Creating collectively, connecting with the countryside




In El  Hacedor,  a Group Workshop and Cultural Centre based in the village of La Aldea del Portillo de Busto (Burgos, Spain), we offers a creative space and a meeting place for artists from all over the world. El Hacedor has an extensive workshop for artistic production (150 m2, with an enormous amount of all type of tools and materials), an art gallery (150 m2), divided in 3 communicating spaces, an open air exhibition (3.000 m2), a small library and a hostel where members of Imágenes y Palabras, artists, volunteers and guests can stay (10 places). In El Hacedor we invite artists to produce their work and exchange ideas. We also offer the possibility to exhibit the created work in the gallery or in our outdoors exhibition. Artists from all disciplines are invited. El Hacedor is also suitable for groups (theatre, musical). The residency is open throughout the year, there is no limit of duration of stay. Contact us for further conditions. 

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