Artist call: NUMBERS - Wake up screaming #16



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We all work with numbers, it cannot be helped, we are numerous beings! But what happens when artists consciously dive into the world of digits? What happens to the psyche and reality when numbers become a prominent point of focus? What do we have to learn from numbers appearing in nature, the golden ratio and Fibonacci.

What do numbers have to tell us on the psychological, mythical and theological planes? How can working with numbers help us to be more creative? What can numbers help us to uncover? What happens when art becomes tied up in numbers? Is there a pattern in the universe? What relevance do numbers play in your life? Are you guided by numbers?


Within your submission you might like to focus on the following questions:

How does your artwork relate to the theme, numbers?

What is a number?

What's the relationship between creativity and numbers?

What do numbers have to say to us?

How can numbers help us in exploring ourselves and our universe?


Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Mon 5th Nov

Release: New Moon Wed 7th Nov

The edition will be published online at in November.

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Please read the full submission guidelines and some previous editions, to understand the sort of submissions we are looking for.


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