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Sector: Arts, Biennale, Residency
Country: Other
City: Port-au-Prince
Address: 622 Blvd Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone: +447958566791

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The Ghetto Biennale is a cross-cultural arts festival held in two adjacent informal neighbourhoods in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, called Lakou Cheri and Ghetto Leanne. It is hosted by the artists’ collective, Atis Rezistans, and has taken place every two years starting in December 2009. The Ghetto Biennale is attempting to momentarily transform spaces, dialogues and relationships considered un-navigable and unworkable into transcultural, creative platforms. The Ghetto Biennale has realised a 'chaotic, amorphous, de-institutionalised space' for artistic production that attempts to offer a vibrant creative platform to artists from wide socioeconomic classes. 

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