New Brooklyn Theatre | Graphic Design | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
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Sector: nonprofit, Dance, Theatre
Country: United States
US State: New York
City: Brooklyn
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: 202 Baltic Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

- About -

New Brooklyn Theatre aims to democratize the American theatre, to broaden the space for unheard voices and repressed histories, to bring into the theatre those sometimes left out, and to use theatre to provoke much-needed public conversations. Our company is committed to addressing pressing social issues, often in site-specific spaces where we bring theatre directly to the communities it serves. 
We are committed to producing challenging work of the highest caliber at little to no expense to our audiences, both at home and in the world. We seek to own and operate a permanent home for the arts in order to achieve these missions and ensure their lasting impact.

- Previous Jobs -

  • Executive Director of Brooklyn-Based Dance-Theatre-Media Company Arts & Culture