We are inviting visual, sound, and performing artists as well as individuals and collectives in other creative disciplines (computer scientists, mechanics, game developers, writers…) that deal with the topic of PLAY to submit their work for the exhibition program of 9th STIFF festival. We are inviting writers and poets who are open to letting their texts come to life activated by animation in space to submit their poems or short texts. 

We welcome various perspectives, from social or intimate to conceptual approaches. Submissions are open to visual media, performances, participative works and instructions, digital works (GIF, mem, NFT, computer graphics, 3D objects, video games, websites, applications, video), installations, interactive objects, machines, custom toys, board games, classic games, as well as sound works and textual works that can be interpreted in the exhibition or public space while dealing with the subject of play in the broadest sense. 

For the last eight years, the STIFF Festival has produced an extensive supporting program that elaborates and complements the thematic focus of its film program. With the emphasis on contemporary art practices, STIFF’s exhibition program gathers artists from all over the globe, dealing with relevant social, political, and intimate aspects of everyday life. 

This year the festival is giving attention to the topic of Play. The exhibition aims to bring together international authors whose works question the meaning of play in contemporary life, use games as a way of communication, or invite the audience to interact with the works. 

How do we play while defying the games imposed on us? Who makes the rules? Does the world we live in evoke our playfulness or leave us with a sense of being trapped by the standards it delivers?

In a world where there is a quick way to do almost anything, what are the activities we look for pleasure and where do we take things slow? Are we leaving ourselves the room for mistakes?  

How do we build interpersonal relations through play? Games we play as adults perform various functions and address different needs. Do the games we play among our communities establish a space for collaboration or competition?

Whether it focuses on strategic thinking and problem solving or exploration and imagination, playing provides a temporary distance from reality. Which are the places we go to while playing, how long do we stay there, and do we find it hard to come back?

As a supporting festival program, the multimedia exhibition will aim to create a special sensory experience that will explore and enrich the subject of the play. 

We invite you to explore the overlapping of art, play and social interaction. We are looking for artworks that activate the visitors and confirm experiencing art as a physical act. The exhibition tends to establish a framework for play to examine our everyday lives.

Prizes Details: 

No compensation; however, you retain ownership and will be credited for accepted work.


Entry Fee:

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hotel generation open call - arebyte Gallery's young artist development programme


hotel generation mentors the next generation of UK digital artists during the critical early stages of establishing a career in the arts.⁠

arebyte’s yearly programme encourages young digital artists from regional UK cities to develop their practice and interact with new audiences in London and internationally with the aim to expand their network and foster new opportunities. This initiative nurtures a sense of place in the London art scene which can be notoriously difficult to infiltrate and creates new conversations between London and other UK cities.⁠

The criteria for submissions is as follows:⁠
- be aged 28 or under⁠
- make work using emerging and digital media⁠
- if you have an art degree (not mandatory) it must be from a university outside of London⁠
- be living in the UK but outside of London (at the time of application)⁠

For more info and how to apply visit our website:


Open for submissions until 14th February 2022.

This is a paid opportunity.

#hotelgeneration #youngartist #development #programme #uk #digitalartists⁠


Prize Summary: 
£750 stipend + fully funded solo exhibition for winner

Entry Fee:

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WA Screen Culture Awards




The Western Australian screen industry is as diverse and as vibrant as it’s ever been across all elements – and we believe this alone is cause for recognition and celebration.

In providing that platform, the WA Screen Culture Awards embraces all screen forms from new, established and emerging screen practices. It acknowledges outstanding innovation, independent spirit and contributions in contemporary short, feature and documentary filmmaking, computer games, VR, AR, gallery-based moving image, installations, projections and other intersections with screen and moving image forms.

This sensational evening will include awards across multiple categories as short-listed and awarded by our nationally and internationally-based jury made up of professionals in their specific field. The evening will be followed by a post event celebration into the night.

The WA Screen Culture Awards are proudly presented by Revelation Perth International Film Festival on behalf of the WA screen industry and we look forward to working with the entire sector, hearing your opinions and celebrating achievement, innovation and ambition.


Entry Fee:

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2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality




01 Overview
Contest Title : 2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality
Organizer : Nexon Computer Museum
Cooperator : SK Telecom

02 Applicant Qualifications
Any person or group that creates XR contents, such as VR, AR or MR

03 Field and theme
No limitation on platform, genre or theme
(Every field such as game, video, media art which contain VR, AR, MR contents)

04 Judging Standard
Quality of work and level of completion will be evaluated by overall planning, design and technical development.
SK Telecom's VR and AR experts will participate in the evaluating process.

05 Period of Application
1st July (Wed), 2020 – 15th September (Tue), 2020

06 Winner Announcement
10th November (Tue), 2020
* Award ceremony schedule would be further noticed via website

07 Terms and Conditions
- All Documents or items will not be returned when once submitted.
- The copyright of the entry and all rights and responsibilities thereof shall be borne by the applicant (creator).
- In such case of:
1) Infringement of intellectual property rights of others by plagiarism or duplication
2) False information written in documents such as an application form
3) Submitted work concerned as defaming others
4) Possibility of breaching the law, the work can be excluded from the screening or the winner and the prize can be revoked even after winning the award.
- Awarded projects can be used as promotional materials and posted on the organizer's website without additional consent procedures.
- The organizer has the obligation to observe the confidentiality and security measures of the entry, and it is possible to disclose and share the entry only with the consent of the applicant.
-The music used in video production must be a sound source that is not in violation of copyright, and may be excluded from the awards when copyright infringement is concerned.
- The prize money will be paid to the representative applicant in a lump sum, and the recipients of prizes are solely responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prizes.
- Above terms and conditions can be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

Prize Summary: 
Total 22 million KRW
Prizes Details: 

05 Prize & Award
Total 22 million KRW
- Grand Award (1) : 10 million KRW
- SK Telecom Special Award (1) : 5 million KRW
- Best Award (1) : 5 million KRW
- Excellence Award (2) : 1 million KRW


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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