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Sector: Art Consulting
Country: United States
US State: Colorado
City: Denver
Industry: Design
Address: 3734 Osage St. Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 3039990383

- About -

Founded in December 2009 by Martha Weidmann and Molly Casey, NINE dot ARTS grew out of the premiere regional art consulting firm McGrath & Braun. Martha’s and Molly’s opposite yet complementary strengths created the foundation for a dynamic partnership built on integrity, transparency, collaboration and a passion for art. With an entire staff formally trained in the arts, NINE dot ARTS’ expertise includes studio practice, art history, arts administration and creative writing.

- Previous Jobs -

  • Associate Art Administrator Admin, Secretarial & Assistant
  • Art Curator
  • Art Logistics Coordinator Admin, Secretarial & Assistant
  • Union Hall Gallery Manager Arts & Culture
  • Art Curator Arts & Culture
  • Associate Arts Administrator