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Grey Cross

The model who posed for this body painting was at the time going through a very bad situation where (as I found out later) he'd ended up being put in prison. He knew when he modeled for me that his life was over as he'd known it and there was little chance that he would beat the charges. As the artist and photographer I knew none of this at the time. But as I worked on the final art there was something that kept pushing me towards showing him showing him as a broken man, pleading for his life. Only later did I find out the whole story and realized that his severe mental state was coming out in the art. The final piece in the series was a haunting piece with a suicide letter, the figure holding light in one hand and darkness in the other. The ability to read the models mental state has been a reoccuring theme throughout my work since then, but he was first to force me to the realization that I was doing so. I wrote an article a few years back on the ability to channel the emotions of the model into the art. You can find it at:

A Prayer for Resurrection (The Phantasm Portraits)
Halfway Between Heaven and Hell (The Phantasm Portraits)
A View of Perdition (The Phantasm Portraits)

Jacklord Joseph Andrada Tomas

Jacklord Tomas (b. 1983) Abstract Expressionist Artist - Los Angeles, California.

The body of work were created while experiencing a wide range of personal challenges. Often working in a darkened environment and late at night, the prospects of an uncertain future and adversities became overshadowed by light, perception, color and tactility. I am always pleased to see the inner strength of the work come to the surface when brought into the light of day.

Jacklord has a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Woodbury University and a Bachelor's in Industrial and Product Design from The Art Institute. His Architectural education and professional experience in Hawai’i, Southern California, Latin America and Europe have been very influential in approaching abstract painting and design concepts. 


"Self Portrait 1" 18"x24"×.25" Mixed Media on Canvas Board (Amorsolo Series) 2020.
"MIHAIL-ANGELO" 36"×24"×3" Mixed Media on Wood Panel (Amorsolo Series) Completed May 2020.
"Gotico" 48"×36"×2" Acrylic on Canvas (Barcelona Series) 2016.
"Derive" 48"x48"×2" Acrylic on Canvas (Los Angeles Series)2019.
"Towards the Sun" 36" × 24"×.25" Mixed Media on Canvas Board. (Pantheon Series) 2019.

EuGene V Byrd III


Allow yourself to confront each and everyone of your emotions. Demand that you give yourself your full attention — Engage in positive ways of release or talk with people you trust as well as finding other outlets. Time is the universal healer — it will get better. You aren’t the problem.” As least I tell myself.

I'll Carry the Weight.
Y'all Playin? Stop Playin.

Samira Sabulis

"Unspoken Stories" involves expressive art therapy to help women heal from traumatic experiences and further their emotional, cognitive, and social integration through music, photography and movement. I want my work to speak the desired language of women empowerment, while using raw beauty as a mechanism to digest painful realities. It aims to socially challenge the perception of women’s mental health issues caused by trauma and the importance of addressing these emotions. The project engages with women who might feel intimidated to do traditional therapy sessions to deal with their trauma. I seek to shed some light in other methods of addressing trauma and hopefully encourage more women to have the courage to face their trauma and heal from their experiences.

My project is a combination of visual and performing arts under a psychological framework that columinates into a photography series. My aim is to heal women through art by providing them a safe space to explore and process their emotions. Unlike traditional methods, my subjects would not try to access thoughts through words but rather movement, music and drama. I have been experimenting with these practices, helping women overcome abuse, sexual trauma, objectification and transitioning periods. "Unspoken Stories" series is relevant in our social climate because many women do not feel comfortable or do not have the tools to treat traumatic events and remain silent, which is the cause of unhealthy behavior and/or unfulfilled existence. My aim is to encourage women to speak up and heal their wounds to feel empowered. I believe the work I am doing is meaningful to women who have been through traumatic experiences as well as to people looking from the outside. My photographs convey strength, vulnerability and vitality and serve as a reminder of the painful realities some live in. I desire to help women, create awareness, and foster community dialogue, which addresses women’s mental health and ultimately ends cycles of violence and self-destruction. I believe it's unique to combine various artistic and therapeutic disciplines to facilitate emotional and psychological growth and recording the process through photography.

This work talks about the crushing weight of the lies we carry, and how vulnerable they make us. The lies we tell ourselves, the way we hide our trauma behind them, thinking it makes us stronger, but in fact it crushes us.
Delusion is coming and one becomes a knot of self doubt and painful memories, vulnerable, naked and alone, unable to move, reliving again and again moments in time. She senses that the episode is approaching, yet does not know how to stop it, like a small child, she curls in a ball hoping to protect herself from the pain.
Reality is Just A story, I have a body, I am not the body. Nothing that happened to that body , happened to me, yet I am lost in between in search of myself.
Purging the madness in a moment of being lost and alone, unable to call for help. It has reached bearable limits.
The waves of madness passing through, unsure when the episode will be over, unable to stop the thoughts and feelings that are overtaking the body, hold on to your chair, it will be a ride to remember.

Tracy Whiteside

Women are rarely one thing or another.  They cannot be categorized or labeled.  A woman can be anything and everything at any given time.  Within are the secrets that they keep.  The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars. We never reveal, even to our partner, every hidey hole where we tuck away the bad stuff.  What would happen if everyone removed their mask and bared their soul to the world?  This is about what we hide from the world and how it twists and turns us inside.  No one knows the real you.  No matter if you were “popular” or hid in the bathroom at lunch, everyone has insecurities.  Moments that haunt us.  And it hurts regardless of who you are.

Hiding inside, watching life pass her by. She does not want them judging her.
Frightened by every thought. She jumps at every sound. Paranoia may get the best of her.
Wanting to escape reality. Doesn't know how.
Depression sucks the energy out of her. Some days she can't stand up.
Falling into the darkness. In slow motion.

Michael P. Viola III


I’m an artist, psychotherapist, and shamanic practitioner based in Portland, OR. I create intuitive art and lead spiritually experiential workshops. My journey has taken me through the corporate, educational, and diverse social structures of NYC, the desert of New Mexico and the jungle and Andean peaks of Peru. These spaces, people, and cultures have influenced my capacity to stretch, adapt, and energetically understand a wide range of consciousness. I work intuitively, and empathically. I reside in Portland, OR. and work with clients both in person and remotely.

I view art and its creation as an act of transcendence. It is a way to draw the sublime into the material and for the the physical to reach the numinous. As an intuitive/empathic artist, I am interpreter and instrument of this energy. I live intentionally, ceremonially, and experience my role as a sacred one of reverence and service. I honor the divinity in myself, in others, and in the natural world around me. This consciousness has a particular resonance and it magnetizes the ethereal. I experience this subtle energy and channel it in form, line, and color. The mindset I maintain during this process is, “Become what you are” and I allow the energy to move through me as I co-create through its prompting. These pieces are messages/downloads laden with energy, depth, and dynamism. As the artist I am here to ground that energy and to interpret it for my community. These pieces convey that energy to the viewer and begin to facilitate an opening towards higher consciousness.


"Right Brain Left Brain" 24"x36" acrylic and marker on canvas. Portland, Oregon 2020. This piece conveys to me a sense of two sides/energies. One of lined structures and one of soft flow. Over the years I've created drawings/paintings that represented this dynamic. I've always felt I was channeling information that I would receive through one side of my body/mind. The energy psychology model I work within, the left lobe of the brain is masculine: linear, directive, and active. The right lobe of the brain is feminine: intuitive, spatial, abstract, yielding, and receptive. I often feel this energy moving through the left side of my body which corresponds with the right brain (each lobe controls the opposite side of the body). I receive it and allow it to move through me, encouraged by the non-verbal expressive process of creating visual art. What comes through reminds me of forms and patterns you can see in cave paintings, runic script, or what I've experienced drawn by different tribes in Peru who work with ayahuasca. There is a fountain of information that is being tapped, temporally, vibrationally, and dimensionally different than the standard 3D awareness of regular life. Tapping into this place and drawing that non-verbal information through is an act of transcendence. For the viewer it challenges perspective and draws their consciousness to that place. Ultimately the work I do as an artist and healer is about bridging these realms of consciousness while shifting/challenging perspective. It allows individuals then to change their beliefs and ultimately change their own realities.


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