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Sector: Artist Residency, Author Residency, Residency
Country: Canada
City: Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: 335 avenue de Gaspé Ouest, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, G0R3G0, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 4185986363

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Originally based on the idea of encounters between sculptors with contemporary practices and those using traditional skills typical of the region, ENE now welcomes contemporary visual-arts artists from all disciplines. The residencies at ENE are intended for professional artists, both established and emerging, from all over the world. They offer artists and authors an opportunity to explore their research more deeply, to experiment, and to create in a cultural space that is unique, lively, and stimulating.
The two-month residency periods offered in spring, summer, fall, and winter for the first time in 2020, bring together four artists and one author in contemporary art.

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