Michael P. Viola III


I’m an artist, psychotherapist, and shamanic practitioner based in Portland, OR. I create intuitive art and lead spiritually experiential workshops. My journey has taken me through the corporate, educational, and diverse social structures of NYC, the desert of New Mexico and the jungle and Andean peaks of Peru. These spaces, people, and cultures have influenced my capacity to stretch, adapt, and energetically understand a wide range of consciousness. I work intuitively, and empathically. I reside in Portland, OR. and work with clients both in person and remotely.

I view art and its creation as an act of transcendence. It is a way to draw the sublime into the material and for the the physical to reach the numinous. As an intuitive/empathic artist, I am interpreter and instrument of this energy. I live intentionally, ceremonially, and experience my role as a sacred one of reverence and service. I honor the divinity in myself, in others, and in the natural world around me. This consciousness has a particular resonance and it magnetizes the ethereal. I experience this subtle energy and channel it in form, line, and color. The mindset I maintain during this process is, “Become what you are” and I allow the energy to move through me as I co-create through its prompting. These pieces are messages/downloads laden with energy, depth, and dynamism. As the artist I am here to ground that energy and to interpret it for my community. These pieces convey that energy to the viewer and begin to facilitate an opening towards higher consciousness.


"Right Brain Left Brain" 24"x36" acrylic and marker on canvas. Portland, Oregon 2020. This piece conveys to me a sense of two sides/energies. One of lined structures and one of soft flow. Over the years I've created drawings/paintings that represented this dynamic. I've always felt I was channeling information that I would receive through one side of my body/mind. The energy psychology model I work within, the left lobe of the brain is masculine: linear, directive, and active. The right lobe of the brain is feminine: intuitive, spatial, abstract, yielding, and receptive. I often feel this energy moving through the left side of my body which corresponds with the right brain (each lobe controls the opposite side of the body). I receive it and allow it to move through me, encouraged by the non-verbal expressive process of creating visual art. What comes through reminds me of forms and patterns you can see in cave paintings, runic script, or what I've experienced drawn by different tribes in Peru who work with ayahuasca. There is a fountain of information that is being tapped, temporally, vibrationally, and dimensionally different than the standard 3D awareness of regular life. Tapping into this place and drawing that non-verbal information through is an act of transcendence. For the viewer it challenges perspective and draws their consciousness to that place. Ultimately the work I do as an artist and healer is about bridging these realms of consciousness while shifting/challenging perspective. It allows individuals then to change their beliefs and ultimately change their own realities.