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Call for Artist in Residence Berlin 2020-2021

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coGalleries is pleased to announce the open call for Artist in Residence Program Berlin. As a contemporary art gallery with a beautiful space in the center of town, we are interested in production-oriented artists and diverse cultural agents like writers, researchers, curators and others interested in creative projects, research and collaboration within the contemporary arts. Applicants with own residencies and organizations that are looking for collaborators, please also apply or contact us via email. There are two residency opportunities: a studio only residency or a more extensive master residency with coaching, portfolio work and further. Studio residencies will be able to present the works in a studio opening. Master residents will have the chance to participate in one of our group and/or solo exhibitions at our gallery in the city center of Berlin.

Artist in Residence Purpose

Our Artist in Residence Program Berlin is based on our strong desire to promote global exchange on burning issues of our time. However, we are wide open regarding media and residency proposals. Applicants should be willing to engage in the gallery’s  program and events. Also the documentation and publishing processes of works in progress, exhibitions etc. which will be shared through our different pr and social media platforms. Upon returning to their country, residents form part of our network and in some cases will become part of our gallery program, art fair presentations and catalog productions.

Our two major, unique artist studios

Our largest studio space is used collectively and well-equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, various technical tools, tables, a projector, a photo printer A 2 and a professional photo studio are accessible to all the residents. The space is 160 sqm in total with a huge rooftop terrace has a floor heating and is very well illuminated with natural light . Our studio is a part of a newly built complex located inside of the old FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, housing one of the major german art collections, Berlin’s leading art framer, artist studios, carpenters and a professional photo printing company. The ceiling is approx. 6 meters high.  Wheeled furniture and walls in the studio make it easy to transform the space and adjust it to a certain needs of our residents. The FAHRBEREITSCHAFT studio is located in just a 20 minute tram ride from our art gallery in the Berlin city center (Mitte).

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Creativity in Quarantine: Virtual Collage Workshop and Online Exhibition!

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The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, has partnered with artist and educator Meagan J. Meehan to host a one-hour long collage Zoom class on Thursday, May 7th, 2020, at 6pm to 7pm EST (aka New York time). The class will run for one hour and is open to anyone who is interested in learning collage, regardless of their experience or skill level. Several different techniques will be discussed. After particiapnt's who attended the class complete their collages, their art will be displayed via an online exhibiton courtesy of The Living Gallery's official website. 

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Online Exhibition of their Collage on The Living Gallery's website.
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This is not a contest and there are no "prizes" but the work created in the class will be displayed virtually on the gallery's website. 


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Art Vancouver 2020 - Call for Artists

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The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation is announcing an open call for the 6th edition of Art Vancouver, an international art fair held annually at The Vancouver Convention Centre, a stunning waterfront venue. Art Vancouver is the perfect west coast setting for those looking to showcase their artwork on an international stage, with galleries, dealers, collectors, art aficionados, and art lovers from all over the world in attendance. For four days, September 24-27, 2020, Art Vancouver provides an exceptional opportunity for sale of unique, creative and high-end work from artists and galleries across Canada and the world.

Different booth sizes are available. Please submit your applications before the deadline of September 1st, 2020, as booths are subject to availability.

Please visit our website for more information, or email to request an Information Package. 


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Fee dependent on Booth size
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Beauty is...

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La Pacha Apapacha is looking for women artists from all over the world to promote and present their art works in our platform. Let's support ourselves in these times of change!

The theme for this open call is "Beauty is..." and we invite you to use creativity, empathy and freedom to answer that question with your art

We will select 5 art pieces to be promoted in our pages and receive a modest prize. The winners will receive promotion and representation internationally, and they will also receive a special gift made by our "star artist", Monet Bordeau.

We encourage all mediums to participate. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 

Good luck and all the best!

Prize Summary: 
Win up to $200
Prizes Details: 

We will select 5 art pieces to be promoted in our pages and receive a modest prize. 

The winners will also receive a special gift made by our "star artist", Monét Bordeau.


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$1,000 Artist Grants | All Media Eligible

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The Hopper Prize is offering multiple individual artist grants totaling $5,000 USD awarded through an open call art competition juried by leading contemporary curators.

The Hopper Prize was established in order to increase the recognition of artwork created by artists and photographers. Our aim is to advance artists' careers by providing them with unrestricted financial support that is coupled with a platform for increased visibility. We accept submissions twice a year via an open call.

We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2020 grant cycle.


Program Highlights

Total Awards: $5,000.00 USD for visual artists

  • 5 artists will each receive $1,000.00 USD in unrestricted grant awards
  • 30 artists will have their work archived at
  • Selected submissions will be featured on our Instagram feed @hopperprize
  • Additional exposure will be available to winners through our Journal: Insights into Contemporary Art


Connect with Curators

We collaborate with contemporary curators holding prominent positions at major institutions in order to select our grant winners. Our open call provides you with a direct path to get your work in front of these forward thinking exhibition makers. Jurors for the Spring 2020 awards are:


Amber Esseiva

Associate Curator

Institute for Contemporary Art VCU


Leila Groth

Associate Curator for Contemporary Art

Baltimore Museum of Art


Our jurors will be selecting 5 artists from our open call who will each receive $1,000. The jurors will also select a shortlist of 30 artists who will have their work archived at

Grant awards are unrestricted and may be used any way the recipients choose.

Additionally, when submitting, you will have the option to opt-in to be considered for possible Instagram features on our feed @hopperprize, where we currently reach an audience of over 33K. Our editors will be featuring select submissions on a rolling basis prior to the application deadline.

In addition to grant awards, our shortlist, and Instagram reach, we will be providing an additional platform for exposure via our online Journal Insights Into Contemporary Art. We launched this digital publication to give artists a new channel to amplify their voice while providing an in-depth look at their work, practice, and background. Grant recipients and shortlisted artists will all receive the opportunity to publish an interview to include any work of their choosing as a means of providing continued support beyond the open call.



The Hopper Prize is open to all artists age 18 and older working in any media. There are no restrictions on genre, subject matter, or media. We welcome entries in all media.

We are committed to supporting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds at all stages of their professional careers. All artists are encouraged to apply.


Recent Winners

We support artists working in all media, from diverse backgrounds, in wide-ranging geographic locations. Recent grant winners include:

  • Adrian Coleman, London, United Kingdom
  • Trish Tillman, New York, New York
  • Nicholas Moenich, Brooklyn, New York
  • Elena Bajo, Los Angeles, California
  • Vanessa da Silva, London, United Kingdom
  • Mark Baugh-Sasaki, San Francisco, California
  • Genevieve Cohn, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Sydney Cook, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Jinyong Park, London, United Kingdom
  • Isabel Yellin, Los Angeles, California
  • Alex Callender, Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Alicia Eggert, Denton, Texas
  • Daniel McCarthy Clifford, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Juan Giraldo, New York, New York
  • Maja Ruznic, Los Angeles, California
  • Letitia Huckaby, Benbrook, Texas
  • Tracy Kerdman, Saugerties, New York
  • Lebohang Kganye, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Christopher Meerdo, Chicago, Illinois
  • Erik Parra, San Francisco, California
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5 Artists will each receive $1,000 grants


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Fee Detail: 
$40 for 10 images
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500 EUR Prize + In-Depth Feature in ARTCONNECT Magazine | Do you have a project that got disrupted by the coronavirus shutdown? This is an open call for artworks and projects too good to be left unseen. Cash prize and feature for the winner and a chance for a new audience and recognition for your art.

How does it work?

Select up to three images of works on paper that were going to be included in an exhibition or presentation that was cancelled or postponed, or simply derailed because of the shutdown around the world. Use your ARTCONNECT Profile to publish up to 3 images of your work as a Project’. Give your work a second life and immediately get it noticed on ARTCONNECT.

IMPORTANT: Works accepted for consideration for this open call must be 2D works on paper or canvas such as painting, illustration, drawing, or collage.


An up to date ARTCONNECT Profile
Published a new Project on ARTCONNECT containing up to three images of your 2D artwork on paper or canvas
Include a description of what it was intended for and why it was cancelled or postponed.
You can Title your Project whatever you like, but please use the tag #Unseen when you create your project on ARTCONNECT

Important: Artworks must have been scheduled for an upcoming exhibition, event, or presentation that was cancelled/postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

DEADLINE: May 13, 2020 - 23:59, CET (Berlin Time)

That’s it, you’ve entered the open call! Winners will be announced on May 19 and until then your published project will already be reaching a whole new audience on ARTCONNECT.


ArtConnect has partnered with the artists behind the RaumWWW - a fragmentary archive of projects impacted by the coronavirus - for this Open Call.

A word from the artists behind RaumWWW

Many posts are starting with the words "Due to" lately, as numerous exhibitions and events are being cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus.

And because it's a pity if projects are postponed and efforts left unfulfilled, Raum www hosts a fragmentary archive by showing a selection of works that can't be shown in real life, a growing collection of "what-could-have-happened" or "sadly-postponed" shows

Raum www is a nonprofit project started by Daniel Hahn & Johannes Mundinger, artists with closed and postponed exhibitions.

Artwork in top image by Kevin Driscoll

Prize Summary: 
500 euros + feature in ARTCONNECT Magazine
Prizes Details: 


1 x 500 euro prize for the winning project and an in-depth feature in ARTCONNECT Magazine
9 x honorable mentions with links to your projects and social media shoutouts


Entry Fee:

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