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Skitsations, a 9 year old organization and the longest running all scripted sketch comedy troupe in south Florida seeks to add an additional actress that is a strong enough actor to be able to be on stage with us when we perform at major live stage industry events. Singing and dance ability isn’t required but is a big plus because we have a number of parodies and other musical numbers.


Our previous last two years we performed at the famous Acme Comedy Theater in this event.  The last year there were over 30 casting directors, agents and managers with listed credits on that had placed acting talent in either major broadcast and cable television or wide theatrical release feature films.


Our group has also performed in the world’s most famous venues in LA like the Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Melrose Improv, TLC Chinese Theater, (last time we were there Jamie Foxx was out front promoting his movie playing in a different theater.), Acme Comedy Theater, and the Los Angeles Theatre Center, just to name a few.


Now, before you dash off and hit the reply button I need to warn you that this might not be for you.


The problem is that while it is an amazing opportunity, it’s actually hard work.  Skitsations takes its efforts very seriously.  We are a national level sketch comedy competition group.


We have a rehearsal every Wed from 9-11 PM in Coral Springs.  We need dedicated cast members who can make it no less than 90% of the time.  Our mandate is to become the best and most well known sketch comedy group in the country.


Let me tell you something.  That’s a tough goal because there are some amazing groups  out there in the big markets like LA, NYC and Chicago.


So, we can only work with people that are real professionals and want to work hard. Yes, we have a lot of fun and do a lot of laughing because of how hilarious some of our material is.  But, our show is a tightly rehearsed all scripted show. It takes a lot of hard work.


Before we put sketches on the stage they are well planned out.  Everything is staged.  Everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and what they need to do.


So, we don’t have time for petty people who want to make drama.  We can’t have cast who have a life filled with problems so they can’t get to rehearsal.  We want positive hard working people.  We want acting professionals that know how to play nice with others and be part of a team.


Showing up week after week and sticking with it is not something that everyone can handle.  But, if you feel a powerful calling in your soul to act, then you’ll get great rewards.


Besides the outstanding career exposure opportunities, you will also definitely make tremendous improvement in your comedy acting and writing skills.  You will learn to master the stagecraft of performing in front of a live audience.


To join a group like ours in LA or NYC you have to pay money to be part of it.  Most sketch comedy groups make you take paying classes first.  And, then some of those people get chosen to be part of their performance teams.  They virtually all have monthly dues.


We have no dues or any fees of any sort that cast must pay. We do have a nice rehearsal space in Coral Springs which includes a small stage and a 25 comfortable seats.


So, there are no dues.  It’s really a deal that’s hard to believe.  There’s no tricks and only one catch.  You’ve got to be the kind of person that is responsible and driven enough to show up each week.


If this sounds like it could be what you’ve been looking for and you believe you have the skill and professionalism to be on a major stage with us in November in front of heavyweight professionals then please email with either a resume or summary in the email of your entertainment experience and/or training and a headshot or other relevant recent photo.

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Will you be paying talent ?:

Payment Detail: 
Mostly exposure and stage time, some paid gigs split by cast evenly


Listing Deadline: 
Thursday, February 28, 2019
Role Title: 
Lead Female

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Variety of characters during a 1.5 hour live sketch show

Production / Rehearsal / Audition dates: 
Every Wed 9-11PM Coral Springs, Florida

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Paul Lawrence, Director