vanessa da Silva, London, United Kingdom
  • Mark Baugh-Sasaki, San Francisco, California
  • Genevieve Cohn, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Sydney Cook, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Jinyong Park, London, United Kingdom
  • Isabel Yellin, Los Angeles, California
  • Alex Callender, Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Alicia Eggert, Denton, Texas
  • Daniel McCarthy Clifford, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Juan Giraldo, New York, New York
  • Maja Ruznic, Los Angeles, California
  • Letitia Huckaby, Benbrook, Texas
  • Tracy Kerdman, Saugerties, New York
  • Lebohang Kganye, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Christopher Meerdo, Chicago, Illinois
  • Erik Parra, San Francisco, California
Prize summary: 
5 artists will each win $1000
Prizes Details: 

Total Awards: $5,000.00 USD

  • 5 artists will each receive $1,000.00 USD in unrestricted grant awards
  • 30 artists will have their work archived at
  • A selection from the submissions will be featured on our Instagram feed @hopperprize
  • Additional exposure will be available to winners through our Journal: Insights into Contemporary Art
Contact & Links: 


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